Threave Castle and Garden

05I planned to visit Threave castle and garden in late May on my drive down to to attend Spring Fling in Dumfries and Galloway.

I had visited Threave in 2009. What I wasn’t aware of is that the castle and the garden are a couple of miles apart, and that I had previously only visited the garden.

On my recent visit, I followed the sign to the castle, assuming that the garden would be at the castle. I didn’t recognise the car park at the castle. I then saw a signpost for the path to reach the ferry to cross to the castle. My recollection was of walking straight from the car park into the garden.

I walked to the ferry, but decided not to cross over. It was a small boat and I wasn’t confident about stepping onto the boat. given that the last time I had boarded a small vessel in Vigo in Spain, the boat had moved and I had almost fallen through the gap into the water.

It’s a bit of strange arrangement as it appears that Threave Castle is managed by Historic Scotland, but members of the National Trust of Scotland (of which I am a member) are offered free entry. I have come across that arrangement before. I have often wished that Historic Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland would merge.

Upon my return to the castle car park, I had a closer look at my map and worked out the driving route to Threave Garden.

You enter the garden through the Visitor Centre, where there are toilets and a cafe with garden views.

I had my flask with me, so stopped for a cup of tea at a bench under a tree. I wanted to be in the shade as it was a warm day. I was also attracted by beautiful bluebells under the tree.

There’s another cafe with outdoor seating the former stable building.

I remembered the slate features in the fountain.

There were several types of fruit trees in blossom in the walled garden.

The greenhouse was full of colourful flowering plants.

I was tempted to cool my feet in the water feature in the rock garden.

There were lots more bluebells in the woodland walk.

There were some blue poppies close to the pond.

The rhododendrons were in full bloom.

I really enjoyed my visit to Threave Garden. I would have liked to stay for longer, but I also wanted to visit Broughton House in Kirkcubright that afternoon.