Essay: Tips on Traveling in Europe Alone

Europe has always been one of the most popular and desirable places of interest. Tourists from all over the world come to the European countries to see their culture, history and people.

gladiator amphitheatre

This ‘old world’ is especially attractive to the people who live in America or Australia whereas Europe is a completely different place. It has its ancient atmosphere in combination with modern technologies and innovations. It is the place of synthesis of the medieval buildings and horse carriages and brand new skyscrapers and fast transport. When you decide to visit Europe alone, you ought to pay attention to the specific features that make it different from other cultures.

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The foremost decision is the choice of transportation. Many peoplemistakenly think that Europe is a small place. However, it consists of numerous different countries that can be crossed in several hours. This diversity of Europe is your major problem and attraction at the same time. Every European country has its system of transportation with its own schedule and prices. Most often, the cheapest means of transportation is bus. In fact, it is always difficult to find a bus to your destination at the very moment. Thus, you should travel by train whereas they go to the smallest towns and villages. Moreover, they are fast and frequent. If you miss your train, the next one will be in an hour. Train will let you cover long distances rapidly. In addition, you will be able to visit more places of interest. You can visit small towns and enjoy the countryside that is impossible if you travel by plane. It will be smart to install some apps that will helpyou find the right train to your destination.


If you have decided to organize a solo euro trip, try to visit as many countries as you can. If you choose five or six countries that are located far from one another, you will need to travel by plane. It is possible to save much money if you travel by low-cost airlines. Ryanair, Wizz Air and Easyjet are the most affordable airlines that will help you reach your destination for cheap.

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Very few people understand that the main attractions are not located in the European capitals. If you want to see the real German culture, authentic food and beverages, you do not need to go to Berlin. You will not find anything there. You ought to go small towns and villages that are hidden from the main touristic routes. Go to the markets and look at the real people who sell their genuine products. What is more, you will save much money whereas the prices in small towns are much lower. Such cities as Berlin, Paris, London, Rome or Prague are very similar. The majority of people are foreigners there. Therefore, you will hardly find the real Frenchman or German in a capital. The real culture of Europe is located in the suburbs and countryside.

Vienna - Karlskirche Sign

Be prepared to the problem of communication. Bear in mind that Europe consists of dozens of countries who speak different languages. Thus, your knowledge of German, Russian, French or Spanish will be very useful. In some small towns you will hardly find an English speaking person who will help you find yourself in this settlement. If you know that you will go to Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovakia or Lithuania, you should purchase a small phrasebook to be able to say at least the simplest phrases or words. Although English is an international language, you will realize that in many countries people do not pay attention to this fact and neglect foreign languages.

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What about cash? Although euro is the major currency in the EU, there are many countries that have their own national currencies. You can easily exchange your dollars in numerous money changers located at the railway stations and city centers. You can pay with a credit card; however, many vendors require only cash. Therefore, you need to possess the local money if you decide to buy souvenirs or have a snack in the ‘wild’.

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Probably the biggest problem is the apartment. Of course, the choice of the apartment depends on your budget. If you have money, you can live at a hotel or hostel. However, there are many people who want to have an affordable trip. In this case, you can couchsurf and spend time with the locals or rent a flat. Most often, flats are cozier and much cheaper than hotels. Moreover, you can cook yourself and spend time in the apartment in any way you want.


In the end, if you are interested in tasty and cheap food, avoid tourist areas. There are many authentic restaurants that offertraditional dishes that cost little. They are located not far from thecity centers and not overloaded with crowd.

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