Beyond the Cities: Exploring France to Discover Its Real Soul and Culture

France is a unique country that has so much to offer to its visitors. Even if there are main cities to discover, if you plan wisely your trip a car hire may be the perfect solution to make the most of it and explore some amazing and not so common areas of this picturesque and romantic country.

The main cities you will most definitely visit are Bordeaux, Marseille and even Paris.


Paris, the capital, is fascinating, romantic and rich in cultural attractions; Marseille is the largest commercial port in the Mediterranean, fused in traditions and ethnic food, with many sites of artistic interest, while Bordeaux is famous for its wines, vineyards and countryside and has been recognized as a UNESCO heritage. Other famous cities are: Cannes, Lyon and Lille with its luxury hotel and lifestyle.

Where to explore in the South of France

If you rely on some car rental in France check out where you can find the right solution to explore the most beloved France, the most striking one and go beyond the common touristic paths. We are talking about the French area located in the southwestern where everything is authentic, typical and it cherishes the real heart of the French history and culture.

Nature lovers? We got you covered!

For tourists who love touring nature and relaxing places, a region of France to visit is the Brittany region, at Mont Saint Michel, a place on a small rocky island, where you can watch the spectacular and beautiful Tide phenomenon. Provence with Aix- en-Provence and Avignon is a region where flavors and fragrances blend in a hilly landscape of thousands of colors; The nearby Cote d’Azur (French Riviera), on the Mediterranean coast of France, is one of the most well-known seaside resorts in the world.

Other itineraries into history

If you are interested in medieval trails, like pilgrims on the so called “ Via Francigena, we would recommend you to admire the cities mentioned in the architecture books for the most impressive gothic cathedrals in the world: Chartres, Tours, Reims, Amiens and Rouen. And don’t forget the Loire, very close to Paris, with its charming castles.


So, take your time and get adventurous with a wider tour to explore the inner hidden side of this incredible country!

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