Photo Tour of Place Massena in Nice, France

One of Nice’s best known landmarks is Place Massena, the city’s distinctive Italianesque main square, which lies at the northern edge of the Old Town.

place massena in nice in frnac

The chequered tiles make for a striking contrast with the pink and yellow facade of the buildings.

place massena in nice france

I’d spotted the pavement water jets when passing Place Massena on the tram. I went back to the square in the evening to have a closer look.

looking towards place massena from the pavement fountain

There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the frequency and height of the water jets, so I had to keep my finger on the camera shutter button to capture the jets. In warm weather, it must be tempting to cool off by walking through the fountain.

high jets from pavement fountain in place massena in nice france

Once the jets stop, the remaining sheet of water acts like a mirror.

reflections in pavement fountain in place massena nice in france

The other eye catching fountain in Place Massena is the classical style Fontaine du Soleil (Sun Fountain).

sun fountain in place massena in nice france

The Greek god Apollo is the towering centrepiece of the fountain. According to mythology, every day Apollo would drive his four horse chariot across the sky to move the sun. Homage is paid to this by the four horses sitting on his head.

centre piece of fountain in place massena nice

Bronze sculptures encirle Apollo.

scutlpure in fountain at place massena in nice france

I’d recommend that you spend some time chilling out in Place Massena when you visit Nice.