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What to do in Reykjavik and the best things to do in Reykjavik.

Ten of the Best Hotels in Reykjavik for All Budgets

Iceland is transforming from something of a mythical “far away” country to a place that many tourists are heading towards – recognising that it’s home to incredible landscapes, waterfalls such as Gullfoss and an interesting culture. The country still has a small population and most of them – around 200,000 people – live in or around the capital city of Reykjavik.

Best hotels in Reykjavik

The bay in Reykjavik

If you’re heading to Reykjavik but are scared of the cost, you might be pleased to see that the prices are relatively reasonable – much better than I’d expected, and I presume due to Iceland’s unfortunate economic troubles. So here is a list of hotels in various price ranges in Reykjavik, with the prices given being the lowest prices available for double rooms on a weekday night in April 2011. All these hotels scored at least 80% on verified guest ratings.

Reykjavik budget hotels

Centerhotel Klopp (80% guest rating, £43) is, as it’s name suggests, in the centre of Reykjavik, just a street back from the main shopping and eating zone (and directly opposite a bar which can be noisy – so just join in!). It isn’t huge with just 46 rooms; some of the rooms have bay and mountain views.

Best hotels in Reykjavik

View from Centerhotel Klopp by iveyrocks

The Fron Hotel Reykjavik (82% guest rating, £47) is even more central, directly on the main shopping street of Reykjavik, and a convenient place to stay if you are planning to take various tours around Iceland as many of the tour companies use the Fron as a pickup point. The onsite restaurant is Mexican (why not?!).

CenterHotel Thingholt (84% guest rating, £62) is a stylish hotel with trendy design and decor, also located centrally in downtown Reykjavik. It’s even got an onsite jazz club.

Reykjavik mid-range hotels

The Hilton Reykjavik Nordica (86% guest rating, £70) is a little way out of the town centre but offers a free shuttle service and is a modern and clean hotel. It’s also a popular choice for business travellers.

The Odinsve Hotel (80% guest rating, £68) is quite small with just 43 rooms and is located close to the theatre,  city hall, the cathedral and opera house. Although like many Reykjavik hotels the rooms are quite small, lots of previous guests have commented on the comfortable beds making up for it.

Best hotels in Reykjavik

City Hall Reyjavik

The Centerhotel Arnarhvoll Hotel Reykjavik (82% guest rating, £65) is a couple of blocks from the main shopping street, includes a restaurant and a sauna and some of the rooms have views over the water.

Reykjavik high-end hotels

The Hotel Bjork (82% guest rating, £95) seems an appropriate choice for me since it shares its name with one of Iceland’s most famous exports, singer Bjork – but as far as I can tell is unrelated! While it is slightly further than some from the centre it is still within walking distance and it’s clean with good facilities and an onsite restaurant.

Best hotels in Reykjavik

Hotel Bjork by DoctorWho

The Hotel Reykjavik Centrum (88% guest rating, £80) is very popular amongst previous guests and has a convenient central location, as the name suggests. It’s clear, offers a reasonable inhouse breakfast and is situated in a relatively quiet spot.

The Hotel Holt (88% guest rating, £120) is at the pricier end of Reykjavik hotels but comes extremely highly rated by many guests. It’s beautifully decorated, has very friendly, attentive staff, and the hotel restaurant serves excellent food. It’s centrally located but in a quiet street.

Last but not least, the Hotel Borg (84% guest ratings, £95) is art deco style and a little different to the standard hotel, and is still centrally located, looking over Reykjavik’s central square.

Best hotels in Reykjavik

Room in Borg Hotel by R. Rasmussen

You can search for the best deals at all hotels in Reykjavik using the HotelsCombined price comparison site which quickly finds the lowest prices from more than 30 travel sites.


Looking through windows in Reykjavik, Iceland

Are you making plans for travels in Europe and can’t make up your mind where to go? Why don’t you choose something different this time. Let me suggest one of Europe’s outposts; Iceland and Reykjavik.

If you go to some of the official sites about Iceland you will find all the information you need about where to stay, where to eat, what to see, so instead I’ll take you on a winter walk in this charming, different city of Reykjavik. Let’s call it a window safari.

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. With fewer than 125.000 people, it is a small city, and it takes only minutes to walk from the city center out to the areas where people live in small, colourful villas. The area around the main church Hallgrimskirkja (The Hallgrim Church) is my favorite area. And to look at the charming, often whimsical way the inhabitants decorate the window, I don’t think I am the only one doing “windows safaris” :-)

It was January when I did my walk, and many of the windows still had lights left over from Christmas, or to enlighten this dark season.

When you have seen enough, or may be rather when you want to see more but need a break, let me recommend Cafe Loki, close to Hallgrimskirkjan. Buy a skyr cake with your coffee and enjoy the view.

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Video interview with Krzysztof Paterka, Polish swimmer in Reykjavik, Iceland

As I was wandering around Reykjavik, Iceland enjoying the sunshine and the views over CIty Hall Pond, I started chatting with Krzysztof Paterka. Krzysztof was in Reykjavik to take part in the 2009 IPC Swimming European Championships. He told me about the Championships and what he’d enjoyed about his visit to Iceland.

It’s fascinating to discover the reason why visitors are in a destination. I was in Iceland from the UK to report on the Canary Island “Say no to Winter Blues” campaign phase Mission Iceland, where 100 Canarian ambassadors were in Iceland to select 100 Icelanders to enjoy a free Winter Sun trip in the Canaries. That morning I’d met and interviewed Hogni, a musician from the Faroe Islands, who was in Reykjavik to attend Soundwaves 2009 and was about to shoot a music video outside the Icelandic Parliament about the Icelandic bank crash. Then later that morning I’d interviewed Krzysztof who was there to participate in a sporting contest.

No Winter Blues, Mission Iceland: The Castings Party Reykjavik Art Museum

On 21 October there was a big party in Reykjavik, Iceland to start the selection process to find 100 lucky Icelanders to take a free trip to the Spanish Canary Islands in November 2009. The Mission Iceland phase of the “We Share our Fortune, Operation No Winter Blues” had arrived in Reykjavik. I was there on a press trip to report on the proceedings..

we share our fortune, say no to winter blues, operation iceland

The Mission Iceland party at Reykjavik Art Museum

The previous day 100 orange clad Canarian Ambassadors had hit the streets of Reykjavik, literally stopping the traffic, handing their messages in bottles, inviting Icelanders to come along to the party if they’d like to put themselves up for the expenses paid trip to enjoy some Winter sun in the Canaries, becoming Icelandic Ambassadors for the Canary Islands.

We share our fortune, operation no winter blues

A sea of orange Canarian Ambassadors bombards Reykjavik

I spoke to two of the Canarian Ambassadors and two of the Icelandic hopefuls at the party.

If you were at the Say no to Winter Blues Icelandic Castings Party in Reykjavik, please leave a comment to tell us about your experience there.