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Things to do in Berwick upon Tweed and the best Berwick upon Tweed attractions.

Rapeseed field by Royal Border Bridge: Today’s Walk 27 May 2013

This morning flew past; it was so good to be back in the office using a full size laptop on a wired broadband connection after ten days in Spain using the netbook on some very dodgy hotel wifi.

However by midday I thought it was time for some fresh air. The rapeseed makes a vivid foreground for the Royal Border Bridge over the River Tweed in Berwick upon Tweed.

rapeseed field behind royal border bridge

Looking toward the Pier from Beneath the Town Walls: Today’s Walk 23 February 2013

Sleet and snow was forecast for Berwick upon Tweed today.  However, as it was looking slightly bright in the morning, we decided to go out for a walk toward the pier. Although we could see clouds surrounded the town, the sun made an appearance. I walked down the waterfront beneath the Town Walls, close to Ness Gate. It was hard to discern the sea from the clouds, as they were similar colours and the sea was so calm.

Looking toward the lighthouse and Spittal Point in Berwick upon Tweed

Looking toward the pier and Spittal Point from the shore

Looking toward Spittal Point in Berwick upon Tweed

Looking toward Spittal Point in Berwick upon Tweed

Panorama of Berwick upon Tweed estuary

Panorama of Tweed Estuary (click here for larger lightbox photo)

Berwick upon Tweed pier

Looking toward the pier in Berwick upon Tweed


diamond jubilee arches at rose garden

Diamond Jubilee Celebrated in Berwick upon Tweed Time: Today’s Walk 20 February 2013

Although the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II was celebrated in the rest of the UK in early June 2012, it’s taken Berwick upon Tweed a few months to catch up. On our walk today we spotted some new arches at the Rose Garden in Flagstaff Park. The arches, designed by local Michael Lee,  have the Berwick upon Tweed coat of arms depicting a bear chained to a wych-elm tree at the top of the arch.

diamond jubilee arches at rose garden

Berwick upon Tweed town walls

Guardian’s Cockle Up in Berwick upon Tweed Article

I was flabbergasted when I read the Guardian’s article on travel tips for Berwick upon Tweed. The headline trumpets “Climb the Tudor Walls for Jaw Dropping Views”. The Town Walls (Ramparts) are usually refered to as Elizabethan. The term Elizabethan is used at the bottom of the article in the one “What to See” tip. Although Elzabeth 1 was the last of the Tudor line (thanks to reader Barbara Penteocost for pointing this out), being more specific gives a clearer idea of the period in which the Walls were constructed. You won’t require climbing equipment to enjoy the views from the Town Walls, it’s more of a stroll.

Berwick upon Tweed town walls

Town Walls in Berwick upon Tweed

As for the tip to buy some Berwick Cockles (sweets), that’ll be impossible, as the Cockle Shop closed in 2010. That tip has now been removed from the Guardian article.

cockle shop berwick upon tweed

The shut down Berwick Cockles Shop

Next there’s a link to the Mark Irvine Gallery in Bridge Street, when that website has now been superceded. These tips left me wondering if the author had used some out-of-date sources to “research” her article. The article then reads like an advertorial for a Bed & Breakfast in Berwick upon Tweed; marketing blurb, giving no personal insight into the lodgings.

The Guardian article is fluffy, limited and inaccurate in places; I can’t see it being of any use to prospective visitors to Berwick upon Tweed. You’d need to read some real reviews (reporting the good and bad) of guests who’d stayed at that B&B, to get a better idea of what it’s like.

It says at the top of the article that it’s published in association with Visit England. They wasted their cash (and an opportunity to give Berwick upon Tweed some decent promotion) in this piece, which only gave one useful tip about the beautiful views from the Town Walls.

 My Tips for What to Do in the Berwick upon Tweed Area

If you want some more tips on what to do in Berwick upon Tweed, you’ve come to the right place, as I currently live in the town. I’ll let my photos/video do the talking and spare you the usual travel writing clichés and flowery prose. You can get more information by clicking on the links below the photos/video.

Admire the Royal Border Bridge Illuminations

Royal Border bridge lights test Sep21 2010

The illumination of the Royal Border Bridge in Berwick upon Tweed

Walk along Spittal Beach

Golden Sands of Spittal Beach: Todays Walk 27 January 2013

Spittal Beach in Berwick upon Tweed

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Sleety Window: View from my Office 21 January 2013

The weather forecast for Berwick upon Tweed today promised sleet/snow/rain and south easterly winds of 35mph. The wind direction pushed the sleet right into my office window. However, we did manage a walk along Spittal Prom this morning without too much precipitation. The swirling sea foam blowing up from the beach looked like clumps of snow.

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Walking Along Spittal Prom; Today’s Walk 18 November 2012

My first attempt to use email to upload a post to Europe a la Carte and to use photo gallery. If you add more than one photo to the email upload, the photos are uploaded as a gallery. If you click on any of the photos, it will launch a slideshow.


The Murals at Chain Bridge Honey Farm near Berwick upon Tweed

I can’t believe that it’s taken more than five years of living in Berwick upon Tweed to get around to visiting Chain Bridge Honey Farm which lies around three miles outside the town, easily accessible from the A1. I did try to visit one weekend in low season but it’s only open on weekdays from November until March. What I liked most about the Honey Farm were the murals of local scenes adorning the walls.

Chain Bridge Honey Farm

Exhibits and Holy Island mural at Chain Bridge Honey Farm

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Snowsliding in Berwick upon Tweed on Boxing Day

You don’t even need a sledge, snowboard or skis to have some fun speeding downhill on snow. If the snow is dry and especially if you’re wearing waterproof outer trousers, you can snowslide down a grassy slope. My husband Demetrius and our sons Simon and Gary had great fun snowsliding at the town walls in Berwick upon Tweed in north east England today.

You can see all my snowsliding photos on Flickr.


Firework Display at Official Launch of Royal Border Bridge Illuminations

Update September 2012 – The lights are back in full working order.

Update 10 February 2011 – Unfortunately all the lights in the arches which cross the river are out of action as the electrical cables have been damaged by high water flows after the snow melted.

On Sunday 12 December 2010 the official launch of the Royal Border Bridge Illuminations in Berwick upon Tweed finally took place. There was a fantastic firework display.

The Royal Border Bridge Illuminations should be on every evening after the launch but I haven’t seen official confirmation of the hours of operation yet.

Videos taken with Sony NEX-5 camera.