Why It Pays to Hire a Car When Visiting the Costa del Sol

The heartbeat of European tourism

The charming beauty of Spain is unparalled. There are colourful festivities, spellbinding nightlife, irresistible dishes, and an excellent culture. The beaches span hundreds of kilometers in different directions. Quite a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in Spain. The proximity of the Mediterranean sea gives Spain an enormous advantage as a much sought after holiday destination. Nearly all the beaches are breathtaking and also have impressive resorts attached to them. The attraction of Spain goes well beyond the beaches. The topography encompasses lush meadows unchanged for centuries. The Costa del Sol is a magnificent seaside resort in the south of Spain close to the Mediterranean sea. It is also located along the coastline of stunning Malaga, white-capped mountains, huge wetlands, and outstretched deserts. In rural districts, there are ageless beautiful villages which have remained virtually unchanged for centuries . One may ask why hire a car in  Malaga?  It is usually because the cars can go to nearly all parts of the city right from the airport. You can also book a car ahead of schedule.

Making the most of your holidays

Some of the tips to hire a car in Malaga are:

Do not purchase an unnecessary car insurance. If you want to rent a car, it is realistic to ensure there is adequate insurance coverage. However, there are conditions whereby the same insurance you already use for your car will cover any other vehicle you hire. A number of credit cards offer some kind of temporary liability coverage for cars. If you do not have any of these, then you should go for the car company’s own insurance.

Shop around. Instead of booking the first car, it makes sense to compare different companies. This is best done online. For those going on long distances, confirm which companies can accept a fixed price for unlimited driving period. If you need to rent a particular car for some days, it is more economical and convenient to go for an unlimited mileage package than a cheaper one which charges per hour or in kilometers.

Pre-pay for your gas. Fill up the gas yourself. This is because, the company may charge a hefty fee for a small difference in what you used. So, filling up the gas to the amount it was before use is financially smart.

Extra costs for GPS or car seats. Some airlines allow the use of car seats. This will automatically save you the cost of renting one from a car company. Again, using your smartphone as a GPS eliminates the need to rent one. In cases where this is not possible, print out a map from home or your hotel and use on the journey.

Not inspecting the car properly. After you return a vehicle, the company will, as a rule, assess if everything is in order. If, perhaps, there was a dent or scratch even before you hired it, you might be charged to pay for it because you did not point it out at the beginning. So, do not rush off with an automobile but spend a few minutes to confirm that everything is in order and know exactly what the present condition of the car is.