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Things to do in Berwick upon Tweed and the best Berwick upon Tweed attractions.

Open Exhibition 2016 at Berwick Watchtower Gallery

The Open Exhibition is on at Berwick Watchtower Gallery until Friday 2 December 2016.


I entered my Sheep in Heather at Dusk collage, pictured below, which was hung alongside Morag Eaton’s Julien’s Vegetables panorama.


You can vote for your favourite piece at the exhibition. I cast my vote for the Three Tin Cans by David Stuart, pictured below.


Here is a selection of my favourites from the Open Exhibition at Berwick Watchtower Gallery.


Recycled Sea by Jane McComb


White Rabbit by Kath Turnbull


Lindisfarne Castle by Sue Littlefield


College Valley by Ken Spencer


Dancers in the Wings by Lisa Murray


Disenchantment by Gill Walton


Duddo Stone Circle at Sunset by Jancis Courtney


Stag by Frank Doyle


Having a paddle Coldingham by Hugh McGilvray


Kio by Sakina Jones


Loch at Dawn by Daniel Knox


Mental Scars by John Cairns


Parting of the Waves by Jill Arthey

The Berwick Watchtower Gallery is open Thursdays to Sundays 12 – 4pm during exhibitions.


First Light exhibition by Louise Cattrell at the Granary Gallery, Berwick upon Tweed

The First Light exhibition by Louise Cattrell is on at the Granary Gallery in Berwick upon Tweed until 29 January 2017.


‘First Light’ was commissioned by Berwick Visual Arts as part of the International Print Biennale taking part across the north east of England in October 2016.

All my favourites in the ‘First Light’ exhibition were paintings. I loved the luminosity of the pieces.


Fowlers Rest by Louise Cattrell


Phantasie en Suisse I and II by Louise Cattrell


Martinmas by Louise Cattrell


Rock Isle by Louise Cattrell


Sea Rock by Louise Cattrelll


Silver Bass by Louise Cattrell


Thames by Louise Cattrell


Tower by Louise Cattrell


Zephyr by Louise Cattrell

If you are in the the north of Nortumberland in the next three months, I recommend that you go to see Louise Cattrell’s ‘First Light’ exhibition in Berwick upoin Tweed. The Granary Gallery is open 11am –  4pm Wednesdays to Sundays. Admission is free of charge.

Swans with Seven Cygnets: View from my Office 7 August 2013

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve regularly seen a family of swans with seven cygnets on the River Tweed in Berwick upon Tweed. However, they are usually close to the northern river bank, opposite our home. Today was the first time that I’d spotted them near the southern bank. It’s quite unusual to see cygnets as young as this around Berwick, they usually stick further upstream until they are almost full size. Whereas, the resident adult pair of swans in Eyemouth had their cygnets out in public view a few days after the eggs hatched.

swans and cygnets 7 August 2013

The Lowry Trail in Berwick upon Tweed

Below are my favourite paintings on the Lowry Trail in Berwick upon Tweed. The painter, LS Lowry, holidayed in the town several times from 1935. The Trail consists of eighteen of Lowry’s paintings mounted on easels at various spots around the town.

lowry trail

‘Berwick Harbour’

Some Portraits on L S Lowry on the Lowry Trail in Berwick upon Tweed

‘Some Portraits of L S Lowry’ at the RNLI station

The Town Hall on the Lowry Trail, Berwick upon Tweed

‘The Town Hall’

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Lifeboat Rescue: Today’s Walk 3 June 2013

As we were walking back along Spittal Prom this afternoon we saw the Berwick upon Tweed lifeboat towing a yacht back into the Tweed estuary.

berwick upon tweed lifeboat rescue and jetskiers

The lifeboat towing the yacht with jetskiers in the foreground

It was a bit surprising to witness a rescue on such a calm day, but maybe the lack of wind was the issue if the yacht had engine trouble.

berwick upon tweed lifeboat rescue pier

The lifeboat and yacht near Berwick upon Tweed pier