How Distance Learning is Revolutionising Your Education

Distance Learning is fast becoming a popular alternative to the traditional university education, and so many are benefiting from its practicality
A typical university student is bound to experience heaps of debt, surrounded by personal torment and an ever growing appreciation for sleep. As tuition fees rise, so does the mountain of work you’re expected to tackle.

Three years in the same place can be a strain, even if you’re enjoying the uni lifestyle. But that feeling of being locked in, with no real escape, is something that can be avoided through the new dawn of distance learning.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons why distance learning could be perfect for you.

1) Your time, your rules

Many of us are extremely busy with our own personal commitments. Once engaged with a distance learning course, you can complete your educational story while still balancing your work and life.

The opportunity to travel is such an important factor for many students. Ever thought about a trip around Europe, exploring new cultures and visiting famous sights? Take inspiration from us and see what you’re missing out on.

2) Saving Money

Student loans are still available to those who choose distance learning. This means that the government will provide financial support for your tuition fees, which you’ll repay once the course is complete.

Also, boarding costs can be a real pain. Accommodation is always expensive, whether it’s halls with ants in the kitchen or a brand new, catered, on campus complex.

3) Prove yourself, to yourself

Nothing shows independence more than handling six different aspects of life in one, especially when one of them is a degree.

And imagine how impressed employers will be when you’ve managed to complete a degree-level qualification alongside every other aspect of your life. It’s a balancing act which shows how reliable, flexible and hard-working you are.

4) Name a time or a place

Many universities, such as Anglia Ruskin, have a growing range of distance learning courses that could be ideal for you. From business and management, to finance and law, a formidable number of learning opportunities are just a few clicks away.

5) General Convenience

Travelling to university not only costs money, but takes up a lot of time. If you move across the country, you’ll have to fork out plenty of cash to see your loved ones back home. Staying within close proximity to your family, job and childhood haunts could be the perfect blend for you.

Now it’s your turn. There are so many avenues to travel. It’s just about finding the one that’s perfect for you.

Distance learning is taking over, and it could be the right time for you to jump on the bandwagon.