Our Whistle-stop Tour of Airport Convenience and Luxury

You’ve most likely let out a deep and dutiful sigh at the idea of venturing to the airport. While it’s a means to an end, the process of travelling there and waiting in a departure lounge feels like being sent down the mines for a day’s hard graft.

If you’re travel-phobic then you’ll feel this reluctance to hop on a plane more than most. Chances are you’ll simply keep the end goal in sight and trudge through airport security with your head held low.

But travelling can be enjoyable – you just have to know how to do it right.

To prove our point, we planned a trip to Luton Airport and made price no object in the road to convenience and luxury.

Why Luton?

Realistically we could have chosen a major airport like Gatwick or Stansted, but Luton provides a far more common experience for the average air traveller – it’s petite for an airport but still teeming with facilities you might not know about.

This Google Review from user Boban Andreski proves our point, “The airport is of a good size and frequency of flights but it is a bit old and old-fashioned. The prices in the shops and coffee places are just about right, not too expensive. The staff is friendly and helpful through the security checks. It has no ramps to pop directly in the plane, you have to go down a stairway then to walk to the airplane yourself.

So there you go – it has its pluses and minuses, much like any other mid-sized airport, making it the perfect test-case for our experiment with airport luxuriousness.

How our trip turned out

To start our airport trip we drove our way there and used one of the many private Luton Airport parking facilities available, saving us the bother of having to find a decent spot close to the terminal ourselves. The Meet and Greet service we chose cost under £90, a decent price since the company was keeping our car for seven days.


On entering the terminal, we already knew what to expect of our security checks, having taken look at the procedure online. We’d recommend you do this too, not least because no one wants to feel like a fool for not taking their shoes off at the right time in front of three burly security attendants.

After a brisk search by the guards, we made our way to Luton Airport’s VIP departure lounge. While there are a few private departure lounges on offer, we chose the Aspire option which cost £26 per person.

Sitting in the Aspire lounge felt like a real treat and allowed us to relax away from the hubbub of the airport, which flies over six million passengers every year. Supplied in the lounge was fresh food, coffee, a spa for a pampering session and plenty of alcoholic beverages if you wanted to start your holiday early! Our only regret is that we didn’t reach the lounge earlier to enjoy more of the amenities on offer.

Then it was time for our flight, so we grabbed our bags and, having priority booking, made our way to the plane without queuing for a significantly long time.

And that was that. We were on our way to Paris without any of the usual strains presented by air travel.

So if you’re a nervous flyer, or simply don’t enjoy the busyness of airports, we’d recommend these great shortcuts for a more pleasurable journey.