How the Super-Rich Travel and an Evolution in Luxury Travel

The super-rich people in this world have the luxury of choosing much more glamorous ways of travelling. Instead of hanging around at the airport and cramming on economy class flights, the wealthy can travel in a lot easier, quieter and more luxurious ways. For the wealthy elite, travel is often as enjoyable as going on vacation instead of a means to an end.

Private Yacht

A type of transportation that is synonymous with the rich and the famous. It does not get more stylish than travelling in your own private yacht. In many cases, this is not a form of travel and instead a vacation in itself. Relaxing out at sea with champagne, fine food and good company is relaxing enough and a fantastic way to indulge in the finer things in life.

Private Jet

Of course a private yacht isn’t much good if you need to get to your destination quickly, which is why a private jet is often the most popular form of transportation with the super-rich. This allows you to bypass the entire airport experience, plus the service that you find onboard is out of this world. In addition to the amazing equipment, fine food and drink and the level of service, a private jet also provides great comfort and privacy that you do not get with commercial airlines.


These are the main methods of transportation for the elite upper class and it is easy to see why. The wealth that the richest in the world have now allows them to buy their own private jets, but aviation travel has evolved in recent years and private jet travel is now something that many more people are able to experience.

Private Jet Chartering

This is due to the rise in private jet chartering. Instead of owning a private jet, it is now possible to purchase on-demand flights to a destination of your choosing. One of the more affordable ways of doing this is to book onto empty leg flights – these are flights where the departure and destination are predetermined and great for short notice leisure trips.

Luxury travel is certainly evolving and opening its doors to a much wider group. The richest in the world will continue to travel in style and be the envy of many, but the rise of the on-demand economy is now allowing many people to get a taste of the high life and travel in the most glamorous way imaginable.