10 Reasons to Travel Solo in Your Lifetime

Traveling solo is an entirely different experience than doing so with a gaggle of friends or a loved one. You approach each day differently, make alternative choices of destinations, and choose the duration of stay and plan activities based solely on what you want.

Here are 10 reasons to travel solo at least once in your life.

More Control Over Your Trip

Setting off on trips can be great, but when traveling with one or more people, it has to accommodate everyone’s needs, wants and desires. How many places you can fit into each day, how long to stop at each destination, and what activities to do while there all depends on the group consensus.

When you travel solo, it’s all up to you. If you feel like exploring Memphis, you can get on the road and go do that. If Florida is next, just get up and go!

Get Better with Money

You may be still be spending dollars and cents, or a completely different currency, but when you travel, money management becomes immediately necessary. This is because there’s never enough money to do everything, so you must budget, make frugal choices and splurge carefully to not run short of cash.

It May Lead to a Complete Life Change

Depending on how long you go away for, you could become a completely different person by the time you return. This won’t happen if you go on a one-week vacation, but a three month extend trip around south-east Asia is going to change you in interesting ways. You may return with a clearer world view, more confident or willing to give new things a try.

Improve Your Sense of Security

While people worry about the safety of travel, the reality is that it’s only usually people who ignore their own safety (or the safety of their possessions) that make themselves a target. Most people are fundamentally good. When being sensible, usually everything will be fine.

One you’ve traveled alone; you’ll realize that the risks were way overstated.

Explore Your Creativity

Traveling gives you the chance to be more creative without the criticism. While away, you’ll see plenty of street artists or sculptors exhibiting their works in tourist spots and feel a desire to try being creative yourself.

If you’ve already had those tendencies previously, then it’s full speed ahead.

You’ll Learn to Be Responsible for Yourself

Solving problems and dealing with the unexpected while thinking on your feet becomes second nature for a traveler.

If you’re more of a dependent personality and rely on others to solve your problems, it can leave you unstuck when something really bad happens. If you’re avoiding taking on more responsibility in your life, traveling solo will teach you to be self-sufficient.

Non-Planners Learn a New Skill

While traveling without a plan can also be fun, most travelers find they need to set off with a plan in mind.

Doing research proves useful, if only to pick a place to stay and take the time to check the travelers’ reviews on TripAdvisor before making the booking. Also, when planning, you can pick more affordable routes and avoid scams or touts looking to separate you from your hard-earned greenbacks.

Make Fast Friends with New People

When you’re less outgoing, traveling alone forces you communicate more with people. Whether to get directions, find out the better places to eat, or just to socialize, traveling is great for developing better interpersonal skills and making new friends.

Begin to Learn a New Language

There’s no better way to learn the basics of a new language than to immerse yourself in it. When wanting to learn Spanish, go to Mexico or Spain. Want to learn French? Spend time in France.

Nothing replaces going to a language school while in-country, but you can still pick up some useful phrases hanging out in tourist spots.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

If you’ve been stuck in a rut in your life and cannot get free of it, sometimes a major change is required.

Traveling to another city within the U.S. can be a culture shock of its own, but visiting another country is entirely different. Even if you’re thinking about going somewhere close like Mexico, spend time outside of the tourist hotspots to soak up the local flavor.

Traveling solo is a must-do activity while you’re young enough to enjoy it fully. Don’t wait!