Perthshire Open Studios Showcase Exhibition at The Bield

As I didn’t have sufficient free time to do the rounds at Perthshire Open Studios 2018, I decided to visit the two showcase exhibitions. I was disappointed by the exhibition at Pitlochry Theatre, which consisted of a few pieces in one section of the restaurant. This made me wonder if it was worth stopping off at the other Pertshire Open Studios showcase exhibition, held at the Barn Gallery at The Bield Christian retreat, on the outskirts of Perth.

Thank goodness that I did go the exhibition at The Bield, as it was wonderful. There was one piece from the majority of the 122 studios taking part in the event. Below are some of my favourites.

I was so glad that one of the artists told me that it was possible to go into the garden at The Bield that day, as I didn’t see any signs saying that the garden was open.

There was a pretty courtyard as I walked around to enter the garden.

The garden was really beautiful. Evidently the other time which it is open to the public is during a Open Gardens event in June, to raise money for charity.

I hope that I have more time to visit individual studios during the next Perthshire Open Studios.