Thornielee in the Tweed Valley Forest Park in the Scottish Borders

I went for a walk at Thornielee in the Tweed Valley Forest Park near Peebles in late Autumn.

There’s a free car park a few hundred metres uphill from the main road. Close to the car park there are a couple of very solid picnic benches were I had a coffee from my flask.

There’s a sculpture next to the benches.

The colours were wonderful, a mix of deciduous trees on which the leaves had turned and larch (a conifer which is deciduous).

There are various paths which you can follow.

As it was quite muddy, I mainly stuck to the road constructed for the timber felling equipment to access the forest. There’s a locked gate preventing cars from driving up the road. There was another picnic bench off the road.

Thornielee seems to be very popular with locals walking their dogs. I had an exuberant Boxer pup jump on the picnic table when I was sitting there.