Icelandic Horse World

When were were in Iceland we spent a morning at Icelandic Horse World. It was around a 20 minute drive from the Hotel Ranga at which we were hosted.

I was really looking forward to this, I did some horse riding as a teenager and I’d heard that Icelandic horses are very good natured. As I’m allergic to most animals. I took an antihistamine tablet before leaving the hotel.

Upon arrival we had a wander around the stables to admire the Icelandic horses.









Then we were taken to choose suitable attire. I was really glad that  Icelandic Horse World provided the gear, as I I thought that we would have to wash all our outer wear which had touched the horses when we returned home to avoid me getting an allergic reaction. We both wore warm all in one padded suits and gloves. It’s mandatory to wear a protective helmet.

I decided that I would need to leave my phone in the locked room at the stables, as I couldn’t risk taking both hands off the reins in order to take photos.

Next, it was through to an indoor riding hall to get some tuition. After seeing my husband (who is much fitter than me) not having the smoothest of mounts, I decided to ask for steps to get up onto the horse.

After a few minutes, we began a horseback trek through the surrounding beautiful countryside, which lasted for around one hour. It was a wonderful experience. My horse was so placid and responsive. I felt quite comfortable back in the saddle, even after a forty year gap.

Prices start at 9500 ISK (approx £68) for a one hour meadow and mountain ride

If you don’t wish to go riding you can book a stable tour. This costs 1500 ISK (approx £11) per adult. Children under 12, accompanied by an adult, are free of charge. The tour lasts around 40 minutes, after which you can stay as long as you like.