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Things to do in Luxembourg and the best Luxembourg attractions.

Petrusse Valley stunning views - Luxembourg City

Have you visited the Petrusse Valley in Luxembourg City?

 Petrusse Valley stunning views - Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is the capital of one of the smallest countries of Europe – the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with a total population of over half a million.  A number of attractions like the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Grand Ducal Palace, the Bock Casemates, the historical castles and museums offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the city’s culture and lifestyle (fellow Europe a la Carte blogger, Amanda also suggests not to ignore the city) but what sets it apart from the other cities in Europe is its location.

 Petrusse Valley stunning views - Luxembourg City

Luxembourg city is situated atop high cliffs, overlooking the Alzette and Petrusse rivers, thereby providing spectacular views of the valleys and gorges beneath. Check out the delightful sights at the Petrusse Valley, located below the Adolphe and Passerelle bridges.

 Petrusse Valley stunning views - Luxembourg City

A walk along the city center and the nearby areas lets you appreciate the beauty of this historical city and if you get tired of walking, take the Petrusse Express Train that offers a ride through these picturesque spots. The train runs during the months of April through October and costs €8,50.

Last year, the city also played host to the ING Europe Marathon.

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The Castles of Luxembourg: A photo tour

Luxembourg may be one of Europe’s smallest municipalities, but that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of things to do. Fellow Europe a la Carte blogger Amanda Kendle has mentioned the highlight of Esch-sur-Sure Castle in the Luxembourgian countryside, but did you know there are over 30 castles in the country?  That’s a rough figure as I wasn’t able to find a complete list, but if we use that as a guide, and given that Luxembourg is only 1000 square miles in size (Wikipedia), that means that on average, you’ll bump into another Luxembourg castle on a pretty regular basis.  Here are my tips for a few castles you might want to check out on your next Luxembourg sightseeing hop.

Esch-sur-Sure Castle

Esch-sur-Sure Castle

by jack_of_hearts_398

Septfontaines Castle

by wfbakker2

Chateau Clervaux

by eisenheim

Beaufort Castle

by gorik

Chateau Bourscheid

by Michael Osmenda

Luxembourg City Castle

by Miles Barger

There’s are plenty of things to do Luxembourg city and it’s home to the ING Europe Marathon which takes places in late May or early June.

Do you have a favourite Luxembourg Castle?

ING Europe Marathon, Luxembourg

During our trip to Luxembourg in May 2010, we had the pleasure of witnessing the ING Europe Marathon one of the best sporting events in Europe for runners. This was in fact my first Marathon, so the excitement level was significant! Preparations in the city were top notch with free shuttle services from various destinations for the runners as well as the spectators and so we reached the city center in time for the start of the marathon.

The entire Luxembourg city center was barricaded and we could see the police on a constant vigil. Spectators from round the world had gathered to cheer for their favorite contestants. The atmosphere was electrifying, the participants were ready and thus started the marathon at 6.00 pm!

42 kms of run, one marathon, thousands of participants and live bands providing the requisite motivation with their vibrant tunes- this was the Europe marathon!! Cheerfully applauding for the runners and chanting go-buddy-go, we enjoyed every moment.

Here are some tips from earlier Europe a la Carte posts for running enthusiasts. Kimberly suggested that the 4 km Fun Run at the Rome Marathon is a less strenuous option for casual runners.  Renato highlighted a running event for every month of the year in his guest post “A Year Running Around Europe“.

Don’t ignore Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City

Speaking of tiny countries – I was reminiscing about Liechtenstein last week – I think a lot of people might disregard Luxembourg as a good place for a holiday, but it’s really quite charming. In particular, the capital Luxembourg City is a great mix of old and new and has such a grand situation – just look at the photo of view from Boulevard Roosevelt for an idea of the sweeping valleys and bridges that line the city.

As you’d imagine, Luxembourg City isn’t huge, and so spending a day walking around is the best way to discover all its interesting corners. The historical ruins like the Bock Casemates are interesting, and the Palais Grand Ducal can be visited for a small fee. I have to admit that more than anything, I remember Luxembourg City as a town full of great crepes and hot chocolates, but that’s because I visited in winter. The only catch here is that much of the inner-city accommodation is quite pricey, but I stayed a short drive out of town towards the airport and had a great deal.