A Day Trip to Alora from Malaga

When I visited Malaga for the second time, I decided to take the train to the typical white-washed Andalucian village of Alora, which lies around 40 kms north east of the city of Malaga.

Alora is at the northern end of the line C2 of the Cercanias network, of which line C2 runs from Malaga Centro-Alameda to Fuengirola via Malaga Airport. Trains run in both directions between Malaga and Alaro once an hour.

There didn’t appear to be an option to purchase a return ticket at the ticket machine. It cost 3.6 Euro each way.

The most attractive station on the journey to Alora was Aljaima.

The scenery became prettier as the train headed toward Alora.

There were lots of citrus and olive trees, with mountain scenery in the background.

The train was quiet and very clean.

On arrival in Alora, I decided to take the local bus the village centre, to avoid the 3km uphill walk in the midday heat. The ticket price of 1.55 Euro seemed disproportionately expensive, have paid 3.6 Euro to travel 40 kms on the train. It was unclear where the bus stop back to the station was located. I would’ve been happy to walk downhill but not on the road on which the bus had come, as it was some sharps bends and no pavement.

A few hundred metres uphill from the bus stop was small park with a play area and views over the roof tops.

The Alora maps painted on tiles were attractive and useful.

I walked a bit further uphill and was rewarded with great views.

Unfortunately, there were some pavement renovations on the walk to the main square. You can see the start of the works behind the fountain.

The noise from these works made sitting outdoors unappealing. Plus the tables were all the sun, and I thought that I’d already had more than enough exposure to the sun that day.

I went inside a cafe to have a light lunch and a coffee. I had no luck on the food front. I asked for a Tortilla, but that was only available on Fridays. Then I asked for a Hamburger, that was also unavailable. The only food on offer appeared to be a ham sandwich. I then recalled that I had seen a cafe at Alora station, so I decided to arrive at the station at least 45 minutes before my train was due to eat there.

Google Maps came in very handy as it showed me a faster pedestrian route back down to Alora railway station.

As I headed down hill, I was curious about the building pictured below. Upon returning to our apartment, I discovered that it is the Tomas Garcia Municipal Library.

I had some views of Alora Castle.

The cafe at Alora station was decorated with pretty tiles. I requested a menu. You’d think that was an insult, as I received a very strange look upon this request.

I spotted some prawns in the cold counter, and asked for three. They were served with some salad and a slice of bread.

I enjoyed my day trip from Malaga to Alora. But I was quite tired on arrival back at in Malaga, which made me think that it might have been a good idea to book at taxi in Malaga to return to my hotel.

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