Top 7 Places to Drink Beer in Europe

Europeans have some of the best beers in the world. In fact, it is absolutely possible to base one’s entire holiday on a holiday surrounded by Europe’s diverse breweries. The reason for this is that Europe’s oldest and best breweries are in some of the most stunning cities that Europe has to offer. Some examples of the countries that offer Europe’s better beers are: Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, The Czech Republic, and France. These respective countries require Euros, Danish Krone, and Czech Koruna. Even though these countries are quite close to the UK, it is wise to exchange from GBP before leaving the UK in order to get the best exchange rates. If you’re going to a Euro country, take a look at the Asda euro rate. When dealing with less frequent currencies such as the Czech Koruna, it is best to order your notes early so that they are ready in time for your departure. Here are seven diverse, yet divine places to have beer in Europe:

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the leading beer destinations in the world. What is wonderful about Prague is that there are many tours that are dedicated solely to beer tasting. In fact, it is possible to hire a private guide to tour you around Prague’s best breweries. U Fleku is a great place to experience Medieval Czech food and beer while beer tasting in Prague. The brewery was opened in the sixteenth century and has been in continued operation ever since.

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is a great place to enjoy a smaller European city that has intimate bars and restaurants. Within these bars, it is possible to find some excellent beers that have been in production for centuries. One of the highest rated bars in Antwerp is surely The Kulminator. This bar has 800 different beers to choose from that are mostly from Belgium. This is the ideal place to relax at for hours and enjoy high level beers.

Munich, Germany

Munich offers fantastic beers all over the city. That being said, there is one restaurant that truly stands out in terms of high level quality is Augustiner, which is a brewery and restaurant that has been in business since 1328. Beer lovers looking to try some of Germany’s best, will greatly enjoy what Augustiner has to offer. Lastly, if travellers would like to sit outside on a warm day, it is wise to venture to the Hirschgarten, which has been in operation since 1791 and can fit up to 8,000 guests. Here, tourists will be able to order great beers with a pretzel on the side.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is full of European bars to experience. Many have a rich history such as the Au Bon Vieux Temps that has been there since 1695. Here, you will be able to venture through small historic alleys and enjoy a high-quality pint of beer where many individuals have throughout history.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam primarily has Belgian beers; however, for the true beer lover, it is important to know that there are several craft breweries that have been popping up in Amsterdam that are surely worth a sample. One example is Proeflokaal Arendsnest, which is a bar that features only craft beers from the Netherlands. This craft beer scene will likely be growing in the coming years in Amsterdam, which will be exciting to see how it develops.

Ghent, Belgium


Ghent has its own local beer culture for being a small town in Belgium. De Dulle Griet is a great local spot to investigate that has over 250 different beers that are both local and international. The medieval interior makes for a pleasant atmosphere while sampling local Belgian brews inside.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a unique locale on this list; however, it does have a distinct culture with a strong German influence making for great beers for travellers and locals to enjoy. Recently, the Craft Beer scene has taken off in Strasbourg, which has allowed bars like Au Brasseur to reopen their doors since the 18th century with a new twist in the 1990’s.

A Reminder to Consume Alcohol Sensibly

When taking a holiday that is inspired from beer tasting, it is highly recommended to try the beer, but to not consume them in excess. To truly get a taste of what beers taste like, it is recommended to try not more than six during one tasting day. This way, you will remember which beers were your favourite and will be more health conscious while you are travelling.

Final Remarks on the Subject

When looking for ways to experience Europe in unique ways, it is highly recommended to take a holiday that is inspired by the distinct breweries that Europe has to offer. By doing so, you will learn a great deal about European history while simultaneously tasting wonderful beers. Just be sure to exchange your GBP before departing the UK so that you are in the position to have the best possible exchange rate for your wonderful tour of European breweries from eras past.