Iceland: The Perfect Combination of Adventure and Luxury

If there’s a place that you need to cross off your bucket list, it’s Iceland. A beautiful country packed with things to see and do, Iceland really does have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to go on an adventure holiday, a relaxation holiday or a luxury holiday, Iceland has something to suit your needs. Here are three reasons why you should go to Iceland and reasons why it’s the perfect combination of adventure and luxury.

1) A Place of Other Worldly Beauty


There’s something special about the beauty of Iceland, and it somehow feels out of this world. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to report that they felt like they were in Narnia during their Icelandic exploits.

Unlike some of the more developed European nations, the majority of Iceland’s beauty is natural. Everywhere you turn, there are numerous mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, lava fields, rainbows and streams.
It’s like being in another world, nut one that’s more beautiful than ours.

2) Geo-Thermal Spas

Iceland spa

All of this natural beauty has a practical use, too. Particularly if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday. The Blue Lagoon, a geo-thermal spa on the Reykjanes Peninsula in south west Iceland is perfect for this.

Set against the stunning backdrop of a jet black lava-scape, the Blue Lagoon allows you to bathe, take in an extensive range of massage treatments and enjoy therapies, all while taking in Iceland’s stunning natural beauty. You can organise tours to the Blue Lagoon with most operators, such as Exodus Travels.

3) Culture and History


However, as beautiful as Iceland might be, it’s also steeped in history and culture that’s well worth exploring. After all, it has a cultured European feel and a number of fantastic traditions.

From the well storied history of Viking voyages to the interesting nature of the Icelandic literary tradition, there’s lots to see, do, explore and learn. Iceland is packed with museums dedicated to the country’s history and heritage.

From Viking log houses to the National Museum of Iceland and even the Skogar Museum, there really is something that everyone will enjoy – all while you learn about the country’s rich history.

To conclude, if you’re looking for an adventure holiday also steeped in history and luxury then look no further than Iceland. With outstanding natural beauty aplenty and a plethora of things to see and do, you’ll certainly never be bored.

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