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Photos from today’s walk. I go out for a walk almost every day. Often in my hometown of Berwick upon Tweed or the surrounding area,

I’m Fed Up of Irresponsible Dog Owners: Today’s Walk 20 November 2013

I’m sick of irresponsible dog owners. Look at the big dog turd that was on Spittal Prom this morning. It’s a disgrace and a health hazard. These dog owners don’t care who steps in their dog’s dirt.

dogs dirt spittal prom

It’s ridiculous that you can’t fully enjoy the views at Spittal Prom as you have to keep looking down to prevent stepping in dog’s dirt.

dgos dirt spittal prom

Dog fouling isn’t the only nuisance to those walking in Spittal. Recently a bouncy beaded collie with muddy paws, not on a lead,  jumped up on me. The owner attempted to call back the dog as it ran towards me. The dog paid no heed to its owner. The owner said nothing to me and ignored me when I suggested that her dog should be on a lead so it couldn’t bother other people.

I’m not sure of the best way to force dog owners to act responsiblity. Anytime I’ve said anything to owners, I’m either ignored or get verbal abuse although I am polite with my requests.

Leaderfoot Viaduct: Today’s Walk 15 November 2013

This morning we decided to make the most of the continuing autumnal colours and mild weather and have a day out in the Scottish Borders. On the return leg of the journey we stopped at the Leaderfoot Viewpoint, where three bridges span the River Tweed. As we walked across Drygrange Bridge, I thought that the Leaderfoot Viaduct was looking almost the same colour as trees behind it.

leaderfoot viaduct

Leaderfoot Viaduct from Dygrange Bridge


Vineyard, Palms and Amorous Squirrels: Today’s Walk 8 November 2013

I paid my first ever visit to Islington in north London today. I came upon Canonbury Square, described as the most beautiful square in London by the Evening Standard in the 1950s. The Square has been home to several well-known writers including George Orwell, author of ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ and Evelyn Waugh, author of ‘Brideshead Revisited’.

However, Canonbury Square had fallen from its former glory into a rather dilapidated condition.until the Loire Valley Wines Legacy Garden was established in 2006, courtesy of funding from the Loire Valley Wine Collective, sponsors of the Open Garden Squares Weekend that year.

canonbury square vineyard

The other half of the square could also be said to have a Gallic touch; the palms wouldn’t look out of place in the French Riviera.

canonbury square palms

There was plenty of squirrel foreplay going on in the trees above, involving some chases along the branches, before consummation took place.

canonbury square amourous squirrels

It took me around ten minutes to walk to Canonbury Square from Highbury and Islington Station via Upper Street.

Sculpture of Nike in Royal Arsenal

After this morning’s rain cleared, I set out to explore Woolwich, in south-east London. I enjoyed walking around Royal Arsenal. The former site of the armaments manufacture has been developed in a trendy residential area with a couple of museums. It sounds as though the sculpture of Nike, the Greek goddess of love, isn’t being admired by the millions of visitors promised to the people of the city of Olympia in Greece when they gifted the sculpture to the London borough of Greenwich. Well  at least today Nike had one ardent admire in me.

nike sculpture royal arsenal woolwich