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Restaurant reviews from the UK to Croatia from budget eats to luxury European restaurants.

Review of Di Maggio’s West End Glasgow

There are several Di Maggio’s Italian restaurants in the Glasgow area. I’d previously eaten at the one in Royal Exchange Square, next to the Gallery of Modern Art, many years ago.

Last Saturday, I met our son Simon in Glasgow for lunch. We planned to go the Indian Cottage Indian in Dumbarton Road for lunch. However that restaurant had closed down. This prompted us to have a wander up Byers Road in search of an alternative venue for lunch.

We spotted a sign for Di Maggio’s West End in Ruthven Lane and decided to go to have a look at the menu. I was doubtful that I’d choose to eat there, as I remember the menu at Di Maggio’s in Royal Exchange Square being a bit pricey for me. I’d set a limit of £10 per person for lunch that day, given that lunch at the Indian Cottage was priced at £6 last time that I was there a few months ago.

Fortunately, Di Maggio’s West End were running a Summer Spectacular Menu, which offered a main course and a starter for £10. Unlike many of the lunch offers we had seen in other restaurants in the Byers Road area, the offer was available at lunch time on a Saturday.

We were seated a booth for four people, which meant that we had plenty of space. The interior was nicely done. Unusually for a set menu, there was a wide choice of both starters and main courses.

We decided to share starters of warmed goat’s cheese salad and nachos.

Simon had the pepperoni pizza as a main.

I opted for the verdi pizza.

Neither of us could manage to finish our pizzas, so I requested a take away box.

I thought that the food was beautifully presented and prepared, using quality ingredients. There was a pleasant ambience and the service was good. It was excellent value for money at £10 per person for two courses.

The Summer Spectacular offer at Di Maggio’s runs until 30 September 2018. It’s available all day from Sunday to Thursday and until 5pm on Friday and Saturday. But it’s not on offer at the Theatreland or Royal Exchange restaurants.

Review of Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Glasgow

I had lunch at Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Glasgow with one of our sons. I had a Travel Zoo voudher for a two course lunch or dinner for two people from the set menu which was due to expire soon.

I had paid £26 for the voucher, after deduction of the 10% discount during a promotion. I was so annoyed when I booked our table and read on the website that there was a two course from the set menu offer for £12 available from noon to 6pm Monday to Friday. However, I thought I’d only paid a couple of pounds more than that, so it wasn’t such a big deal.


Jamies Italian in Glasgow is located bang in the city centre in George Square. There were tables outside, but we didn’t fancy sitting so close to the the traffic.

I was rather surprised by how quiet it was inside Jamie’s Italian, considering it was Friday lunchtime and the central location.

I thought that it was a bit dark inside. In my opinion, the tables were too close together, especially as it’s a large restaurant.

The meal began well. My Italian style nachos were good.

Simon enjoyed his fried squid. I thought it should have been served with a small salad.

The main courses were disappointing. The salmon in my tagliatell had been so crumbled to make a small piece of fish so further.  A few peas had been thrown in for some colour contrast. In addition. I thought that the portion size was quite small.  I’m sure that I could have cooked a much tastier version at home.

Simon also found his main course of spaghetti carbonara to be bland

Suffice to say that I was not impressed by Jamie’s Italian in Glasgow.

High Tea at the Royal George Hotel Perth

I’d been wanting to have High Tea at the Royal George Hotel in Perth for ages. High Tea is a Scottish meal, usually eaten between 4-7pm, which consists of a hot main course, followed by a selection of scones and cakes, served with either tea or coffee.

I’d previously had High Tea in Perth at both Summer’s restaurant (now closed) and Willow’s (how have now stopped serving High Tea in favour of a more expensive and less substantial Afternoon Tea).

The restaurant at the Royal George is located in the conservatory at the rear of the hotel, which overlooks the River Tay. However it was dark when I went for High Tea, so I couldn’t see the river, just the illuminated bridge,

I hadn’t booked a table. I was lucky to get a table as the restaurant was busy. Obviously their High Teas are very popular.

My Steak Pie main course was very good. The chips were some of the tastiest that I’ve ever eaten, the meat was tender with plenty of gravy. I would have liked to have had 2 or 3 different veg served with the main course, there were just a few sliced carrots.

I was rather disappointed with what followed. In other establishments serving High Tea there has been a selection of cakes. At the Royal George, there were only scones and a meringue. I wasn’t impressed by the scones. they were small, a bit hard and too sweet. The cream meringue was fantastic, crisp on the exterior and gooey in the interior.

Overall, my High Tea at the Royal George in Perth was a mixed bag. The main course was slightly let down by the paucity of vegetables. In my opinion, a wider selection of cakes should be served.

Review of Elia Greek Resaurant Glasgow

The Elia Greek restaurant is located in Glasgow’s George Square. I had lunch there with our son Simon. The two course set menu cost £7 per person.

Bread and olives were brought to our table.

For starter, I had Taramasalata (cod roe dip).

Simon had Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat). which were very good.

My main course was Moussaka. I was a bit surprised that I was offered either chips or rice with the Moussaka, as the dish already contains a potato layer. I assume that this is to keep costs down on the set lunch. My Moussaka was tasty, but rather heavy on the cheese sauce topping and light on meat and aubergine.

Simon’s main course was Chicken Souvalaki. The chicken was tender,

The staff all seemed to be Greek and service was good.

For £7 a head for a two course lunch in central Glasgow, the Elia Greek restaurant offers value for money. Personally, I’d rather pay a bit more to have a more meaty main course without chips.

Review of Kaleido Restaurant Malaga

When I was in the Spanish city of Malaga, I decided to treat myself to lunch at the Kaleido Restaurant, which is situated on the prom at the port.

I’m usually on the lookout for a menu of the day for around 10 Euro. At Kaleido, the lunch set menu was more expensive at 17 Euro. But I reckoned that I was paying for the location. Plus, Kaleido did look a bit more upmarket.

I sat at an outside table.

I started with the Russian Salad, which topped with some large prawns, Bologna (a cold meat, which I think was made of pork and some type of fish roe), served with bread. The ensemble was tasty and very filling.

My main course consisted of perfectly cooked courgettes and slices of grilled pork. The accompanying sauce was delicious.

Normally on set menus, the dessert is not great, but at Kaleido it was a very chocolatey cheesecake.

The 17 Euro price for the set lunch at Kaleido included a drink. As I’m a teetoller, I had water, but you could have wine or beer.

I really enjoyed my lunch at the Kaleido restaurant at Malaga Port. The food was really good quality and the location attractive.


La Cabana Restaurant in Benalmadena

La Cabana restaurant is situated on the Prom in Benalmadena. After walking down from Benalmadema railway station through the market and Parque de la Paloma, we were ready for sit down and eat.

We were attracted by the 10 Euro three course set menu at La Cabana, The price also included bread and a drink.

My Scampi starter was beautifully presented.

Our son Gary had the Tuna and Tomato Salad as a starter.

My Pork Chop main course was tasty.

Gary thought that his Calamari was good, but the batter was a bit too thick.

For dessert, I had Ice Cream and Gary had Chocolate Brownie.

I thought that at 10 Euro for a three course set menu including a drink, that La Cabana offered good value for money, in a pleasant location. Our waitress was lovely, very friendly with a constant smile.

China Red Buffet Restaurant in New Market Road Edinburgh

We had lunch at the China Red buffet restaurant in New Market Road,next to the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh, on a Sunday. We’d eaten at the other China Red in Grindlay Street, next to the Usher Hall, on several occasions.

I was keen to try the New Market Road branch as it advertised a double decker rotational food belt. The opportunity to eat at this restaurant to came when I attended the Edinburgh Art Fair in the adjacent Corn Exchange.


The portion sizes were small, which was good if you wanted to try something. The resultant large pile of empty serving dished on the table made me feel greedy. It was a bit frustrating waiting for some dish to do the round if you happened to be chatting when it first passed by.


Most of the dishes which I tried were good. Some of the dishes were lukewarm, as opposed to hot. I mainly stuck to fish dishes, predominantly prawns and salmon. We regularly eat chicken at home, so I try to eat different things when I am eating out. I tried some lamb which wasn’t great.

The only dish that you had to get up from the table to fetch was ice cream.

It costs £15 per adult to eat at the China Red buffet restaurant in New Market Street on Sunday from noon to 10pm. I had a 10% discount voucher, so paid £27 for two diners.

I prefer the more traditional buffet lay out of China Red in Grindlay Sreet, where you go over to the counter to select food. Also the Grindlay Street restaurant is in the city centre; I’m much more likely to be around there than out at the Corn Exchange.

Review of the Potting Shed Edinburgh

I paid £26 for a Travelzoo voucher for a three course meal for two people at the Potting Shed in Edinburgh.

We ate at the Potting Shed on a Monday evening. It was quiet when we arrived at 7pm. By 8pm it was busier; mainly with customers drinking from the selection of craft beers.

The interior is a bit makeshift, sacking on the roof and various garden implements hanging from the ceiling and walls.

the potting shed edinburgh interior

When I phoned to book a table, I was advised that there wouldn’t be a full menu that evening. Once I established that there would be at least three choices for each course, I proceeded with the booking.

When we arrived there was no note of my booking. Our son Gary ordered a beer described as chocolately. When the beer arrived it looked more like lager, so he queried if it was the correct order. A couple of minutes later the correct beer appeared.

I started with Scallops, which were very tasty, But I would have liked more salad as an accompaniment.

the potting shed edinburgh scallops starter

You had to search under the salad to find the few blobs of Goat’s Cheese Mousse in Gary’s starter.

the potting shed edinburgh goats cheese mousse starter

My Sea Bass and Mussel main course was good, but again I’d have liked more vegetable to balance the dish.

the potting shed edinburgh sea bass

The addition of bacon topping and cheese sauce meant that Gary’s Venison stuffed with Haggis ended up as right mismash of flavours.

the potting shed edinburgh venison stuffed with haggis main couse

As I hadn’t found the meal filling, I opted for the Cheese Board as dessert. It was a wise choice, as I was able to share it with Gary. I’d have liked more crackers for the amount of cheese served.

the potting shed edinburgh cheese board

Gary’s Churros with chocolate sauce were over sweet.

the potting shed edinburgh churros

When I went to pay for the drink I was charged the wrong amount. Between no trace of the booking, the incorrect beer being brought to the table and the the mistake in the bill, I found the service to be poor. There appeared to be plenty of staff on duty. Perhaps giving each member of staff defined duties, instead of everyone mucking in would lead to improved customer service?

Overall, we didn’t enjoy the food. The ingredients were of good quality, but the small servings, the lack of vegetables and some weird flavour combinations didn’t work for us.

Our issues with the food could be rectified by offering customers a bread basket, serving more vegetables, sticking to simpler flavours and using less sugar in the Churros. None of these suggestions would cost much.

Review of Ravi Shankar Indian Restaurant London

I had a vegetarian buffet lunch, costing £6.95, at the Ravi Shankar Indian restaurant in Drummond Street, close to London’s Euston Station, in September 2015.

ravi shankar indian restaurant london exterior

I arrived in Kings Cross around 1pm, However, I couldn’t check into my hotel, the Travelodge London Stratford, until 3pm and Travelodge don’t offer a left luggage facility. As I had a fair sized suitcase and a backpack, my options for spending that couple of hours were limited.

As I didn’t know if there were any good restaurants in Stratford, I thought I’d stick to Drummond Street near Euston Station. I’d eaten at the Diwana Vegetarian Restaurant located there a few months ago, and wanted to try one of the other restaurants that I’d observed in the vicinity.

I wasn’t sure what type of reception I’d get as a solo customer with luggage arriving at the Ravi Shankar at peak time. Upon entering, I was impressed to receive a warm welcome.

Initially, the waiter gave me a small table by the food counter, with space to tuck in my luggage.  He told me that he’d give me a larger table as soon as possible. Sure enough, within a few minutes, I was seated at a more spacious table closer to the buffet selection.

ravi shankar indian restaurant london lunch buffet main courses and salads

There was a notice at the buffet requesting that you use the same metal plate for both your starters and main course. That didn’t bother me, as I often re-use my plate. It certainly encourages you to try a tiny portion of something to see if you like it.

ravi shankar indian restaurant london lunch buffet desserts

I didn’t see labels on the various dishes, so I tried most things.

ravi shankar indian restaurant london starters

I enjoyed the desserts. The Fresh Fruit Salad was refreshing and the Gulab Jamun (like doughnut balls in syrup) were rather addictive.

ravi shankar indian restaurant london lunch buffet dessert

In my opinion, the buffet lunch at the Ravi Shankar Indian Restaurant for £6,95 was very good value for money.  I thought that food at the lunch buffet at the nearby Diwana, for the same price, was tastier and better presented, but that the staff at Ravi Shankar were much friendlier than at the Diwana.

Review of Kalpna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Edinburgh

The Kalpna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant, in St Patrick’s Square Edinburgh, offers a daily lunch buffet for £8 per adult between 12 – 2pm.

Although I’m not a vegetarian, I don’t eat much meat, so I thought I’d give the Kalpna a try.

kalpna vegetarian indian restaurant edinburgh exterior

Exterior of the Kalpna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

The Kalpna is attractive inside with mosaics on the wall.

kalpna vegetarian indian restaurant edinburgh the interiorjpg

Interior of the Kalpna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

I knew from reading the restaurant’s website, that the buffet selection was limited ; two starters, three main courses, two salads, rice and bread.

lunch buffet at kalpna vegetarian indian restaurant edinburgh

Lunch buffet at the Kalpna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

I enjoyed the broccoli pakora starter.

starters at kalpna vegetarian indian restaurant in edinburgh

Starters at the Kalpna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

My favourite curry was the spinach and mushroom.

kalpna vegetarian indian restaurant edinburgh main coursejpg

Main course at the Kalpna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

There was some kind of milk pudding at the right hard side of the buffet with a sign saying that it cost an additional £1 each. I thought that, for the price of £8, desserts should be included in the price.

I found the food at the Kalpna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant to be very tasty and nothing was too spicy for me.

I’m not sure that I’d return to the Kalpna. The (non vegetarian) lunch buffet at the Red Fort Indian Restaurant in Drummond Street, which also costs £8, offers a wider choice of starters and main courses. The price also includes a soft drink, plus the choice of ice cream or a coffee to finish.