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How to Host the Ultimate Family Night When Staying in a Villa

A family holiday can be a balancing act. When going on vacation it’s because you are wanting to de-stress and bring yourself back from the brink of exhaustion. It’s a need for some serious relaxation time and pampering as well as outlet for your children’s everlasting energy. To find a holiday that balances both can be struggling when deciding on a villa that will benefit yourself as well as your children. It’s okay to want to choose a villa that has all the pampering options you so desperately need, but what about when these types of villas incorporate no kind of features for your kids?

It becomes hard trying to please both parties. There are so many things to consider when you have children, like is the pool going to be too deep? Depending on their ages are the beds safe for them to sleep in or do the villas provide cots? Are there places nearby where your children can engage with other children? Are there any sport facilities to occupy teenagers? Are nearby beaches child-friendly? And whilst you’re considering these, you’ll also want to find villa features that will benefit you… after all this is your holiday too.

Some big problem villas seem to have that hotels don’t is the opportunity for kid’s clubs, that ensure your children are occupied so you are able to relax, but if you choose the safest family friendly holiday accommodation you’ll have no problem with this. It should be like staying in the comfort of your own home. It shouldn’t be a chore to find the perfect accommodation when you choose the perfect villa company that offer features suitable for everyone.

Therefore, your most essential step is finding a company whom offer villas with a wide range of features, beneficial to both you and your children. One example if you’re looking for villas in Santorini can be found here. No matter the size of your family, they have a villa to accommodate all, with many luxurious features worth your investment. From heated indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, BBQ’s, access to WI-FI, fully equipped gyms, indoor heated pools, tennis courts, fully stocked mini bars to home cinemas and play stations. Each of the villas won’t include every single one of these features only the ones that meet your desires.

Not only are these features available to you but they also have a 24/7 on-site concierge team to care for all your needs, their team really wants to spoil you! With on-site spa treatments, massage therapists, beauty services and a private chef whom will freshly prepare you delicious meals you’ll find that time to finally relax like you wanted now you know your children are all cared for. Therefore, investing in luxury is the best option, you’ll never want to come home!

If you do end up opting for a more luxurious vacation you may not want to leave for nights out where you’ll have to spend even more money, especially when your villa essentially has everything you could possibly need. This is why I’ll now be giving you a short-guide on a fun family night in with your family.

Because of the endless features that come with each villa, potentially you have a lot of options concerning what you can do. Due to you having all the time you’d like to spend in your private pools and jacuzzi you may want to a good extra couple of hours swimming in them as you have no one there to tell you to get out at a certain time like hotels do.

Since you’re spending the night in together, you don’t have to worry about getting all dressed up to go to a close restaurant or bar, so you could all have showers and get into your pyjamas, ready for your meal served by your very own chef in the dining area. By having someone else prepare your meals means you really don’t have to lift a finger on this vacation and you can truly relax.

Most villas will come with board games to play with or you may have come prepared and decided to bring your own, so you could all kick back in the living room area and show your competitive side by engaging in a classic board game.

You may then want to switch up the board game and play a game together on the Playstation most villas provide or even take that family competitive streak outside and play a sports game together.

Lastly, when you’ve drained your children of that non-stop energy you could all unwind in the home cinema and watch a movie together. If the night is still young after that and you’ve taken your children to bed, you could then have that massage you’ve been longing for to de-stress yourself or sip on a cheeky cocktail whilst sat outside on the terrace.

How the Super-Rich Travel and an Evolution in Luxury Travel

The super-rich people in this world have the luxury of choosing much more glamorous ways of travelling. Instead of hanging around at the airport and cramming on economy class flights, the wealthy can travel in a lot easier, quieter and more luxurious ways. For the wealthy elite, travel is often as enjoyable as going on vacation instead of a means to an end.

Private Yacht

A type of transportation that is synonymous with the rich and the famous. It does not get more stylish than travelling in your own private yacht. In many cases, this is not a form of travel and instead a vacation in itself. Relaxing out at sea with champagne, fine food and good company is relaxing enough and a fantastic way to indulge in the finer things in life.

Private Jet

Of course a private yacht isn’t much good if you need to get to your destination quickly, which is why a private jet is often the most popular form of transportation with the super-rich. This allows you to bypass the entire airport experience, plus the service that you find onboard is out of this world. In addition to the amazing equipment, fine food and drink and the level of service, a private jet also provides great comfort and privacy that you do not get with commercial airlines.


These are the main methods of transportation for the elite upper class and it is easy to see why. The wealth that the richest in the world have now allows them to buy their own private jets, but aviation travel has evolved in recent years and private jet travel is now something that many more people are able to experience.

Private Jet Chartering

This is due to the rise in private jet chartering. Instead of owning a private jet, it is now possible to purchase on-demand flights to a destination of your choosing. One of the more affordable ways of doing this is to book onto empty leg flights – these are flights where the departure and destination are predetermined and great for short notice leisure trips.

Luxury travel is certainly evolving and opening its doors to a much wider group. The richest in the world will continue to travel in style and be the envy of many, but the rise of the on-demand economy is now allowing many people to get a taste of the high life and travel in the most glamorous way imaginable.

Top 7 Places to Drink Beer in Europe

Europeans have some of the best beers in the world. In fact, it is absolutely possible to base one’s entire holiday on a holiday surrounded by Europe’s diverse breweries. The reason for this is that Europe’s oldest and best breweries are in some of the most stunning cities that Europe has to offer. Some examples of the countries that offer Europe’s better beers are: Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, The Czech Republic, and France. These respective countries require Euros, Danish Krone, and Czech Koruna. Even though these countries are quite close to the UK, it is wise to exchange from GBP before leaving the UK in order to get the best exchange rates. If you’re going to a Euro country, take a look at the Asda euro rate. When dealing with less frequent currencies such as the Czech Koruna, it is best to order your notes early so that they are ready in time for your departure. Here are seven diverse, yet divine places to have beer in Europe:

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the leading beer destinations in the world. What is wonderful about Prague is that there are many tours that are dedicated solely to beer tasting. In fact, it is possible to hire a private guide to tour you around Prague’s best breweries. U Fleku is a great place to experience Medieval Czech food and beer while beer tasting in Prague. The brewery was opened in the sixteenth century and has been in continued operation ever since.

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is a great place to enjoy a smaller European city that has intimate bars and restaurants. Within these bars, it is possible to find some excellent beers that have been in production for centuries. One of the highest rated bars in Antwerp is surely The Kulminator. This bar has 800 different beers to choose from that are mostly from Belgium. This is the ideal place to relax at for hours and enjoy high level beers.

Munich, Germany

Munich offers fantastic beers all over the city. That being said, there is one restaurant that truly stands out in terms of high level quality is Augustiner, which is a brewery and restaurant that has been in business since 1328. Beer lovers looking to try some of Germany’s best, will greatly enjoy what Augustiner has to offer. Lastly, if travellers would like to sit outside on a warm day, it is wise to venture to the Hirschgarten, which has been in operation since 1791 and can fit up to 8,000 guests. Here, tourists will be able to order great beers with a pretzel on the side.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is full of European bars to experience. Many have a rich history such as the Au Bon Vieux Temps that has been there since 1695. Here, you will be able to venture through small historic alleys and enjoy a high-quality pint of beer where many individuals have throughout history.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam primarily has Belgian beers; however, for the true beer lover, it is important to know that there are several craft breweries that have been popping up in Amsterdam that are surely worth a sample. One example is Proeflokaal Arendsnest, which is a bar that features only craft beers from the Netherlands. This craft beer scene will likely be growing in the coming years in Amsterdam, which will be exciting to see how it develops.

Ghent, Belgium


Ghent has its own local beer culture for being a small town in Belgium. De Dulle Griet is a great local spot to investigate that has over 250 different beers that are both local and international. The medieval interior makes for a pleasant atmosphere while sampling local Belgian brews inside.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a unique locale on this list; however, it does have a distinct culture with a strong German influence making for great beers for travellers and locals to enjoy. Recently, the Craft Beer scene has taken off in Strasbourg, which has allowed bars like Au Brasseur to reopen their doors since the 18th century with a new twist in the 1990’s.

A Reminder to Consume Alcohol Sensibly

When taking a holiday that is inspired from beer tasting, it is highly recommended to try the beer, but to not consume them in excess. To truly get a taste of what beers taste like, it is recommended to try not more than six during one tasting day. This way, you will remember which beers were your favourite and will be more health conscious while you are travelling.

Final Remarks on the Subject

When looking for ways to experience Europe in unique ways, it is highly recommended to take a holiday that is inspired by the distinct breweries that Europe has to offer. By doing so, you will learn a great deal about European history while simultaneously tasting wonderful beers. Just be sure to exchange your GBP before departing the UK so that you are in the position to have the best possible exchange rate for your wonderful tour of European breweries from eras past.


7 Sure-fire Ways to Make Travelling Stress Free

They say that ‘half the fun is getting there.’ However, this is not always true. Travelling not only leaves you exhausted and fatigued, but commercial flights also waste your time and can potentially kill your excitement. Regardless of whether you are a business traveller, leisure hunter, regular tourist or honeymoon goer, you can make your travelling experience stress-free by preparing for it in advance.

Here are seven sure-fire ways of making your travelling experience stress-free and exciting.

Create a Handy Itinerary

You might have already done your research about places to visit and things to do. For a stress-free travelling experience, it is necessary to do thorough research about hotels, transport services etc. Prepare a handy itinerary which contains information about the hotel’s address and number, details of the transport service and number and address of anyone you know at the destination.

Use a Flight Radar for Optimum Safety

Delayed flights, late arrivals and other such incidents will not only leave you stressed, but can also worry your family and friends back home. Using a live flight tracking application such as can help relieve the stress in many ways. An online flight radar obtains all the information of domestic and international flights round the clock. The application works as a radar to provide you with the necessary information, including updates on flight timings, delays, late arrivals or any kind of weather changes that may cause a delay. These insights keep your family updated about the status of your flight.

If you are a business providing pick-and-drop services from the airport, you can obtain flight updates simply with the help of a flight radar. Flight tracking is highly effective for staying updated and keeping your loved ones stress-free. All it requires from you is a good internet connection!

Pack Light

Lugging around heavy baggage can be stressful. Do you want to spend one hour every day packing your stuff and checking the drawers and cupboards of your hotel room before moving to the next

place? Also, it is difficult to travel with lots of bags, especially if you’re using the public transport system. If you are a tourist, make sure to pack minimum luggage. By packing light, you can avoid carrying heavy suitcases or shopping bags.

Learn Common Words from the Local Language

Communication is one of the biggest problems, especially if you are unfamiliar with the language of your destination. If you are planning to hire a tour guide, learn simple words, such as thank you, welcome, please, sorry etc. If you are not planning to hire a tour guide, learn some basic words and short questions, such as where is this place, which bus I should take to reach XYZ place, etc.

Create a Personal Care Pack

You may easily be able to get anything at your desired destination however; searching in aisles marked in the local language can elevate your stress and even make you feel homesick. A useful tactic is to create a personal care pack that contains basics such as lip balm, lotion, face mask, sunglasses, cotton balls, medicines and other products which you cannot live without.

Carry Copies of Your Important Documents

Important documents include your passport, biometric residence permit, national insurance number and your photograph. Make sure to carry at least three copies of your passport when travelling abroad. You might be required to submit a copy of your passport anywhere. When travelling domestically, make sure to carry a small diary with the names and numbers of people close to you, including your family members, friends and colleagues.

Keep a Track of Expenditure

You can choose to travel modestly or spend as much money as you want – it all depends on your budget. Let’s be honest and accept that when we spend extra money on travelling (which we definitely love to), we all are stressed afterwards.

When planning your trip, calculate your budget and create a list of affordable activities. Distribute the budget into obvious expenses, such as accommodation, transportation, food and souvenirs. Keep track of your expenses from the very first day. Even if you exceed your expense limit in the first few days, you can adjust the expenses after that to ensure that your vacation remains within your determined budget.

Overall, calculation is the key to setting up a stress-free trip. Follow the aforementioned tips faithfully to make the most out of your vacation.

How Distance Learning is Revolutionising Your Education

Distance Learning is fast becoming a popular alternative to the traditional university education, and so many are benefiting from its practicality
A typical university student is bound to experience heaps of debt, surrounded by personal torment and an ever growing appreciation for sleep. As tuition fees rise, so does the mountain of work you’re expected to tackle.

Three years in the same place can be a strain, even if you’re enjoying the uni lifestyle. But that feeling of being locked in, with no real escape, is something that can be avoided through the new dawn of distance learning.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons why distance learning could be perfect for you.

1) Your time, your rules

Many of us are extremely busy with our own personal commitments. Once engaged with a distance learning course, you can complete your educational story while still balancing your work and life.

The opportunity to travel is such an important factor for many students. Ever thought about a trip around Europe, exploring new cultures and visiting famous sights? Take inspiration from us and see what you’re missing out on.

2) Saving Money

Student loans are still available to those who choose distance learning. This means that the government will provide financial support for your tuition fees, which you’ll repay once the course is complete.

Also, boarding costs can be a real pain. Accommodation is always expensive, whether it’s halls with ants in the kitchen or a brand new, catered, on campus complex.

3) Prove yourself, to yourself

Nothing shows independence more than handling six different aspects of life in one, especially when one of them is a degree.

And imagine how impressed employers will be when you’ve managed to complete a degree-level qualification alongside every other aspect of your life. It’s a balancing act which shows how reliable, flexible and hard-working you are.

4) Name a time or a place

Many universities, such as Anglia Ruskin, have a growing range of distance learning courses that could be ideal for you. From business and management, to finance and law, a formidable number of learning opportunities are just a few clicks away.

5) General Convenience

Travelling to university not only costs money, but takes up a lot of time. If you move across the country, you’ll have to fork out plenty of cash to see your loved ones back home. Staying within close proximity to your family, job and childhood haunts could be the perfect blend for you.

Now it’s your turn. There are so many avenues to travel. It’s just about finding the one that’s perfect for you.

Distance learning is taking over, and it could be the right time for you to jump on the bandwagon.

Barcelona City Guide: 5 Top Tips You Need to Know

Whether you’re heading off for a romantic break, a reunion with friends, a solo adventure or a family trip, Barcelona won’t disappoint.

With beautiful architecture, amazing restaurants and relaxing parks around practically every corner, there’s so much to do.

Let yourself get too sidetracked by sangria and afternoon siestas, and you’ll end up missing all the city’s wonderful, unique highlights.

To help you tick off your entire sightseeing to-do list, we’re sharing five top tips for making the most of Barcelona. Take a look.

#1: Use the buses to get around

Barcelona is big and the main sights are pretty widespread, so in the middle of the day when the sun is at its most powerful, you don’t want to be walking too much.

There is an underground, but buying a hop-on hop-off bus ticket is by far the best way to get around. The tourist buses will take you to all the major landmarks and tourists hotspots, plus you’ll get a sneak peek at the rest of the stunning city as you go.

#2: Treat yourself to a beach day

There aren’t many cities in the world that also boast a beautiful, sandy coastline, so it’s definitely worth taking a break from Barcelona’s historical landmarks to spend a day at Barceloneta beach. It’s only a short Metro ride away, so it’d be rude not to.

Whether you work on your tan, get your heart racing with water sports or indulge in some seafood tapas, you’re sure to leave feeling completely and utterly relaxed.

#3: Dress for the weather

Do not underestimate how hot and humid Barcelona gets, especially in the middle of summer. To stay comfy, cool and in good spirits throughout the long days and nights, you need to think practically and pack appropriately.

We recommend loose, flowing maxi dresses or lightweight shorts, flat and supportive footwear (definitely no heels, there’s far too many cobbled streets) and some decent sunglasses.

#4: Be safe

You’ll no doubt spend a lot of time getting happily lost in and around Las Ramblas, but it’s important to be careful as you wander about. Although it’s got plenty of fun shops, bars and restaurants, the street is also infamous for pickpockets.

Don’t worry about it too much, though. So long you’re aware of the risks, only carry one day’s worth of money at a time and keep an eye on your bag, you should be able to enjoy yourself without encountering any problems.

#5: Buy tickets online

From museums and art galleries to the many Gaudi landmarks dotted around the place, visiting Barcelona’s biggest tourist attractions can soon start to get pricey.

To keep your budget and sightseeing plan on track, your best bet is buying tickets online before you jet off on holiday. Whatever you do, make sure you check out La Sagrada Familia. The UNESCO World Heritage site is always packed with tourists but the queues are worth it.

Do you have any other top tips for making the most of a city break to Barcelona?

Why You Should Walk Around and Risk Getting Lost in Cities

When I was in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. I decided to walk the two miles to the Botanical Gardens. Although I could have used my Gothenburg City Card to take the tram, I wanted some exercise and the route looked interesting.

I found several interesting sculptures in Kungsparken.

The concrete oval sculpture provided a frame for the buildings on the other side of the river,

sculpture in kungsparken gothenburg

I was intrigued by the huge, patchwork head-shaped sculpture.

Sculpture in Per Angers Plats Gothenburg Sweden

There were two large openings in the shell on the other side of the piece, which revealed a yellow suspended blob, which looked like a nerve cell. in the middle.

Sculpture in Per Angers Plats Gothenburg Sweden1

The deer had a lovely expression.

Deer sculpture in Kungsparken Gothenburg Sweden

I missed my turning to head south. ending up in the Haga district. Several of the pieces in the ceramics shop looked like cacti. Very appropriate, as I was heading for Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

Ceramics shop on Vastra Skansgatan Gothenburg Sweden

As I made my way back east, I happened upon some boat sculptures in small garden square.

Boat sculptures in Vintervag-halles ej in Gothenburg Sweden

Although walking to Gothenburg Botanical Garden took more than twice as long as anticipated, due to getting lost and stopping to take photos, it was time well spent. It enabled me to see a lot more of the city than simply taking the tram.

Making the Most of Your Gothenburg City Card

If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, it could be worthwhile buying a Gothenburg City Card.

gothenburg city card

The Gothenburg City Card costs:

Adults: 24 hours – SEK 375, 48 hours –  SEK 525, 72 hours –  SEK 675
Children : 24 hours SEK 245, 48 hours –  SEK 345,  72 hours –  SEK 435

At the time of writing the exchange rate is 11.14SEK to £1 Sterling.

The Gothenburg City Card offers free public transport including trams, buses and some ferries. The standard flat fare is SEK 25. Although you could walk between many attractions around central Gothenburg, it’s a good idea to use trams or buses, if you want to save time.

You can visit the islands in the Gothenburg Archipelago, such as Saltholmen and Vinga, using the City Pass. The adult price for the cruise to Vinga is SEK 220.

vinga on the gothenborg archipelago

The island of Vinga

If you mainly plan to visit museums, then paying the SEK 40 (around £3.60) adult admission fee at any of the museums listed below, gives you to annual pass to all the museums on the list.

  • Natural History Museum
  • Art Museum
  • Gothenburg City Museum
  • Maritime Museum
  • Rohsska (Design) Museum

If you are under 25 years of age, admission is free to the above museums.

Dress by Franco Moschino and Roy Lichtenstein at Rohsska Museum Gothenburg Sweden

Dress by Franco Moschino and Roy Lichtenstein at Rohsska Museum 

If you wish to visit other museums, e.g. the Volvo or Aviation Museums, most cost around SEK 100 for an adult admission, but are included in the City Pass.

I visited Martiman, a floating maritime experience centre. Standard adult entry there is SEK 120, but it’s included with the City Card.

lightship fladden at maritiman gothenburg

The SEK 95 admission fee to the Liseberg amusement park is waived if you have a Gothenburg City Pass, but rides are an additional cost. When I was in Gothenburg in December 2004, I really enjoyed walking around Liseberg. There were three million Christmas lights, reindeer drawn sleigh rides and a mini ski slope for toddlers.

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden is lovely. If you visit in Summer, the long opening hours from 9am to dusk, offer good flexibility of times to visit. There’s a voluntary admission fee of SEK 20, With an additional charge of SEK 20 to enter the greenhouses. Entry to the garden and the greenhouses is included with the Gothenburg City Card.

gothenburg botanical garden mansion garden

The Mansion Garden in Gothenburg Botanical Garden

If you have any questions about the Gothenburg City Card, the online chat facility, found at the bottom right of the Tourist Office website is great. I asked about the opening hours at the Lipstick building, and my query was answered with a few minutes.

My top tip for getting the most from the Gothenburg City Card is to do your research in advance, carefully checking days and hours of opening and ferry timetables. Then add up the admission fees and transport costs to check that these outgoings come to more than the cost of the Gothenburg City Card.

Be prepared to get up early, enabling you to arrive at the first stop on your itinerary just after opening time.

Tips on When to Book the Cheapest Flights

Research by Opodo has identified the best days and months to book cheap flights. Analysis of the average price paid during 2016 for return flights from the UK, booked on the Opodo website, uncovered the optimum times to find the lowest prices for flights.

Evidently, flights are cheapest if booked on a Saturday or Sunday. While I was aware that it was cheaper to fly on certain days of the week, which is why I had booked so many flights for travel on Tuesdays, I didn’t realise that day on which I booked the flight would have any bearing on the price of the flight.

There are some price variations between different categories of flight, depending on whether you book on a Saturday or Sunday. As an example, you can save 2.63% by booking a long haul flight on a Saturday. Whereas, booking a long haul flight on a Sunday will only net a saving of 0.84%.

The more expensive the flight, the more money you can save by finding the cheapest flight. Therefore, I’d put more effort into searching for the cheapest flights to Australia from the UK versus a domestic flight.

I’m not sure why it’s cheaper to book flights at the weekend. Maybe there are no searches being made for business trips, so lower prices are required to attract leisure travellers?

The month in which you book a flight also has an impact on the cost of the flight, with September and October being the cheapest months in which to book. Again, there are variations depending on the length of the flight. The largest saving of 13.89% is for domestic flights booked during October. You could save an average of 13.67% by booking a long haul flight in September. It’s a lower saving of 7.81% if you book a short haul flight in September.

As ever, being flexible with your dates and not traveling in peak season, e.g. school holidays, leads to much lower prices for flights.

I reckon that choosing a popular destination where there is plenty of competition between several airlines flying the same route is likely to save you money, compared to a less popular destination which only has one flight a week.

For domestic travel, the three most popular destinations are London, Edinburgh and Birmingham. In Europe, it’s Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam. If you are venturing further afield, the three top choices are New York, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Edinburgh Castle

It’s also worth looking out for promotions. Some airlines offer a discount on flight prices, e.g. flash sales and voucher codes.

Top 5 Golfing Destinations in Europe

Where are the best places to play golf in Europe? What a question that is! If you like Links Golf then Scotland and Ireland would probably come out on top, if you love to play in the sunshine you will find yourself heading off to Spain, Portugal or Perhaps somewhere like Cyprus or Turkey, Europe really does offer something for everyone.

With all of this in mind, we have written this article to help you to choose a destination for your next golf holiday according to a range of different factors.

Best Value Golf Holiday Destinations


There is a little place called Balchik which many golfers have never even heard of, however this small town in Bulgaria is the home of three great golf courses and two excellent hotels.

The one course that you might have heard of in Balchik is called Thracian Cliffs. Venue for the Volvo World Matchplay Golf in 2013, Thracian Cliffs is an outstanding golf course with some simply amazing golf holes. But don’t take our word for it, Gary Player described this course by saying that “You will not find a golf course like this anywhere else on the planet”.

National Club Golfer have got a pretty high option of this course as well, they rated it as the “2nd Most Scenic Golf Course in the world!”.

However Balchik isn’t all about the Thracian Cliffs Golf Course, there are two other great golf courses here as well. The Lighthouse Course at the Lighthouse Hotel was designed by Gary Player and offers an excellent level of resort style golf which is challenging enough to low handicap golfers but forgiving enough for the higher handicappers as well.

There is also the sometimes forgotten Blacksearama Course at the Tracian Cliffs Resort. This course was also designed by Gary Player and was named the Best New Golf Course in the World in 2009 by Golf Inc Magazine.
Due the favourable exchange rate between the pound and the Bulgarian Lev, Thracian Cliffs offers outstanding value for money. Visitors can choose to stay in the 5* Lighthouse Hotel, the Club Residence Studio’s and Suites or in one of a whole host of beautiful resort villas and apartments.

Best All Inclusive Golf Holiday Destination


One of the great advantages of a golf holiday that is based at a hotel which offers all-inclusive accommodation is that there is nothing more to pay once you are in your resort. However, most all-inclusive hotels are based in beach locations and far away from a range of high quality golf courses – that was before they built the resort of Belek in Turkey.

Belek is a purpose built holiday and golf resort which features a huge range of very high quality all-inclusive hotels and 14 golf courses which range in quality from very good to world class.
All of the infrastructure in Belek is based around making all of the elements of your golf holiday flow seamlessly into each other.

When you arrive into Antalya Airport you will be met by your driver who will take you to your chosen hotel. A shuttle is on hand at the hotel reception to take you to the golf course of the day and at the course they will be waiting to welcome you with open arms.

You can even play Night Golf in Belek at the Carya Golf Club. And this is no gimmick! The Carya Golf Course is just superb, the fact that you can also play it at night just adds another fun element to this fantastic golf resort – the No.1 Choice for an All-Inclusive Golf Holiday.

Best Golf Holiday Destinations for Party Animals


If Ibiza had more than one golf course we are pretty sure it would win in this category, but it doesn’t so it hasn’t, but at least that will give you an understanding as to what we mean by a party animal.

This section is aimed at people who want to have at least one night out on the town, probably have more to drink than they should and probably be in an environment filled with loud music and dancing before returning to bed in the early hour of the morning. Sound like you? Then read on…

There are a few contenders for the Best Golf Holiday for Party animals category, Paphos in Cyprus would make a great choice, as would Puerto Banus in the Costa Del Sol. However, in our view the island of Majorca and the regions of Magaluf and Palma Nova fit the bill perfectly!

Not only are you sure to find lots of other revellers in this part of Majorca, but you are also very close to a range of excellent golf courses. So with cheap and cheerful accommodation available, lots of nightclubs and parties all year around and some great golf courses, Majorca is, in our opinion the best golf holiday destination for party animals.

Best Golf Holiday Destination for Foodies


At the other end of the spectrum for the party animals is the foodie. This is a huge new trend in the golf holiday sector catering for the more discerning individuals who are looking for quality accommodation, high quality golf courses and beautiful food served within a lovely environment.

So where is this fabulous destination we hear you ask… the answer is Girona! The small Spanish town of Girona is home to an amazing 4 Michelin Starred Restaurants including one, El Celler de Can Roca which has repeatedly been voted as the ‘Best Restaurant in the World’.

Girona is also the location of PGA Catalunya an excellent golf resort which features two courses, one of which – The Stadium Course – has been voted as the best golf course in Spain on numerous occasions.

With many other great restaurants and golf courses to choose from, as well as a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, the region of Girona is Spain, is the Best Golf Holiday Destination for Foodies!

Best Golf Holiday Destination


All of the above destinations are fantastic for their individual reasons, however when it comes to an all-rounder and overall winner, we think that it is pretty hard to beat the region of the Algarve in Portugal.

The ‘old classic’ destination has stood the test of time and still offers something for everyone. With a huge range of accommodation, good nightlife and restaurants and golf courses to suit all budgets and abilities the Algarve really is a great all-rounder!