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Travel tips to help you make the most of your European trips. Tips on the best things to see, places to stay and eat in European destinations.. The lowdown from locals and experienced European travellers to help you plan your travels.

How to Travel Around Europe On Your Motorcycle

Europe is not just known for its large and beautiful cities like Paris, Munich, Rome, and Amsterdam, the continent has a very scenic countryside as well. What better way to explore European culture, the scenic valleys, the art, the history and the food than to set out on your trusty motorcycle and enjoy the nature unadulterated. In this guide, I will throw some light on the technicalities of riding your bike through Europe.

Safety First

We have heard this phrase repeatedly. Although many of us shun it trying to be daring, it is actually for our own good, especially when riding a motorcycle. Riding a bike exposes your entire body and in the event of a mishap, your body receives most injuries. Considering you will be traveling from one country to another in this state on a bike,you should be prepared. I know you adore to go on your European adventure and I am not here to stop you. So, the first thing you need, which I feel is most important, is a helmet. Look for stylish motorcycle helmets for sale and pick the one that best suits your personality. For better safety, select from extra large motorcycle helmets.They provide better protection.

Increase Storage Space

Since you are going on a cross-country trip, you need essential stuff. This would have been easier if you had a car to keep your luggage and essentials but no worries. Fortunately, there are accessories you can buy for your bike to add space. Look for well-built side bags. These bags come in various sizes and shapes, so search carefully and choose the right ones. If side bags aren’t your thing, look for hard top boxes that can be fitted to the rear end of your bike. These cases keep your stuff safe in all kinds of weather, however, they cost more than the side bags.

Draft a Route

Obviously, there are so many so many countries and places to explore in Europe but you cannot see them all, at least not in one go. Therefore, I suggest you to draft yourroute on a map before you set out on your trip. Mark which countries you want tovisit, which routes you will take, where you will stop etc. Planning ahead can save you time on the road. I know nobody likes to be lost or stranded in an unknown place.

Intelligent Packing

Packing is an art that only a few are good at. If you are one of those who have mastered it, you are in luck. Others need to learn and learn fast. To start off, you won’t be able to take so many things with you, so cramming things together in your side bag won’t help you out. Your essentials should be properly placed where you can reach them easily. Always pack your things based on their priority of use. Think about the items you will need more frequently and pack them in the last or keep them handy in your backpack.

Prepare Your Bike for the Journey

Before you leave the safety of your home, inspect your bike for any damages, change tires if you need to and repair any faulty part. The last thing you want is a mishap like a broken bike chain in the middle of the highway with nowhere to go and no one to help. I suggest you allow a motorcycle mechanic to take a look and inspect all the essential components for a seamless journey.

Once you are done with the preparation, sit back, relax and wait for the day you get to have your very own European adventure.

Why London Is The Ideal Destination Anytime Of The Year

International travel has always been an exciting venture for anyone planning a vacation. Knowing the culture of a completely new place, immersing themselves in the whole experience and energy of the city and taking in the sights for unforgettable memories is a summation of a litany of things everybody would like to indulge in on a trip to a foreign land. A lot of global destinations are on the radar of Indian tourists nowadays but one city never drops off their travel bucket list: London.

You might enjoy your weekly getaways or a staycation at some boutique hotel in Bali, Indonesia, or a taste of fine dining at a few good restaurants in Crete, Greece, but the fact that London is almost always on our mind during these trips will not be refuted by anyone. The iconic skyline, the history of its royalty, the beautiful amalgamation of the past and future and the mighty good restaurants in London are just some of the UK capital’s highlights. Here are a few reasons why London will remain the ideal destination any time you want to plan an international vacation:

Tourist Attractions

All the Hollywood and Bollywood movies showing montages of London’s tourist hotspots already had us itching to visit those places. The life-like wax statues of Madam Tussauds, the magnificent Buckingham Palace and the vast greenery of Hyde Park are all slices of paradise for first time and returning tourists. What’s more, you can see all of these places from a bird’s eye view when you visit the London Eye! If you are not looking for the usual London trip, transport yourself back in history with a trip to the Natural History or British Museum. London has something for everyone!


West End theatre is one of the most popular districts, globally renowned for plays that are critically acclaimed and loved. London’s theatre scene is supposed to represent the highest level of commercial theatre along with New York’s Broadway, and has been host to a lot of memorable plays. You can walk down and immerse yourself into a theatrical experience that is unmatched by any other in the world. If you are lucky, you may even see your favourite Hollywood stars play famous characters, live in front of your eyes.


London is the mecca for a lot of sports fanatics. You will get a majority of iconic sports establishments in the city, with football, cricket and lawn tennis all having prominent structures here. Premier League giants Arsenal and Chelsea have football stadiums that have been host to historical clashes in football, while the Lord’s Cricket Ground has had its fair share of memorable battles. One of the most prestigious tennis tournaments, the Wimbledon, is conducted here in London, so it is safe to say that the city will give you the ideal dosage of different sports, leaving you exhilarated on each of your visits.


The versatile range of accommodation you will find in London will suit almost all kinds of budgets without any compromise. Bed and breakfast establishments are very popular with authentic English breakfasts and a traditional stay guaranteed. The 5-star hotels in London give you a taste of how the royals lived (and still live) in England, with every service you can imagine of at your beck and call. Hotels like The LaLiT are also close to tourists attractions like the Tower Bridge, making it easy and convenient to plan your day without travelling too much.

Walking Around the Seafront in Anstruther, Scotland

I stayed in Anstruther on the Fife coast in Scotland on a Sunday night in Novembmer. I arrived in Anstruther around 3pm to check in at The Waterfront. It free to park in the car parks in Anstruther in the low season. The short stay car park close to The Waterfron was full. But I found a space at the long stay car park a bit further along.

After checking in at The Waterfront, I decided to go out for stroll along the seafront and have some fish and chips before dark.

It was really sunny when I first went out.

You can take a boat trip out the Isle of May from Anstruther. The trips had finished for the day. In any case, I get seasick, so wouldn’t be going out on a boat.

The Anstruther Fish Bar is well known locally and has won many awards.

There was such a good view from where I had parked my car, that I decided to have a take-away to eat in the car.

Even on a Sunday evening, there was a long queue at the Anstruther Fish Bar. My haddock and chips cost £6.65. For around £9 you could eat in the restaurant. That price included a hot drink and bread and butter.

My fish supper was large, consisting of one and half haddock fillets. It was really tasty. I opened all the car windows to allow for a good airing after finishing my fish supper, when I moved the car down to the short stay car park

The following morning, as heavy rain was forecast. I decided to go for another walk along Anstruther seafront to see the sun rise before breakfast.

It was of a grey morning, but Anstruther still looked pretty, It was so quiet compared the previous evening.

I recommend a visit to Anstruther, preferably on a bright day in low season, as it gets very busy in the Summer.

5 Travel Tips to Stay Safe with a Medical Condition

Having a medical condition need not prevent you from travelling, in fact a spot of travelling may do you the world of good, but for your peace of mind and the peace of mind of your family and friends it makes sense to think through carefully the journey that you are about to undertake.

Look up where you can get medical care near to where you’re travelling

Don’t just assume that you’ll be able to sort it all out, if and when the need arises. Do your research in advance. If your condition suddenly deteriorates you need to be able to get help as quickly as possible, you don’t want to waste time trying to find the nearest suitable facilities, a process likely to be complicated by trying to communicate in a foreign language.

Make sure that you have a European Health Insurance Card

The EHIC is available for free from the NHS so don’t be fooled by unofficial sites which try and charge you. The EHIC gives you access to state provided health care in any European Economic Area Country and Switzerland, although once Brexit comes into effect, UK citizens will no longer have free access to European Health Care, unless some kind of special deal is struck. The card covers you for all necessary treatment until the date you had planned to return and the care is provided to you like it would be to a resident of the country. You need to be aware that some countries require patients to pay a percentage of the cost of their treatment. You are therefore strongly advised to find a good travel insurance deal from a provider that can specialise your cover for your medical needs. The EHIC is not valid on cruises or for ski resort mountain rescue nor will it cover the cost of flying you back to the UK.

Talk to your doctor before you travel

Before you book anything, talk to your doctor about your intentions. Be truthful about where you intend to go and what you intend to do and don’t ignore the advice you are given.

Bring ample medication and a doctor’s letter detailing your condition

Make sure that you have acquired ample medication well before you are due to set off on your travels. Your medication may contain ingredients which are illegal in some countries so check beforehand. You and your doctor may need to complete a Medical Information Form (MEDIF). This form is valid for only one trip and can only be used for the flights and dates shown on the ticket.

Arrange early boarding and special arrangements with the airline

All airlines are required by law to make special provision for passengers with disabilities or medical conditions, but it is up to you to notify them well in advance and establish exactly what special provision you may require.

Tips For Preparing a Long Road Trip

It is important you check all the components of your car and be sure they are in top shape before embarking on a road trip. There are some personal checks you can carry out. The brake system of a car is the most important component. Regular checks should be carried out to confirm the state of the brake discs. Car brake pads will lose quality and elasticity by frequent use, in adverse weather conditions or by accidents. This leads to a breaking distance becoming longer and posting a security risk to the driver, passengers, and others. Brake discs that cost: £12.66  can be purchased from well-known manufacturers such as ATE online shops. This is a combination of brand quality at a low price while reducing the brake distance.

8 steps (with pictures) to check a vehicle before a long road trip

Car fluid in working condition. The fluid in the brake, windscreen wash levels, car oil and the coolant keeps the car running smoothly preventing unexpected breakdowns and accidents. The owner’s manual will give more instructions about different locations of fluid like in the power steering and the clutch (which works same as brake fluid).

Air pressure on the tyre. On the side of the tyre, the max air pressure level will be written. It should not be exceeded. Also, on the owner’s manual or a sticker where the driver’s door shuts, the maximum air pressure will also be indicated. Furthermore, check your spare tyre to be sure it is in a good working condition.

Check and change the oil. Long trips put additional strain on a car. If it is almost time to change the oil, then, it is good to change the oil before embarking on a trip. The oil filter should be replaced if it carries the old fluid. Adding new oil will not make it work properly because there will still be a residue of the old fluid in the filter. The sludge in the old filter makes the new oil not to work properly.

Use a penny or tread gauge to check for tyre wear. Have at least a tread of 1/16th inch or 1.6mm. In cases where the tread is less than 1/12th inch or 2.5mm, it is best to replace the tyre. This is because the tyre will wear down quickly. On long trips, tyres can blowout because they have been heated up.

Ensure car’s air filter is free. If there is a sufficient supply of air to the vehicle’s engine, the performance improves. The car’s cabin filter is another source of air supply and should be checked regularly.

Wash the vehicle. A clean window improves visibility. If possible, wash the entire car. The wiper blades should be checked as well and if they do not wok properly, they should be replaced.

Confirm all lights and signals are in good working condition. To check for lights, you will need the help of another person. Turn on lights and ask if they are working or not. Replace all bulbs that are not functional. If possible, carry extra bulbs in case you might need them along the way. For example, for each light you carry at least one bulb, reverse lights, tail lights, headlights, indicators and so forth.

It is still possible the car does not work because a fuse needs replacing. Check for headlights alignment and do adjust the alignments accordingly. If the headlight alignment is poor, it will reduce visibility at night on unlit roads.

Ascertain if all emergency equipments are available in the vehicle and everything works.

Emergency equipments range from a cell phone, spare tyres, to an up-to-date map. A puncture repair kit can be a good idea although not always necessary.  Also have emergency tools like screwdrivers, pliers, flashlight, and an adjustable spanner. Fire extinguishers, medical kits, and flares are needed in worse case scenarios. A reflective warning triangle is mandatory in an EU member state. If your trip will take you through a country where you change lanes, for example from a right-hand drive to a left-hand drive country, see if the beam deflectors are compulsory for your headlights. This ensures other road users are not dazzled by your headlights. For example, you are travelling from the UK to mainland Europe.

If you cannot carry out some of the checks by yourself, you can get, perhaps, a commercial oil change facility to do this for you at a reasonable price.

Clean the car of trash and other things that may cause a stench.

If you cannot get all the toolkit, ensure you have at least a flashlight and medical kits since they will prove to be most essential.

If your trip will take you to a remote area, have plenty of fuel in your tank, enough bottled water, and let someone know how long you will be gone.

Europe Vacations: Discover the Best 3 Cultural Attractions to Visit

Europe is the perfect continent for a vacation exploring local art treasures. With a rich cultural and historical heritage that stretches several thousands of years back in time, there is an unlimited number of attractions to discover. In addition, it is easy to travel between countries in Europe thanks to very well-developed infrastructure and freedom of movement in the border-free Schengen Area. In this article, I highlight a selection of destinations that are particularly interesting to visit for anyone interested in arts, history, architecture and culture, and that are all well-connected and easy to travel to.

First, some tips about booking your vacation. I recommend eDreams, one of the leading online travel agencies in Europe. This online service helps you find the best and cheapest holiday deals among 60,000 flight routes from more than 530 airlines and more than a million hotels all over the world. Thanks to their powerful search engine and excellent customer service they won the British Travel Award for Best Flight Booking Website in both 2015 and 2016. Besides booking flights and hotels, you can also easily book complete packages, hire cars and buy train tickets on their website. Here is some more information about eDreams.

A provocative and affluent art exhibition in Venice

Explore the borders between fiction and reality at the controversial exhibition “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable” in Venice, Italy. The exhibition consists of 189 sculptures in gold, silver, bronze and marble, and leads the observer to believe that the pieces were rescued from an ancient shipwreck. There is even a mockumentary on Netflix that portrays the entire rescue operations in great detail. In reality, the exhibition as well as the mockumentary are works of the wealthy British artist Damien Hirst. Visit the museum and be provoked, and at the same time seduced by Hirst’s incredible imagination and extraordinary creations.

Ancient history and an international arts festival in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most historically and culturally interesting places to visit in the United Kingdom. Besides the beautiful Edinburgh Lumen, which I visited recently, I recommend everyone to see the magnificent Edinburgh Castle from the 12th century. Edinburgh is also home to the Fringe; the world’s largest annual international arts festival. For three weeks every August, the city bursts with creative energy as more than 50,000 performers and artists from all over the world set up more than 3,000 shows. With everything from circus, cabaret and opera, to comedy, dance and children’s shows, the worn-out cliché “something for everyone” is unusually accurate!

Discover the roots of modern Europe in Greece

What would an arts vacation in Europe be without a trip to Greece? The country where it all began, and home to some of the greatest philosophers of history. Follow in the footsteps of Platon, Aristoteles and Socrates while you visit historically important places such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon. For those who need to refresh their knowledge about Greek history, I recommend starting by a visit at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. This is the largest museum in Greece, and home to more than ten thousand objects from the dawn of Prehistory to Late Antiquity.

Review of The Waterfront, Anstruther, Scotland

I stayed at The Waterfront in Anstruther on Scotland’s east coast on a Sunday night in November 2017. I’d been keen to say there for some time, as it gets very good reviews and I hadn’t been to Anstruther for ages. With a single room at The Waterfront often costing £60+, I was on the lookout for a lower rate.

I found a single room including breakfast for £40 on the HotelsCombined price comparison site. I always check if it is cheaper to book a room directly with the hotel. Most times it’s cheaper through a third party booking site, but in this case the room was £35 if booked directly.

I didn’t read any mention of a sea view in any of the room descriptions, which I found a bit strange. The reason for that became apparent when ‘i was shown to my room. The accommodation is up an alleyway behind the restaurant

My single room was on the top floor. I felt that the room was a bit cramped. There was a large chest of drawers with a TV and the tea and coffee making facilities on top.

There was a door next to the bathroom door, which I assumed was a wardrobe. but I couldn’t get the door open. There wasn’t anywhere to lay my suitcase, so I had to leave it on the floor next to the bed. Although there was a wooden chair, there was no desk space, so I had sit on the bed with my Chromebook balanced on my legs. There was a lovely garden view from the small window in my room. There was also a velux window in the celing, which had a blind.

The bathroom was a good size. The towels were fluffy and there were plenty of toiletries.

The bed was comfortable and the room was in very good condition.

Breakfast is included in the room rate. It’s served in the restaurant, which has sea views.

The breakfast was very good, with a good selection of fresh fruit.

I chose smoked haddock with poached egg from the menu, which consisted of a large piece of fish and two eggs.

For me, The Waterfront in Anstruther was a mixed bag. It felt a bit clausrophobic in my attic room and I missed having desk space at which to work. The room was well maintained. The breakfast was really good.

Hawaii: A Travel Guide Island-by-Island

If you’ve never been to Hawaii you might be asking yourself which island you should visit. Each island has a little something different to offer depending on your interests. No matter where you end up, booking your stay in one of the many vacation rentals in Hawaii is always a good idea. These luxury rentals allow you to get the most out of your trip without bothering with overpriced tourist towns where most hotels and resorts are located. By staying in a luxury Hawaiian home, you get all the comforts and amenities of a hotel plus insider knowledge and tips from locals. Hawaii is filled with interesting places to explore, and a little local how-to never hurt.

If you still need help deciding which island to spend your vacation read on for our simple travel guide by location. Choose what you like to do, and find the island that best suits your interests.

A Bit Of Everything

If you’re looking for a Hawaiian getaway that has a bit of everything, look no further than Oahu. Oahu is jam-packed with tons of landmarks and activities to keep even the most active visitor busy. Oahu has a rich history filled with stories of former royalty, and even the castle to prove it. Visitors can buff up on history from the times of the Polynesian royal family all the way up to World War II by visiting both the Iolani Palace and the Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorials. Diamond Head makes for another incredible day trip as this fascinating and scenic volcanic cone can be a great site for hikes or helicopter tours. For more laid back sightseeing, Waikiki is an amazing luxury beach (also part of the royal history) offering beach service and just a generally awesome resort-style experience. If you’re at all a fan of surfing, a trip to North Shore is definitely in order. One of the most famous surf spots in all of Hawaii, this beach is packed with surfers catching waves or others watching the pros get at it. It’s also an awesome little town to find a drink, do some shopping, and walk around. For an all-around activity based trip, Oahu is an easy and safe choice.

Romantic Getaway

Celebrating a special event or anniversary? Maui is the perfect destination for all things romantic. All you have to do is look at pictures to know that Maui was made for honeymoons and anniversary getaways. With over 30 miles of sandy coastlines and enough waterfalls to make you never want to see one again, Maui is indeed the epitome of a romantic getaway. In addition to its many gorgeous beaches, visitors can explore Haleakala National Park where the dormant crater known as Haleakala crater makes for the perfect day hike or helicopter tour. To bask in amazing tidal pools and splash around under waterfalls worthy of a screensaver, head to Ohe’o Gulch. This little spot is a haven for all things involving the jungle and swimming. It’s easy to feel like you’ve escaped when visiting Ohe’o Gulch, and even easier to not want to leave this idyllic island after a few days spent under its charm.

Nature & Beaches

Kauai is probably Maui’s biggest rival as far as scenic beauty and things to do and see in the outdoors. A bit busier and less remote than Maui, Kauai offers a more rugged look into local culture, allowing guests to hang with locals in surf towns and get involved in the scene. Kauai also has an incredible line up of national and state parks, all ripe for the exploring. Nā Pali Coast State Park is one such example of a park that shouldn’t be missed, and many visitors attempt to complete at least part of its famed Kalalau Trail— well-loved for its views of sea cliffs and rare geologic formations. Waimea Canyon State Park is another experience that should not be missed, as this ten-mile wide canyon is often compared to the Grand Canyon for its impressive scenery and vast open appearance. To get in on the local surf scene, many visitors flock to Anahola Beach Park. This huge park offers several surf and swim spots, some less intense than others. It also has a great nightlife scene and is known as being one of the best watering hole spots on the whole island. For a more tame outdoor experience, Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens is another incredible opportunity. This well-manicured park isn’t just your typical garden. It takes grandiose to a whole new level with waterfalls and life-size bronze statues throughout. Kauai is one of the best places to explore the outdoors and admire all of the beauty of Hawaii, making it the obvious choice for nature lovers and beach bums.

Outdoor Adventure

If you’re looking for something a little more intense than just laying around and soaking up the sun, Hawaii Island offers up an extreme outdoor experience in several national park-size packages. Akaka Falls State Park is a great place to get the adventure started with miles of hiking trails past remote areas of the island. To see some of the most absurd landscapes on the island, head to Papakolea Beach or Punalu’u Beach where you’ll find green and black sand. But the most wild thing by far on the island are the two enormous active volcanoes. Book a tour to get as close to one as you (safely) can. For something a bit less intense, nothing beats the snorkeling on Hapuna Beach and Kahalu’u Beach.

Where to Experience Authentic Spain Along the Costa Brava

With around 522,000 visits to the Costa Brava in August 2014 alone, this region is clearly a tourist hotspot for holiday-goers. With one of the most unspoilt stretches of coastline in Europe, delicious food and a beautifully warm climate, it’s understandable why travellers flock to the resorts there.

This isn’t a spot that just caters for tourists though, there are areas along the Costa Brava that have been largely undiscovered, remaining authentic and unspoiled by tourism. Here are some of the most beautiful towns you should visit:


A small coastal town in the province of Girona, this is an appealing spot for any traveller who values peace and quiet. Tamariu is set around a secluded bay of pink rocks and white sand, with cascading rugged cliffs meeting the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The fact that this idyllic little town has not been overdeveloped to attract more tourism means that it’s been able to retain its charm and authenticity and it’s certainly a jewel in Spain’s crown.


This luxurious coastal town has attracted many artists and film stars who enjoy the relaxed vibes of this town.

Boasting inviting warm waters, authentic fishing boats and plenty of superb sights, we recommend learning a bit more about the history of the area by visiting these authentic spots and landmarks in Llafranc:

  • Magical Ruins of Empuries
  • Cap Roig Botanical Gardens
  • The Aiguamolls de l’Emporda Natural Park
  • Salvador Dalí Triangle


Once the hometown of Dali’s family, this area famously attracted many other artists like Magritte, Matisse and Picasso, so you can trust that it is home to some outstanding beauty and charm.

The only way to get into the town is through a coastal road that winds and dips dramatically throughout its stretch. It’s definitely worth the journey once you catch sight of the picturesque waterfront and the breath-taking cliff-edge walks in one of the most unspoilt villages in the Mediterranean.


About an hour north of Barcelona, Begur is a colourful and lively town with miles of coastline to admire. With narrow streets of quaint houses, neoclassical mansions and a crumbling medieval castle, there’s plenty to see and do. What’s more, it’s surrounded by other little medieval towns like Púbol, where you can visit the beautiful castle that Dalí bought for his Russian wife Gala.

Discover the authentic Costa Brava when planning your holidays to Spain. With our favourite picks of beautiful, idyllic spots that have remained unspoiled by tourism, you won’t regret getting off the beaten track for your next summer holiday.

Top 5 destinations For a Freelancer

Taking advantage of the freedom provided by technology to find job opportunities anywhere in the world is a fact. Nowadays, the most common professions such as bloggers, journalists, sales people, photographers, or web developers are part of this new job trend, the so-called:freelancers.

There are thousands of companies hiring nomads, but the one that caught my attention is Trendhim, a Danish fashion company who offers a huge variety of men accessories, such as: ties, lapel pins or bracelets.

Their marketing department is full of student freelancers. Having a freelance job while studying is one of the best opportunities in life I would say. Your twenties are made for travelling and getting lost in random destinations, so it is always good to have a job that allows you to travel around without feeling tied.

Are you a freelancer looking for a change? Here are the best 5 places in the world to make the most of freelance. Who knows, maybe you’d be the next freelancer on board. The only necessary condition is to have an adventurous spirit and a job that does not depend on a particular geographical location.

Sofia, Bulgaria

At the moment, it is elusive to find a better city for the digital nomads than Sofia. Sofia provides freelancers with a cheap lifestyle, not to mention that they have one of the best internet connections in Europe. Also, Sofia is a beautiful and a safe city with friendly and respectful citizens. A city with a strong history and a night life you could not even dream of.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

For those cold winter months your city is Chiang Mai. It has a fantastic climate that attracts freelancers like honey attracts bees. In addition, the living standards are low and there is a good internet connection. What else can you ask for as a freelancer? Chiang Mai is such a popular destination among digital nomads, that it is known as “the Asian freelancehub”. Many of its cafes rather than being cafes are shared work spaces, so pick one, bring your computer and start working.

Porto, Portugal

With a very picturesque architecture, Porto is one of the secret destinations for digital nomads. The city is famous both for its architecture and its wine. The inhabitants of Porto are very friendly, always willing to help. Although it is a much smaller city than Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, there arecafés and coworkings to work all over the city. Overall, the internet connection is very good; and the food is not expensive.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest the captil city of Budapest is full of energy and contradictions. It is a city for all tastes: beautiful architecture, delicious food, nightlife, and interesting people. Budapest always has something new to offer. It is considered to be one of the cheapest cities in Europe,and its internet connection is anything but slow and expensive. The cafes offer not onlyfree wi-fi and co-working sites like Mosaik and Vagabond Nation but also very affordable prices. Budapest is less touristy than Porto, but it is one of the best connected cities in Europe

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, the island of gods or better known as the island of freelancers. Bali is another of the favourite corners of those who know how to live and work: good gastronomy, unique beaches, the spirituality linked to the village with its thousands of temples and green pools.