Visiting Alexandra Palace in London

I finally got around to visiting Alexandra Palace in north London this year.

alexandra palace

It first opened as an entertainment venue, known as the People’s Palace, in 1873. It was named after the Princess of Wales, Alexandra, But it burnt down in a fire only 16 days after opening. The rebuilt Palace opened in 1875.

I first heard of Alexandra Palace when I was a child. That’s because part of the building was leased to BBC, who made the first TV broadcast through the BBC Tower mast in 1936.

alexandra palace information board on first TV broadcast in 1936

The BBC Tower is a real landmark. I could see it from my bedroom at the Ramanda Hotel Finchley.

bbc tower alexandra palace

There are plans to turn the derelict former BBC studios into a visitor centre, and to reopen the historic theatre.

bbc tower at alexandra palace

Around the corner from the BBC Tower, there is an indoor ice rink. I tried to get in to take some photos, but there were entry barriers.

alexandra palace ice rink

At the opposite end of Alexandra Palace is Palm Court.

alexandra palace palm court entrance

There are public toilets and a bar/restaurant (open every day) which has seating in Palm Court, as well as in a large outdoor courtyard.

alexandra palace palm court

There are some good views over London down towards Canary Wharf from outside Alexandra Palace.

There’s an enormous circular stained glass window along the side of Alexandra Palace.

alexandra palace stained glass window

It was too cold for me to linger in the Alexandra Park, I only stopped briefly to look back at Alexandra Palace and the BBC Tower.

alexandra palace and the bbc tower