Now 2 at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

The Now 2 exhibition at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art runs until 18 February 2018. Below are photos of my favourite sections of the exhibition.

Michael Armitage’s large oil paintings on lubago (bark cloth from Uganda) were impressive. They depict scenes in Kenya.

Yto Barrada’s photos are of dolls collected by missionaries in North Africa during the 1930s.

It’s the Turner Prize winning Scottish artist Susan Philipz who has the most floor space at the Now 2 exhibition.

Electra features photos of the remnants of Marconi’s wireless ship called Electra, which was built in Leith. The ship was destroyed during WW2.

The other work by Philipsz Seven Tears spans two rooms. In one, there are works made with salt on canvas. My photos don’t really do them justice, as they have texture and sparkle, which doesn’t come through on the photos.

In the other room, there are seven synchronised record players, each of which plays a single note from John Downland’s Lachramae.