Three of the Best Cities for Enjoying a Luxurious UK Break

If there is one thing that the UK excels at, it’s catering to the luxurious sensibilities of its denizens. There are few amongst us who fail to appreciate the beauty of exquisite cuisine, captivating landscapes, and opulent interiors, and fewer still who would actively choose not to indulge their desire for decadence.

Assuming that you’re not amongst this minority, the thought of a luxurious break is almost certainly calling to you. Although summer isn’t quite here yet, the days are longer and milder, encouraging the lazy tranquillity that’s so well suited to relaxation. If you’re ready for a getaway, but in need of a little inspiration, here are a few cities that you might like to visit.

#1: Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle1

With streets and wynds that wouldn’t look out of place in a painting, Edinburgh is renowned around the world for its enchanting allure, and its many hotels are famed for their delightful cuisine, charming hosts, and beautiful views across the city. Topped by its mighty castle, the Scottish capital is a true ode to opulence, and it knows how to cater to a luxury lover’s palette. Spend your days exploring the medieval glory of its Old Town, only taking a respite to sip wine in one of its many exquisite bars and eateries. At the end of the day, retire to your accommodation, and enjoy opulent interiors and impeccable service.

#2: London

Langham Hotel London

The UK’s capital city is a wonderland of varied entertainment, so what better place to kick back for high octane highflyers? Cosmopolitan and charming, London offers a wealth of attractions for you to enjoy, from a day at the spa to an evening at the theatre. Filled to the brim with beautiful hotels and fine restaurants, luxury abounds wherever you turn, making it the ideal place to escape to when you’re in search of some decadent distractions.

#3: York

york minster

Once beloved of royalty, York has been famed for its charm and elegance for over 2,000 years, and it has never allowed its standards to slip. Offering a captivating backdrop of archaic pubs, quaint tearooms, and chic shops, it is the perfect place to indulge your finer sensibilities. Fall into its lazy rhythm for the weekend, and enjoy boutique shopping, long walks by the river, and exquisite cuisine from some of the finest eateries in the north.

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