Make Your Business Trip a Memorable One with Staycity Serviced Apartments

Travelling across Europe for business purposes is very common is almost all the reputed MNCs. Most of these business trips appear as a part of last minute plan and people tend to mess up. Your work trip also becomes hectic and gives you less of free time to enjoy the place you travel. For employees, who are given the opportunity to enrich their career experience with such trips, tend to get less time to explore the places they travel. Gone are those days when work trips only meant business meetings and loads to work to do!

Let your work trips be a comfortable one with services apartments!

Staycity serviced apartments makes your business trip a memorable one with an array of amenities for comfortable stay. Most of the business meetings seem to be a struggle to employees as they have to rush to get snacks for the team or look for proper Wi-Fi to make their presentations. It is an endless struggle where employees are busy from morning to evening in several meetings and later worrying about the laundry or how to manage a formal team party. TripAdvisor offers an array of hotels to make your lives an easy one! But who wants to stay in a hotel when you can easily avail serviced apartments for your work trip? Staycity serviced apartments comes with a list of facilities to make your work trips a seamless one.

  • The centralized location of the apartments is a major advantage. You can easily travel to major business hubs and this short commute is sure to save a lot of your time!
  • A video chat with your family, checking work mails or a brain storm session with important videos becomes so easy with unlimited free Wi-Fi connected to all your devices.
  • Whether it is time to chill after a hectic day of work, snuggle on your sofa or even organize a meeting in your apartment-everything is so easy for the loads of living space. The additional space lets you be super productive and also relax after a tiring meeting.
  • The fitness room is like an icing on the cake that lets you shed the excess calories you gulped down at business meetings! You can also energize yourself for the next day by working out with no disturbance.
  • A 24×7 friendly reception takes care of the people who comes to visit your and lets you stay safe while you are resting after a tiresome day at work.
  • The fully equipped kitchen in the apartments is a perfect savior to cook a small meal for your team mates or grab a beer in the evenings after work!
  • Looking for some lobby space for meetings with clients? Yes, Staycity offers you the perfect lobby space to grab a coffee with your team mates, collaborate with your potential clients or conduct informal meetings easily.

Located across places like Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Paris, York, London, Manchester, Marseille, Dublin and Lyon, business meetings in Staycity services apartments are now not a boring and hectic one anymore! It is more in a relaxed atmosphere with a comfy bed awaiting you each night while you energize yourself for the next day ahead.