Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh

I visited Jupiter Artland on 14 May, the opening day for the 2016 season. This contemporary art venue, mainly an outdoor sculpture park, is situated close to Edinburgh. It’s a private collection which is open to the public. The arts works were commissioned by the owners, Robert and Nicky Wilson.

An admission fee is charged which funds educational arts-related projects.

You drive past Charles Jenck’s Life Mounds en-route to the car park. I was already familiar his work as I’d seen ‘Landform’ outside the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, and an exhibition about his ‘Garden of Cosmic Speculation and ‘Crawick Multiverse’ at the Garden Museum in London.

Live Mounds by Charles Jencks at Jupiter Artland

Live Mounds by Charles Jencks at Jupiter Artland2

Live Mounds by Charles Jencks at Jupiter Artland1

As I drove closer to the car park, there was a rather garish large sculpture which resembled a fairground ride. On closer inspection, I grew to like ‘Love Bomb’ by Marc Quinn.

Love Bomb at Jupiter Artland1

I loved ‘From Here to Ear v20’ by Celeste Boursier-Mougenot which features zebra finches ‘playing’ electric guitars.

From Here to Ear v20 by Celeste Boursier-Mougenot at Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh

From Here to Ear v20 by Celeste Boursier-Mougenot at Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh

‘A Forest’ by Jim Lambie adorns the rear wall of the steading.

A Forest by Jim Lambie at Jupiter Artland

A Forest by Jim Lambie at Jupiter Artland1

Helen Chadwick’s ‘Piss Flowers’ are arranged on the grass by the cafe. The flowers display the patterns formed in snow by warm urine.

Piss Flowers at Jupiter Artland

Piss Flowers by Helen Chadwick at Jupiter Artland near Edinburg

‘Firmament’ by Antony Gormley was inspired by an old star map.

Firmament by Antony Gormley

Firmament by Antony Gormley at Jupiter Artland

I found Cornelia Parker’s ‘Landscape with Gun and Tree’ to be quite chilling. The gun was so large, that I could imagine a shot from it causing a lot of damage.

Landscapte with a Tree and a Gun by Cornelia Parker at Jupiter Artland

‘Over Here’ by Shane Waltener is a silvery web woven in a similar fashion to Shetland Lace.

Over Here by Shane Weltener at Jupiter Artland

Over Here by Shane Waltener at Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh1

There are three pieces by Ian Hamilton Finlay in Jupiter Artland.

‘Only Connect’ an arched bridge constructed of limestone from Northumberland.

Only Connect by Ian Hamilton Finlay at Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh

‘Xth Muse’ is a bust of Sappho, an ancient Greek female poet.

Xth Muse at Jupiter Artland

Close to Sappho is the ‘Temple of Apollo’.

Temple of Apollo at Jupiter Artland

Laura Ford’s ‘Weeping Grils’ are five figures carved from wax. You can’t see their faces, but their body language suggests childhood tantrums. I was almost expecting one of the girls to stamp her feet.

Weeping Girls at Jupiter Artland1

Weeping Girls by Laura Ford at Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh

Weeping Girls at Jupiter Artland

I thought that Jupiter Artland was fantastic. It feels as though all the artists have taken on the brief of creating pieces which work really well in the rural landscape.