Why London Is The Ideal Destination Anytime Of The Year

International travel has always been an exciting venture for anyone planning a vacation. Knowing the culture of a completely new place, immersing themselves in the whole experience and energy of the city and taking in the sights for unforgettable memories is a summation of a litany of things everybody would like to indulge in on a trip to a foreign land. A lot of global destinations are on the radar of Indian tourists nowadays but one city never drops off their travel bucket list: London.

You might enjoy your weekly getaways or a staycation at some boutique hotel in Bali, Indonesia, or a taste of fine dining at a few good restaurants in Crete, Greece, but the fact that London is almost always on our mind during these trips will not be refuted by anyone. The iconic skyline, the history of its royalty, the beautiful amalgamation of the past and future and the mighty good restaurants in London are just some of the UK capital’s highlights. Here are a few reasons why London will remain the ideal destination any time you want to plan an international vacation:

Tourist Attractions

All the Hollywood and Bollywood movies showing montages of London’s tourist hotspots already had us itching to visit those places. The life-like wax statues of Madam Tussauds, the magnificent Buckingham Palace and the vast greenery of Hyde Park are all slices of paradise for first time and returning tourists. What’s more, you can see all of these places from a bird’s eye view when you visit the London Eye! If you are not looking for the usual London trip, transport yourself back in history with a trip to the Natural History or British Museum. London has something for everyone!


West End theatre is one of the most popular districts, globally renowned for plays that are critically acclaimed and loved. London’s theatre scene is supposed to represent the highest level of commercial theatre along with New York’s Broadway, and has been host to a lot of memorable plays. You can walk down and immerse yourself into a theatrical experience that is unmatched by any other in the world. If you are lucky, you may even see your favourite Hollywood stars play famous characters, live in front of your eyes.


London is the mecca for a lot of sports fanatics. You will get a majority of iconic sports establishments in the city, with football, cricket and lawn tennis all having prominent structures here. Premier League giants Arsenal and Chelsea have football stadiums that have been host to historical clashes in football, while the Lord’s Cricket Ground has had its fair share of memorable battles. One of the most prestigious tennis tournaments, the Wimbledon, is conducted here in London, so it is safe to say that the city will give you the ideal dosage of different sports, leaving you exhilarated on each of your visits.


The versatile range of accommodation you will find in London will suit almost all kinds of budgets without any compromise. Bed and breakfast establishments are very popular with authentic English breakfasts and a traditional stay guaranteed. The 5-star hotels in London give you a taste of how the royals lived (and still live) in England, with every service you can imagine of at your beck and call. Hotels like The LaLiT are also close to tourists attractions like the Tower Bridge, making it easy and convenient to plan your day without travelling too much.