Why Travelling First Class No Longer Represents Luxury Travel

Those that have had the pleasure of flying class know just how luxurious it can be. Whereas economy is loud, cramped and not very private, flying first class allows you peace, quiet, space and incredible service. For many people, their idea of a luxury vacation involves travelling first class on a flight to an exotic destination, but this will all change soon.

Within the last few years, there has been a huge shift towards private jet chartering. Similar to how Uber has changed the way in which people travel by road, the rise of hiring private jets looks set to become the ultimate in luxury travel. Flying in a private jet was previously seen as only for CEO’s and celebrities, but there are more and more companies that now provide the more affordable option to hire a private jet. This has resulted in fewer people owning their own jets and instead relying on this service.

There is no doubt that flying first class is a fabulous way to reach your destination, but it does not come close to flying on a private jet. In addition to the glamour of boarding a cool plane with your party and avoiding the hassle of the airport, you also get complete privacy, plenty of space to move around in and a service like no other. A private jet is, essentially, your own private party in the sky and you will feel on top of the world up in the clouds.

he reason that this will become the future of luxury travel is that it is quickly becoming much more affordable. Many companies offer a subscription model where you pay a monthly fee and can make as many flights as you wish, which can be ideal for businesses that make regular trips.

Alternatively, companies like Fly Victor provide a service comparable to Uber where you pay for a one off trip to the destination of your choosing. Additionally, many of these companies also offer “empty legs”, where you can make huge savings by booking onto the return leg if a private jet is booked only one way. This is a very affordable way to experience this unique way of travelling.

There is no denying that flying first class is an amazing experience and a great way to begin a vacation, but it does not compare to flying in a private jet. Fortunately, this lavish, glamorous and amazing method of transportation is much more affordable with the rise of private jet chartering companies.