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10 Festivals in England

There are hundreds of festivals – both weird and wonderful, and mainstream and fun – held across England each year. This post focuses on festivals outside London from both the weirder side and the more mainstream ones, to give you lots of different reasons to travel around England.

Black Pudding Throwing Championship near Manchester

If you’re looking for unusual food festivals, this sure is one. The World Black Pudding Throwing Championship takes place annually in Ramsbottom. Competitors each throw three black puddings at a stack of Yorkshire puddings and whoever knocks the most over is crowned the champion.

black pudding throwing championship england

Black Pudding Throwing Championships by mrrobertwade

Burning the Clocks Brighton

At the time of the winter solstice each year, the Burning the Clocks festival takes place in Brighton. The focus of the festival is a large solstice lantern parade, going from the centre of Brighton down to the beach, and concluding with a lantern bonfire and a fireworks display.

Burning the Clocks by Dominic’s pics

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