Europeans in New York

Many visitors who visit New York may sometimes find it hard to cope with the norm and the way of life in the enormous city. However, you do not have to worry as this guide will tell you some of the crucial insights you have to know to survive in New York City.

  1. Don’t be a smiling machine
    While in New York, avoid smiling at everyone on the street. Make sure you avoid eye contact and more so, on subways unless you are interested in changing your religion. Well, New Yorkers are approachable and seem social, but while on a train, the rules seem to change. In such places, it is lucrative to always to mind your business.
  1. Haste while walking
    The city has got numerous people and so to avoid bumping into other people you could consider following the following non-written rules:
  • Walk a little faster than the usual way you walk. The ultimate goal here is to assume you are headed somewhere and probably late. Be confident and march on to avoid bumping into other people when you slow down.
  • While on the street, never stop walking. The streets are like a highway, and the moment you stop, you will block traffic flow.
  • Do not look out for other guys on the street. Just walk and concentrate on your path. Maintain your tempo and maybe pretend you are on a call, and everything will flow smoothly.
  1. The train scramble
    While New Yorkers are generally friendly and polite than the Europeans, when it comes to the train station, there is no mercy. Boarding the train from Brooklyn to the town of Manhattan can be stressful if you take your European manners to New York. If you are the kind to let others pass as you wait for your turn to board the train, then you could probably spend the night at the station.
  1. Broken Doors?
    For the Europeans, doors open opposite to how they do here in New York. If you are from Europe, then you could have a rough time before getting used. The same case applies when unlocking and locking the apartment door. In New York, the key is turned towards the direction of the lock, which is opposite in Europe.
  1. Tipping in NYC
    Tipping in Europe is voluntary, and mostly, it would be after you have received high-end services. The case is quite different in New York. Here it is a requirement that you tip 15-20% after taking a taxi or for food. Service worksmen in NYC rely on the tip primarily as the fee for the service is never added on to their salary.
  1. Magnolia hype
    The Magnolia Bakery has been hyped overtime for nothing. It is expensive, but it is not up to the standard. You can check-in, but do not expect it to be how you wish or heard it is.
  1. Heating madness
    Heating systems in most flats in the city do not function properly. You could wake up in the middle of the night profusely sweating, and it is probably winter. That only means unless you are lucky to find a building where the heating system is still okay or you are rich, the heating system will always be a thorn in the neck. To make matters worse, whenever the system is out of control, there is no way you can regain control.
  1. McDonald’s treat
    McDonald’s in Europe is far much better than that in NYC. The food and snacks are not quite scrumptious as for the McDonalds in Europe; the NYC one is clearly below standard.
  1. Check payments
    In New York, most of the fees are completed using checks. Even your rent is paid in a check, which is something that is long forgotten in Europe. However, for most guys writing a check and ripping it off the checkbook makes them feel highly valued and appreciated so some people actually enjoy it.
  1. Greetings in New York
    In Europe, people are used to just a Hello or a Hi. However, in New York, the norm is, “Hi, how are you?” That is how majority of New Yorkers will greet you, and you answer, “I’m fine, thanks, how are you?”
    You can then strike a conversation from there. That is just greetings here, usually, so after being asked, “How are you?” You do not have to start explaining how you are having a roughed up day.
  1. Measurements in toes and feet
    The kind of measures used in New York is quite different from what is used in Europe. Here they make use of Toes, Fahrenheit, Feet, among other criteria.
  1. Adapting to the environment
    Most visitors or migrants from Europe to New York will fall sick several times during the first year of moving in. That is generally because of the change in environment whereby the body is trying to adjust to the new environment. Your body at this time is adjusting to the dirt and germ that is all over NYC.
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  1. Picking a yellow cab
    In case you are looking to catch a yellow cab to Brooklyn, you should first stop the cab, get in, and then tell your driver where you want to go. If you say where you want to go without first getting into the cab, then chances are the driver may assume they do not understand what you are saying.
  1. Den of cockroaches
    Be sure to meet with huge roaches in New York than you saw in Europe. The cockroaches here are enormous, and if you do not store your material well, you will have a mess all over with pieces of cloths or papers scattered all over.

Travelers and migrants to NYC can make good use of these rules to survive in New York. It is a world-class city with welcoming residents and charming neighborhoods. If you follow these unwritten rules, you are sure to get along quickly.