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niki de saint phalle collection at MAMAC in Nice France

Photo Tour of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC) in Nice, France

When I searched for free things to do in Nice, one of the attractions which appeared was the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC). However, when I went to the museum’s website to check the opening hours, it stated that there was a 10 Euro charge for an individual ticket valid for 48 hours, which appears to also include entry to Matisse Museum, Palais Lascaris and some other galleries.

As it said that journalists could get in free, I practised my French to attempt complementary entry to MAMAC. I was successful.

MAMAC is a striking building, designed by the French architects Yves Bayvard and Henri Vidal.  It opened in 1990.

exterior of MAMAC in Nice France

Once you’re in the building, you realise the size of the arches in the central part.

MAMAC Nice huge arches in building

Below are photos of some of the pieces in MAMAC which caught my attention.

I loved the blue dress with the long train which was constructed with plastic bottles.

plastic bottles dress at MAMAC in Nice France

The female characters had barbed wire grids attached, presumably to keep their movements restricted.

barbed wire art at MAMAC in Nice France

The bride in the painting looked rather wistful.

bride and grrom at MAMAC in Nice France

I rather fancied having the gold coffee table in our living room.

tables at MAMAC in Nice France

The Marilyn Munroe poster reminded me of an exhibition of the movie star’s costumes, which I saw in Jersey Museum on the Channel Islands in 2010.

marilyn monroe at MAMAC in Nice France

One of the exhibitions by a single creator which I most enjoyed was that of the French sculptor and artist Niki de Saint Phalle. I found her work to be colourful and humourous.

The women in their swimming costumes looked extremely laid back.

niki de saint phalle women in swimsuits at MAMAC in Nice France

Perhaps the reading man might have been more usefully employed milking the cow with the bulging pink udder.

man reading and cow at MAMAC in Nice France

I’m not sure if the corseted angel’s holey wings would permit flight.

niki de saint phalle angel in corset at MAMAC in Nice France

On closer inspection, the life size sculpture of a woman had all sorts of plastic models attached which included horses, cows and humans.

detail on sculpture by niki de saint phalle in MAMAC Nice France

There’s a sculpture of the Loch Ness Monster by Niki de Saint Phalle a few hundred metres from the MAMAC building, in front of the National Theatre of Nice.

loch ness sculpture in nice france

If possible, visit MAMAC on a dry day, so that you can spend time up on the roof terrace.

In one direction, you’ll see the giant head sculpture in Jardin Marechal Juin and hills behind Nice on the horizon.

looking towards the head sculpture from MAMAC in Nice France

In another direction, you look towards Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill).

view to colline du chateau from roof terrace at MAMAC in Nice France

There’s a small garden. mainly planted with trees and shrubs.

looking toward the garden from the roof terrace at MAMAC in Nice France

I would have happily paid the 10 Euro entry fee to MAMAC. I spent more than three hours at the museum. I was impressed by the architecture and the contents.

If you plan to visit several museums in Nice, you can buy a 20 Euro Museum Pass, which is valid for seven days. I was only in Nice for two full days, so I didn’t want to spend too much time in museums.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france - black and white photos

Photo Tour of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille is located around 4 miles south of the city centre. It’s quite close to the Museum of Decorative Arts, so it makes sense to visit both museums on the same day. The 5 Euro entry fee to each museum is waived if you buy a Marseille City Pass.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france - exterior

We didn’t see signs for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille. We only knew that we were close when we spotted a giant thumb sculpture in the roundabout close to the museum.

giant thumb sculpture near museum of comtemporary art in marseille france

There’s a smaller gold thumb sculpture inside the museum, to which our son Gary gave the thumbs up.

our son gary at the museum of contemporary art marseille

Initially, I wondered why on earth there was a jacked up sofa. It was only on closer inspection that I noticed the hologram of a face beneath the elevated end of the sofa.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france - hologram under sofa

I think that the woman in a swimming costume sculpture should be relocated to the beach in Marseille.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france -sculpture of woman in bathing suit

The vulture perched on a post was reflected onto the adjacent wall.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france - reflection of bird sculpture

I wasn’t quite sure about the wood installation, which looked a bit like some kind of BMX or skateboard ramp, but I almost tripped over it as a I reversesd to take a photo of the black and white portrait photos.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france - photos and wood sculpture

There was another potential trip hazard for reversing photographers in the form of a metal sculpture lying on the floor.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france - metal sculpture and photos

The silver car was very narrow; it looked as though there was no room for a passenger next to the driver, except if both the driver and passenger were as slim as the skittle person sculpture.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france - car and skittle man

Maybe if you leave a pair of old boots sitting outside for long enough, a tree will take root.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france - branch in boot

I liked the colours in the penguin picture.

Imuseum of contemporary art in marseille france - penguins

I thought that the metal work on the branch looked some type of torture equipment.

museum of contemporary art in marseille france - exhibits

Never mind ten green bottles hanging from the wall, there were tens of orange bottles hanging from the ceiling.

musuem of contemporary art marseille orange bottles

The silver, red and black piece looked as though it would fit perfectly in the foyer on a 1930s cinema.

red and black piece at the museum of contemporary art marseille france

The Malcolm X portrait was different colours on each side.

musuem of contemporary art marseille malcolm x portrait

musuem of contemporary art marseille malcolm xI

Although I enjoyed my visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art, I wouldn’t rate it that highly. I thought that the Museum of Decorative Arts was far superior, so it you’re short of time, or not that interested in visiting many museums, stick to the Museum of Decorative Arts.

view from Colline du Chateau Nice

Photo Tour of Colline du Chateau in Nice, France

I was keen to visit Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill) when we were in Nice. It came up in a search for free things to do in Nice and the views over the city were highly praised.

port of nice from colline du chateau

I attempted to go there one evening. but by the time I found the path, it was only a few minutes until the closing time of 7pm.

The next morning,  Colline du Chateau was my first port of call. I took the free lift up, which is situated in Rue de Ponchettes, just behind the eastern end of Quai des Etats-Unis.

lift to colline du chateau

I stopped to admire the wall of mosaics to the right of the lift exit.

mosaics at Colline du Chateau Nice

The views towards the beach were fantastic.

looking down on nice from Colline du Chateau

There were more beautiful mosaics just past the castle ruins. Some of my favourites were floral mosaics by the steps under the flowering trees.

flowering trees at Colline du Chateau Nice

Below are a couple of close ups of these mosaics.

floral mosaics at Colline du Chateau Nice

flower mosaic at Colline du Chateau Nice

The steps leading up from the trio of floral mosaics looked even prettier with the fallen purple petals lying between the stones accentuating the single blooms.

floral mosaic steps at collline du chateau

There were fish mosaics on the adjacent pavilion.

fish mosaics at Colline du Chateau Nice

The fish mosaic below had such a pouting expression.

fish mosaic at Colline du Chateau Nice

There’s a cafe, kids play area and public toilets, which charge a fee of 50 cents per person.

There were even more mosaics, this time bird themed, as I headed down Colline du Chateau on foot towards the port.

bird of prey mosaic at Colline du Chateau Nice

swan mosaic at Colline du Chateau Nice

bird mosaics at colline du chateau in nice france

Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill) should be on your must-visit list for Nice. You’ll be impressed by the views and the mosaics are beautiful.

plage vieille chapelle marseille in the south of france

Marseille’s Beautiful Beaches

I wasn’t expecting the beaches in the French city of Marseille to be so beautiful. In fact the main reason that we went there was that our son Gary wanted to see the Bowl skate park, located at Plage Vieille Chapelle, which was featured in some skateboarding games he’d played when he was younger. As often happens, real life didn’t quite match fantasy, as the skate park looked much better and bigger in the game.

our son gary at the bowl skatepark marseille france

Heavy rain was forecast for the afternoon. The darkening skies made for some dramatic photos of Plage Vielle Chapelle in Marseille.

plage vieille chapelle in marseille france

plage vielle chapelle marseille france

culpture at plage vieille chapelle marseille france

anse de la chapelle marseille france

If you’re visiting Marseille, I recommend a visit to the beaches.


Discovering Picardy in Northern France

The region of Picardy lies in the north of France. It stretches from the Channel coastline, on the estuary of the River Somme and west to the  border with southern Belgium.

Its location, a one hour drive from Calais, makes it an ideal location for a short break from the UK. The new Esprit de Picardie (the French spelling of Picardy) enables you to personalise and book a trip based on your own preferences.

There are various themes from which to choose, including visiting remembrance sites from WW1, stopovers, romantic and family breaks

On the homepage of Esprit de Picardie, you can select a theme and then browse the various options. Further down on the homepage you can search for local experts, all fluent English speakers, by area of expertise, e.g. nature outings or heritage.  The results appear on a map. If you click on the experts photo, you can see their specific knowledge. If that’s of interest to you, you can click through to their full profile. You can get in touch with the experts directly.

I decided to look more closely at the ‘Romantic Escapades a la Francais’.

I thought that ‘A Romantic Weekend in a Medieval Village on France’s Coast’, based in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, looked lovely.


This area is renowned for its fresh seafood.


Accommodation is at the Hotel Les Pilotes, which has some water view rooms.


I also liked the idea of staying in a castle on the ‘French Romance in a Chateau with Champagne and Spa’, staying at the five star Chateau de Fere.


There are the ruins of an ancient viaduct in the grounds of the hotel.


If you’re interested in wine, you can take the Champagne Tourist Trail.

I loved the rustic style of the rooms at in a renovated farmhouse in Cauvigny, on the ‘Just the Two of Us….. In a French B&B with Beaucoup de Charme’ break.


There’s a pond where you can fish in the grounds. If you feel like a day trip, Compiegne and Chantilly are close.


Once you have put together your perfect trip to Picardy, you can make an instant online booking on the Esprit de Picardie website.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice sushi and mussel starter

Review of the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant in Nice, France

When we came out of the Nice Ville railway station, after our train journey from Marseille, we spotted the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant across the road. We decided that we’d eat there that evening, as we didn’t fancy wandering around trying to find another restaurant.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice exterior

After three unsuccessful attempts to eat at a buffet restaurant in Marseille, which claimed it was open at lunch time and in the evening, but was never open when we went there to eat, it was great that the Leopard displayed their opening hours.

When we arrived just after the 7pm opening time, the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant was very quiet. The tables were fairly well spaced, especially compared to most restaurants in France.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice interior

I was impressed by the variety of seafood. Usually, you’re lucky if there is one seafood option on offer at an Asian buffet.

The mussels and sushi which I had as a starter were very good.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice starter

I also enjoyed the fried prawns and shrimps.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice seafood selection

You could choose the vegetable, meat and fish ingredients to be freshly cooked at the wok kitchen.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice wok ingredient selection

I stuck with seafood, which I requested to be grilled.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice seafood main course

The dessert selection was extensive and included several flavours of ice cream.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice dessert selection

The food was so good, that we ate there another evening.

At a price of 19 Euro per adult on a weekday evening,, I thought that the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant offered excellent value for money for very tasty food. The weekday lunch buffet cost 13 Euro per adult. I’d recommend that you eat at the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant when you’re in Nice.

notre dame de la garde altar

Visiting Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille on the Tourist Train

There are two trip options on the Marseille tourist train, a visit to Notre Dame de Garde or a tour around the Old Town. One ride on one of the routes is included in the price of a Marseille City Pass which we’d purchased.

As we felt that we could easily walk around the Old Town, which lay fairly close to our accommodation at the Aparthotel Adagio Marseille Vieux Port, we opted for the uphill trip to Notre Dame de la Garde.

Both tourist train trips start on the northern side of Vieux Port. Initially, we tried to take the trip mid-morning, but there was such a long queue, that we decided to try in the late afternoon, when we judged that it would be quieter.

le petit train in vieux port

There’s a stretch of seaside drive before the tourist train begins it ascent to Notre Dame de la Garde. The church was built on the hilltop site of an ancient fort.

Everyone has to get off the tourist train the Notre Dame de la Garde car park. There’s a train every 20 minutes, so we decided to spend 20 minutes at the church.

You get some great views over Marseille, as you walk up to Notre Dame de la Garde.

view from notre dame de la garde

view over city from notre dame de la garde

On top of the 40 foot bell tower, there’s a huge golden statue of the Virgin Mary, often referred to as ‘la bonne mere’ (the good mother) of Marseille.

notre dame de la garde

The architect of the current Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille, Henri-Jacques Esperandieu, started work on the building in the 1850s, when he was only 24 years old. His vision of a colourful Romano-Byzantine design was realised.

notre dame de la garde altar

the altar at notre dame de la garde marseille

I’d recommend taking the trip in the late afternoon, when it appears to be less popular. The last departure is at 18.20 from April to October. It’s a pity that it doesn’t run until later in the evening, especially in Summer.

As the tourist train ride to Notre Dame de la Garde costs 8 Euro, I think that it’s only worth taking it if you have purchased a Marseille City Pass. Otherwise, you can probably find a much cheaper ticket to reach the church by public transport.


kyriad nice centre gare twin room

Review of Hotel Kyriad Nice Centre Gare

We stayed at the Hotel Kyriad Nice Centre Gare for three nights in mid April 2015. I booked on the ebookers website during a 20% off hotels promotion. The price I paid was £129 for a superior room, equivalent to £43 per night, on a room only basis. However, there was an additional City Tax of 1 Euro per night per person, which had to be paid at check-in.

I was a bit dubious about the hotel before we arrived. When I book a hotel through a third party site, I always contact the hotel by email a week or so before arrival to check that they have my booking and to request a quiet room. I didn’t receive a reply from the Kyriad.

From the exterior, the Hotel Kyriad Nice Centre Gare looked beautiful and full of character. I assumed that the hotel was a recent addition to the Kyriad hotel chain, as there was temporary Kyriad signage, and I could still see ‘Grand Hotel de Noailles’ signage under the scaffolding.

kyriad nice centre gare exterior

The reception area didn’t match the grandeur of the exterior. Our son Gary did the check-in in French to practise his language skills.

Initially, I wasn’t happy that our second floor room was right next to the lift, as I thought we might get some noise from the lift shaft. However, once in the room, we heard nothing from the lift.

I was taken aback by the multitude of stains on the carpet. At that stage, I decided to check the beds and the bathroom for cleanliness. I intended to go down to reception to ask for another room if they weren’t up to scratch. After confirming that they were clean, we decided to stay put.

The room was large, but it was dowdy and old fashioned. I wondered what on earth a standard room was like, if this was, supposedly, a superior room.

kyriad nice centre gare our room

I was surprised that only paper cups were provided with the tea and coffee making facilities, as I think that they are only appropriate for single use. Fortunately, I had taken the rather sturdy plastic tumblers provided in the bathroom of our hotel in Marseille to use for drinking fruit juice during the train journey to Nice, so they were also used for our hot drinks at the Kyriad.

I was aware that the hotel faced the railway tracks. But I’d read in reviews of the hotel, that the double glazing kept out exterior noise. Well, maybe other rooms had better double glazing than ours, but I found it almost impossible to sleep with the noise and rumble of the trains.

kyriad nice centre gare view from our room

The beds weren’t great, a bit too soft for my liking. The safe in the wardrobe was too small to fit my netbook, and you had to pay extra to use the safe.

The bathroom door was very squeaky; I wondered when it was last oiled? We soaked the bathroom floor every time we had a shower, as the shower curtain wasn’t up to the job.

kyriad nice centre gare shower

The housekeeping staff arrived mid afternoon the following day. As I’d recently arrived back at the room after a few hours of sightseeing, I said not to bother cleaning our room that day.

Exactly the same thing happened the next day. As our bathmat was drenched and our bin quite full, I thought that I’d better vacate the room so it could have a clean. Upon my return, it seemed a bit pointless. The bin had been emptied and the beds tidied, but the room hadn’t been vacuumed, we hadn’t been left a full set of towels, it didn’t look as through the sink or toilet had been cleaned and there had been no replenishment of the tea and coffee supplies or paper cups. Just as well that I’d kept those plastic tumblers for our hot drinks.

kyriad nice centre gare room

I noticed an ornate staircase at the far end of the corridor. Between every floor there was a large mural. My favourite was of a girl in a lavender field.

kyriad nice centre gare painting in stairwell

Suffice to say that, I advise that you give the Kyriad Nice Centre Gare a wide berth. I did read in some reviews that some of the rooms had been renovated. The room which we stayed in was certainly in desperate need of a makeover, including some new floor covering, double glazing up to the noise exclusion task and an effective shower screen. The housekeeping service also needs to be improved.

mucem green effect

The Striking MuCEM Building in Marseille

When planning my visit to Marseille, I’d seen quite a few photos of the rather striking, square black building approached by a long footbridge that’s home to the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM). The museum, which is located on the seafront next to Fort Saint-Jean, opened in 2013, the year in which Marseille was a European Capital of Culture.

mucem footbridge

As entry to the museum was included in my Marseille City Pass, it was on my must visit list.

I have to say that I wasn’t that impressed by the displays in MuCEM. It’s like so much effort, thought and money went into the building, that there was no clear focus on the contents. I really don’t think it’s worth the 8 Euro entry fee to visit MuCEM. I suppose that’s partly because I’m used to free entry to state museums in the UK.

In the foyer, there was an installation that looked like someone had dumped a few boxes carrying monitors.

mucem foyer installation

There were a few interesting pieces, of which there are photos below.  I liked what looked like an angel get together.

mucem angels

The merman’s top half was skeletal and  he looked as though he belonged on the set of a horror movie.

mucem merman

The’Knowledge is Power’ piece was eye-catching.

mucem knowledge is power

By comparison, I loved the architecture. It was one of the most beautiful buildings which I’ve ever visited. I thought that the building’s black cladding was ironwork. In fact it’s an ornamental skin of filigree concrete. It creates an amazing effect with the colour of the sea and the sky.

mucem green effect

An external staircase and walkway wind up between the interior glass and steel building and the exterior skin.

mucem between casing and interior building

You can see the metal supports which attach the concrete skin to the building.

mucem casing

You get some great views of the bay as you walk up the building.

mucem looking through casing

Once of the top floor it became more obvious that the skin was concrete as, unlike the sides of the building, the concrete was grey. It almost looked as though you could gingerly walk along MuCEM’s roof to Marseille Cathedral.

mucem looking toward cathedral from the roof

The Mole Cafe is located on the top floor of MuCEM.

mucem mole cafe

It’s free to get onto MuCEM’s roof. You get there along the footbridge from Fort Saint-Jean. There are some loungers and chairs you can sit on to admire the views and there are free toilets. I’d recommend that you spend some time on the roof, and forget about visiting the museum.

wind surfing at san lucianu beach resort in corsica

Review of Mark Warner Holiday at San Lucianu Beach Resort in Corsica

My husband and I spent one week on a press trip in late June/early July with Mark Warner Holidays at the San Lucianu Beach Resort on the French island of Corsica.

Heathrow to Bastia (Corsica)

Our BA charter flight left Heathrow’s Terminal 5 at 7.45am. Flying with BA was great, as they have a generous carry on luggage allowance. You can take one bag up to 56x45x25cm and a smaller bag up to 45x36x20cm. Plus, you’re permitted one larger case weighing up to 23kg as hold luggage.

I’ve only briefly seen Terminal 5, when a delayed flight from Edinburgh meant that I missed my connection to Venice. I was then dispatched to Gatwick for a later flight.

I was impressed by Terminal 5. There were plenty of check-in desks open for the Mark Warner BA charter to Bastia in Corsica. We didn’t have to queue for long to check in our case.

The flight to Bastia took around two hours. Complimentary hot and soft drinks and a ham and cheese croissant were served during the flight.

Transfer to Resort

There was a Mark Warner rep to greet us at the exit from baggage pick-up. Our luggage was labelled with our room number before we boarded the transfer coach. We were informed that staff would take our bags to our room and that room keys would be in the room door on arrival. We were warned that due to the short turnaround time, some rooms might not be ready.

The coach had very inefficient air-conditioning, so I was hot and bothered after the 30 minute transfer to the resort.

entrance to san luciano beach resort in corsica

Entrance to San Lucianu Beach Resort

On arrival at the San Lucianu Beach Resort, we decided to take out own bags to the room. If our room wasn’t ready, we’d go straight for lunch. Fortunately our room was ready.

Our Room at San Lucianu Beach Resort

We were allocated a superior twin room with a sea view. It looked as though the room had been recently refurbished. The room had a fridge.

The WiFi in the room was pretty bad. You had to sign in every time you wanted to get online. Often we couldn’t connect and were constantly being kicked out. It was so annoying, as I had some work to do and I prefer to upload photos and videos as I take them, to avoid a massive uploads on my return. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to connect to mobile broadband through Three’s Feel at Home scheme, I assume that was due to the rural location and the mountainous terrain.

twin room at san lucniau beach resort corscia

We found the twin beds to be very comfortable. There were plenty of electrical sockets in the room.

twin room san lucianu beach resort

Our balcony overlooked the restaurant terrace. It had two plastic chairs and a hanging clothes drier. It would’ve been good to have a small table in the balcony too.

view from our room at san lucianu beach resort

The spacious bathroom was lovely; I wish I had one like that at home. There was a large walk-in shower with a rain head and a hand held shower fitting.

The housekeeping service was very good. The room was cleaned every day. Sometimes I don’t bother getting my hotel room cleaned every day, but wth all the sand which we brought into the room on our shoes, a daily vacuum and mop was required.

We had to keep the air-conditioning on most of the time. At night, we set it to around 25 degrees.

Activities at the San Lucianu Beach Resort

One of the big attractions of a Mark Warner holiday is that many of the activities are included in the price.

There’s a variety of water sports on offer including sailing, wind surfing, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. There’s free group tuition and clinics for sailing and wind surfing.

wind surfing at san lucianu beach resort in corsica

My husband went kayaking. As an experienced kayaker, it was rather frustrating that that he had to stay within a fairly restricted area, but he understood that this was for safety reasons.

sea kayaking at san lucianu baach resort corsica

He also went for a few cycles, and was impressed by the quality of the Cannondale bicycles.

san lucianu beach resort bicycles

He was disappointed that he couldn’t get access to a bicycle or kayak before 9am, or after 5.30pm. He would’ve preferred to be able to do sport either in the early morning or in the evening, when it was cooler. Perhaps the total opening hours could be maintained by a lunch time closure?

I had intended to play a bit of tennis. But I have to hold up my hand and admit that I didn’t take part in any of the activities on offer.

This was for a mixture of reasons. It was very hot, well in the 30s, so there was no way I was going to go cycling, play tennis or do daytime aerobics on a sunny wooden platform. I don’t have good co-ordination, so I was nervous about doing water sports. The press trip was at short notice, so I had quite a bit of work to do, which took ages to get through due to the poor WiFi. I did go swmming in the sea three time a day most days. I really enjoyed this, as it was good exercise and refreshing.

However, for a couple, or a family where at least one enjoys sport, a Mark Warner holiday is perfect. My husband was able to do activities on site and meet up with me for meals and swimming.

Lobby at the San Lucianu Beach Resort

The lobby was nicely furnished and has some sockets for charging devices. It didn’t feel as though the lobby was air-conditioned, as it was too warm there most of the time.

lobby at san lucianu beach resort in corscia

I spent quite a bit of time in the lobby. I had hoped to watch some of the tennis at Wimbledon through iPlayer in the hotel lobby, but the poor WiFi signal made this very frustrating. I’d hoped that the WiFi in the lobby would be decent, as is often the case in hotels, but it was as bad as in the room.

lobby in san luciano beach resort corsica

Food at San Lucianu Beach Resort

We were on full board. A standard holiday included half board, but we paid £49 per person to upgrade to full board.

It was sometimes hard to find shade in the restaurant terrace.

restaurant terrace at san lucianu beach resort corsica

Breakfast was a buffet, served from 7.30 – 10am. I most enjoyed the plain Greek style yoghurt and the fresh fruit selection of three types of melon. The croissants were some of the best I’ve ever eaten. There was a selection of cooked items including bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms. Eggs were cooked freshly to order.

Lunch as also a buffet, served from 12.30 – 2pm. I wished that lunch was served until at least 2.30pm, as it seemed to soon after breakfast. Staff started clearing the lunch buffet at 2pm one day. so if you wanted a leisurely lunch you had to go to eat at 1pm.

There was a good selection of salads, cheeses and cold meats. You could help yourself to cold water, tea or coffee to drink.

lunch buffet at san lucianu beach resort corsica

There was a pizzeria which usually offered three types of pizza.

lunch pizzeria at san lucianu beach resort corsica

There was delicious vegetable lasange one day.

There was a fresh fruit and one dessert choice. I was surprised that ice cream wasn’t available.

Dinner was called ‘a la carte’, but with a choice of three starters, three main courses and three desserts, I’d call it a set menu. You were requested to book a time for dinner.

Tap water was brought to the table. You could order soft or alcoholic drinks if you wished.

The food quality was variable. My favourite starter was goat’s cheese and duck, pictured below. The Thai fishcakes starter didn’t appear to have been cooked right through.

goats cheese and duck starter at san luncianu beach resort

The lack of proper cooking was a common theme at dinner. My husband had to send his partially raw tuna steak back to the kitchen. Another evening his chicken was just about cooked. I had a similar issue with the salmon one evening.

I enjoyed the beef, pictured below.

beef dinner main course at san lucianu beach resort corsica

Most evenings, I had the three dessert selection (assiette). My favourite was the strawberry trio.

strawberry dessert selection at san lucianu beach resort corsica

There was self service tea or coffee available.

Personally I’d have preferred to have a buffet in the evening too. I found it quite annoying if, WiFi permitting, I had to abandon a match at Wimbledon to go to dinner. Plus, when on holiday I’d rather not be tied to a specific meal time.

Grounds and Beach at San Lucianu Beach Resort

The fact that the resort was right on the beach encouraged me to go swimming in the sea frequently. I didn’t go in the pool at all. This was because the sea was so accessible and I was afraid that the chlorinated water in the pool might aggravate my eczema.

I liked that there was a lot of grass in the resort grounds. You could always find some shade under the eucalyptus trees. There were plenty of well spaced sun loungers. As ever, you should exercise caution with sun loungers, as my husband had his finger squashed when one collapsed. We reported this to reception, and later saw a member of maintenance staff inspecting the sun lounger.

pool at san lucianu beach resort

We saw some beautiful dusks. One evening there was an orange moon.

orange moon rising by beach bar at san lucianu beach resort

On the first evening there was free Corsican wine tasting at the Beach Bar (pictured below) Another evening, the entertainment was some kind of music quiz, not my cup of tea.

beach bar at san lucianu beach resort in corsica

Journey back to Heathrow

The transfer from the San Lucianu Beach Resort to Bastia Airport was well organised. This time our coach was much newer and had working-air-conditioning.

On arrival at Bastia Airport, it wasn’t obvious which queue was for the BA charter to Heathrow. I asked a member of airport staff and was told that the check-in would open in five minutes. By the time I queued up to go to the (none too great) toilet, we ended up second last in the check-in queue. There were far fewer check-in desks open for our flight than at Heathrow for the outbound flight.

Bastia gets my vote for the airport with the longest queues. Out of the more than 90 minutes at the airport, I sat down for around three minutes before joining the final queue to board the plane. As an adult, I could tolerate this, but it was an ordeal for families with young kids.

The flight to Heathrow went smoothly. It took a while to get out of Terminal 5. We had to take a shuttle train to pick up our luggage.

My Verdict on the Mark Warner San Lucianu Beach Resort

I enjoyed my week the Mark Warner San Lucianu Beach Resort. The atmosphere was very relaxing, our superior sea view room was comfortable and the location scenic. The staff were very friendly, hard-working and helpful.

In my opinion,  the Mark Warner package starting at £450 per adult at the San Lucianu Beach Resort, offers excellent value for money. I’d recommend that you enquire about the supplement for a superior sea view room.

It’s great that childcare for 2-12 year olds and a variety of activities/sports are included in the price.  One Mum told me that her son, who had Down’s Syndrome, received one-to-one care, at no additional cost. It was ideal for us that my husband had access to activities, while I worked or attempted to watch Wimbledon. It’s the sort of set up that would also work well for a family holiday with our grown up twin sons.

I think that earlier opening and later closing times for the watersports and bicycle hire, would allow guests to enjoy the activities more in the lower temperatures.

The WiFi was awful. This had an exaggerated impact on my stay, as I had work to do, but other guests were getting frustrated too.

On the whole, I enjoyed the food, but I’d prefer the evening meal to be buffet style. The kitchen should ensure that meat and fish is cooked right through.

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