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Restaurant reviews from the UK to Croatia from budget eats to luxury European restaurants.

Review of Morley Cheek’s in Chorlton, Manchester

Morley Cheek’s is located in Barlow Moor Road, in the Chorlton district of Manchester.

inside morley cheeks in chorlton manchester

We sat near at the rear, where it was lighter under the glass roof. There is a patio area at the back, but we didn’t want to eat so close to the smoking area.

morley cheek's restaurant in chorlton manchester

The menu is mainly aimed at meat eaters, with burger and hot dog options being heavily featured. I only noticed one vegetarian option on the menu.

The Meat Sharing Box is available for a minimum of two people. it consists of brisket, smoked and chilli sausage, chicken wings, pulled pork, ribs and jalapeño peppers, with fries. It’s served in a large rectangular metal dish. I tried some of the sausage and pulled pork, which were both tasty.

meat sharing box at morley cheeks in chorlton manchester

The Phat Barsteward Beef Burger contains two beef burgers, pulled pork, brisket and bacon, served with onion rings and fries. The bacon was a bit fatty for my taste, but the other meat was good.

phat barsteward beef burger at morley cheeks chorlton manchester

On Mondays, Morley Cheek’s offer 25% of all food to Twitter followers. On Tuesdays, it’s 25% off all food to Instagram followers. With this reduction. it’s good value, as you can have a meat feast for around £8 per person.

Review of Shamoli Restaurant in Royal Mile Edinburgh

We had lunch at the Shamoli restaurant in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. It’s somewhere that I’ve been meaning to try for years, after seeing a person with a board advertising the restaurant at the crossroads between the Royal Mile and North Bridge.

The Shamoli is located above the Rabbie Burns bistro and whisky bar. An Indian and Thai lunch buffet costs £7.95 per adult. It says on the sign outside that kids eat free, but I couldn’t see the details on that. I liked the fact the lunch is the same price every day and is served until 4.30pm.

exterior of Shamoli buffet restaurant in Royal Mile Edinburgh

The interior is light and welcoming.

shamoli restuarant edinburgh in the royal mile

I loved the leaded glass windows.

interior of the Shamoli restuarant in Edinburgh

There’s not a very wide selection of food on the buffet.

buffet selection at shamoli restaurant in edinburgh

It was quiet in the restaurant when we ate there, so the fried starters were past their best.

starter at shamoli restaurant in edinburgh

I found all the main courses to be a bit too hot for my taste, even those labelled as medium. My favourite was the Thai Chicken, which although it was labelled as hot, wasn’t as hot as the supposedly medium Vegetable Bhuna. The Nan Bread was good, it wasn’t freshly cooked, but was well preserved.

thai main course at Shamoli buffet restaurant in Royal Mile Edinburgh

There was no dessert included in the buffet

After our buffet lunch at the Shamoli restaurant, we discussed if we’d eat there again. I really liked the ambience, but the food was too hot for my taste, and I missed having a dessert. Therefore, I’d prefer to eat at either the Ashoka Buffet in Hanover Street, or the Red Fort in Drummond Street. My husband also liked the interior. As he enjoyed the Thai food, he said he would go to the Shamoli again.

Review of the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant in Nice, France

When we came out of the Nice Ville railway station, after our train journey from Marseille, we spotted the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant across the road. We decided that we’d eat there that evening, as we didn’t fancy wandering around trying to find another restaurant.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice exterior

After three unsuccessful attempts to eat at a buffet restaurant in Marseille, which claimed it was open at lunch time and in the evening, but was never open when we went there to eat, it was great that the Leopard displayed their opening hours.

When we arrived just after the 7pm opening time, the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant was very quiet. The tables were fairly well spaced, especially compared to most restaurants in France.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice interior

I was impressed by the variety of seafood. Usually, you’re lucky if there is one seafood option on offer at an Asian buffet.

The mussels and sushi which I had as a starter were very good.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice starter

I also enjoyed the fried prawns and shrimps.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice seafood selection

You could choose the vegetable, meat and fish ingredients to be freshly cooked at the wok kitchen.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice wok ingredient selection

I stuck with seafood, which I requested to be grilled.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice seafood main course

The dessert selection was extensive and included several flavours of ice cream.

leopard asian buffet restaurant nice dessert selection

The food was so good, that we ate there another evening.

At a price of 19 Euro per adult on a weekday evening,, I thought that the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant offered excellent value for money for very tasty food. The weekday lunch buffet cost 13 Euro per adult. I’d recommend that you eat at the Leopard Asian Buffet Restaurant when you’re in Nice.

Batis Meat Restaurant at New Perama by Kavala, Greece

The very pretty seaside city of Kavala in Northern Greece can be reached from Thessaloniki in about 2.5 hours on major roads. At the western end of Kavala lie several beautiful seaside villages, one of which at a 14km distance is New Perama.

view of sea from nea peramos restaurant near kavala

View from New Perama beach

The New Perama sea front is beautiful as it overlooks the sheltered bay and has views over the nearby in habited and uninhabited islands, as well as more distant views over to the mainland. Several understated cafes, restaurants and bars offer shaded seating right over the beach and there is free parking as you enter the village from the Kavala direction.

kebabs at near peramos restaurant near kavala


I was showing one of our sons and his cousin the area and we (they) opted for a meat restaurant.

main course at nea peramos restarant near kavalaGiros

The Batis had seats available and a meal of 3 meat dishes with chips (souvlaki, lukaniko – sausage and giros), a Greek salad to share, a litre of cold bottled water and extra pita bread cost a very reasonable 28 euro (approximately £20 at the time) in total.

luukaniko sausages at nea peramos restaurant near kavala


The food was delicious, the service courteous and prompt and the ambience as one would hope when on a Greek holiday.

greek salad at near peramos restaurant near kavala

Greek salad

The Batis is most highly recommended!

bread at nea peramos restaurant near kavala

Pitta bread

Review of L’Esquinade Restaurant in Marseille

On our first evening in Marseille, we were starting to feel hungry after a walk around Vieux Port. In order to escape the traffic on the southern side of the port, we walked up a block. We spotted the L’Esquinade restaurant in the pretty Place Thiers. We were attracted by the 15 Euro three course menu which also included a glass of wine per person.

It was getting a bit cool to sit outside, so we decided to eat indoors.

l'esquinade restaurant marseille interiror

Our son Gary started off with Fruits de Mer, a selection of seafood.

l'esquinade restaurant fruits de mer starter

I had the Mussels starter.

l'esquinade restaurant mussels

Gary had Bouillabaisse, a traditional Provencal fish stew which originated in Marseille, for his main course. The Bouillabaisse  was served with toasted bread, garlic on which to rub the toasted bread and rouille (a mayonnaise made with olive oil, saffron, garlic and cayenne pepper).

L'Esquinade restaurant marseille bouillabaisse

My main course of tuna was delicious.

l'esquinade restaurant tuna steak

I was glad that I asked what Opera was, as it turned out to be a yummy chocolate and coffee gateau.

l'esquinade restaurant opera gateau

Gary had a surprise when he ate his profiterole, as it was filled with ice cream.

l'esquinade restaurant ice cream filled profiterole

All in all, paying 15 Euro each for a meal of this quality was an absolute bargain, especially with the excellent service and ambience.

Review of Kitchin Buffet Restaurant in Kings Cross London

I usually have a buffet Indian lunch at the Poppadom Express when I’m in London, often before heading for a mid-afternoon train back to Berwick upon Tweed from Kings Cross Station. However on my most recent trip my train was departing at 2pm, so I decided to look for a restaurant closer to Kings Cross Station.

The Kitchin international buffet in Caledonia St, literally around the corner from Kings Cross, fitted the bill. The lunch buffet was served between 12 -3pm and cost £7.95.

kitchin buffet kings cross exterior

The restaurant is quite trendy inside with reasonably spaced seating. The buffet is arranged around a central island kitchen which allows good access even with the restaurant is busy.

kitchin buffet kings cross interior

I liked the fact that there were several vegetable dishes; the broccoli in the Stir Fry was perfectly cooked.

kitchin buffet kings cross veg

You can select your own ingredients for a freshly cooked wok meal. I plumped for prawns and through that they were quite generous with them.

kitchin buffet restaurant kings cross prawns from wok

The desserts were very good. The Fruit Salad had pineapple and honeydew melon. There was a whippy ice cream machine.

kitchin buffet restaurant kings cross desserts

All the staff were pleasant.

I’d recommend Kitchin, especially to have a tasty meal before boarding a train at Kings Cross for a long journey. Particularly so when you compare the buffet lunch at the Kitchin with what food you could buy on a train for £8.

If you have the time, check if there’s a free exhibition to visit at the nearby Kings Place.

Review of the Hungry Yeti in Ealing, London

On the day I checked out of the Holiday Inn Express London Royal Park I decided to take the Tube west to Ealing Broadway to visit Walpole Park. I thought it’d be a good idea to find somewhere for lunch after a walk around the park.

The Hungry Yeti buffet restaurant in New Broadway, opposite Ealing Town Hall, received good reviews and at £6.95 for a weekday lunch sounded good value for money and was only a five minute walk from Walpole Park.

hungry yeti ealing exterior


It wasn’t too busy when I arrived at the Hungry Yeti around 12.30pm. I was able to select my own table.

hungry yeti ealing interior

There was a fair selection of starters. My starters were a bit cold, I assume they’d been sitting out since opening time at noon.

hungry yeti ealing starters


The salad items were very fresh.

hungry yeti ealing salad and fruit selection

My favourite dishes were the Aubergine Curry, although it was a bit oily, and the Vegetable Stir Fry.

hungry yeti ealing lunch buffet

There wasn’t much choice for dessert,  the fruit salad was mainly apple and the ice cream wasn’t great.

For £6.95 I was happy with my lunch. I wouldn’t rave about the food, but if you’re in the area it offers a well priced, tasty meal.  It’s probably better to eat there during busier periods so that the food is hotter,

Review of Diwana Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Euston, London

I did a search for a buffet restaurant close to the Wellcome Collection in London, as I planned to visit the ‘Institute of Sexology’ exhibition there. The Diwana Vegetarian Indian Restuarant in Drummond Street, close to Euston Station, received very good reviews. Although I’m not a vegetarian, I was attracted to the lunch buffet at the price of £6.95.

diwana indian vegetarian restaurant exterior

I was impressed by the extremely attractive buffet selection as I waited to be shown to a table.

diwana indian vegetarian restaurant buffet lunch

I was offered a table on the first floor. Not ideal when you’re as accident prone as me, but I managed not to spill any food on my trips up and down the stairs.

diwana indian vegetarian restaurant interior

I thought that the food was fantastic. I wasn’t sure what everything was, but it was all very tasty.

diwana indian vegetarian restaurant plate

diwana indian vegetarian restaurant lunch buffet

diwana indian vegetarian restaurant dessert

When I asked for my bill there was a notice on the small silver plate saying that service was not included. I checked that I could pay by card. When the waiter brought the card reader machine, he asked if I wanted to add a tip. I’ve never had this experience at a buffet before, although many London restaurants automatically add a supposedly discretionary service tip to your bill. I do usually leave a tip, but In some ways I wish that the Diwana would just increase the price of the lunch buffet to include a service charge, which would save them asking customers for a tip.

The buffet is only available at the Diwana Vegetarian Indian Restaurant during lunch time, from noon to 3pm. I’d recommend that you eat then, so that you can try a wide selection of wonderful dishes,

Review of Ahaleena Buffet in Park Royal, London

I knew from looking at the map and talking with our son who had previously stayed at the Holiday Inn Express London Park Royal that there wasn’t much to do in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. When I did a search for restaurants within walking distance of the hotel, the Ahaleena Mediterranean Buffet appeared. I liked the sound of the food and reckoned it would take me around 20 minutes to walk there.

I was a bit surprised as I turned into Standard Road, where the restaurant is located, as it led into an industrial estate. I confirmed the street name and number of the restaurant’s address on my piece of paper. Sure enough as I walked down the street, I spotted the Ahaleena, which adjoined the Flames Food unit.

ahaleena buffet park royal exterior

 Entrance to the Ahaleena Buffet

The interior style was simple,. It was very quiet inside with only two other customers. I assume it’s busier during the week with customers who work in the industrial estate. There were some freezers selling ready made food by the entrance.

I didn’t see any prices displayed., I’d read online that the price was £7.95, but that must have been an old review, as it was £9.50 without a drink, or £10.50 with a drink. The selection when I was there consisted of orange squash, drinking yoghurt and tea. The price is the same every day.

ahaleena buffet park royal interior

 Interior of the Ahaleena Buffet

As soon as I looked at the food, I knew that I was onto a winner and it was worth £9.50,  My favourite starters were the Tzatziki (a yoghurt and shredded cucumber dip) and Lamb Parcels.

ahaleena buffet park royal starter

Starters at the Ahaleena Buffet

I loved the Meatballs Wrapped  in Aubergine.

ahaleena buffet park royal main course

Main course at the Ahaleena Buffet

I only saw one member of staff, who was very welcoming, saying “eat as much as you like, we want you to feel as though you are at home”. I asked him if the food was from any particular country and he said it was a mixture. However, when he told me that he was Lebanese, I remembered a similarly tasty Lebanese meal I’d eaten in Cyprus.

ahaleena buffet park royal starters

Buffet selection at the Ahaleena Buffet

The sweet filled pastry desserts were delicious.

I really enjoyed my meal at the Alaheena Buffet and recommend that you visit if you’re in the Park Royal or North Action area,

I’d advise you to phone (020 8838 0444) to check opening hours and prices before visiting. The restaurant doesn’t have it’s own website and the opening times and prices given on various other sites vary.

Review of the Khublai Khan Restaurant in Edinburgh

I had lunch with our son Gary at the Khublai Khan restaurant in the Leith district of Edinburgh.

khublai Khan Edinburgh exterior

I’ve eaten the evening buffet a couple of other Khublai Khan restaurants in Glasgow and Newcastle, but never had lunch there.

The interior was large. As it was quiet, all customers were seated in area next to the fire.

khubai khan edinburgh fireplace

We selected a main course from the Lunch Menu, we both went for the Kangaroo Meatballs, served with Mushroom Sauce and either Mashed Potato or Tagliatelle, which cost £6.95. We added for the ‘Meal Deal’, which for an additional £2 each incluced soup and a soft drink.

We weren’t informed of the type of soup, but it was tasty and served with a slice of warm bread. I really enjoyed the Kangaroo Meatballs, The meat was tender with a slightly sweet flavour.

khublai Khan Edinburgh meatballs

I’d recommend lunch at the Khublai Khan Restaurant in Edinburgh. I thought that at £9 for a two course meal with a drink it was good value for money. The waitress was very friendly and the atmosphere relaxed.