Karen BryanHello, I'm Karen Bryan, founding editor of Europe a la Carte, your guide to what to see in Europe and the best European destinations.

Europe a la Carte was created in August 2002. I chose the name to reflect the fact that more travellers were opting for an "a la carte" versus "set menu' approach to planning and booking travel. The Internet was really catching on and I believed that there was a market for online information about European destinations.  I also thought it would be wonderful to work in a field in which I had a great personal interest.

The Europe a la Carte Travel Blog, launched in October 2006. The Blog became so popular, that in 2009 I gave up my day job to be a full time online publisher.

In August 2011 I started Help Me to Save, a money saving site with tips on frugality and how live well for less.