British Art Show 8 in Edinburgh

The British Art Show 8 is in Edinburgh until 8 May 2016. It’s spread over three venues; the Rice Talbot Gallery at the University of Edinburgh, Inverleith House in the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art One.

I visited the exhibits at the National Gallery.

I loved the ‘Diagrams of Love: Marriage of Eyes‘ rug by Lender.

Diagrams of Love Marriage of Eyes by Lender British Art Show 8 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh

The rug is used in the performance of the ‘Children of the Mantic Stain‘ by Northern Ballet. You can watch a video clip of the ballet.

Diagrams of Love Marriage of Eyes by Lenderat British Art Show 8

The ‘Feed Me‘ flim by Rachel MacLean is featured on the British Art Show 8 poster outside the Scottish National Gallery of Art. It’s a rather disturbing blend of fairytale, horror movies and TV talent shows depicting the sexualisation of children and the infantilism of adults.

british art show 8 poster

The sculptures by Magali Reus were inspired by interior mechanism of locks.

Sculptures by Magazine Reus at British Art Show 8 at Scottish National Gallery of Art Edinburgh

The ‘Dodo‘ installation by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin charts the changes in the coastline of San Carlos in Mexico brought about by the filming of the ‘Catch 22’ movie in that location. I liked the projection of the blades of a turbine onto a screen.

‘The ‘Kipper and the Corpse’ by Stuart Whipps is composed of parts of a Mini built at Longbridge in 1979, laid out on pages of the Sun newspaper dating from that year. The car will be rebuilt during the final stop of the British Art Show in Southampton later this year.

Parts of Mini made at Longbridge in 1979, exhibit at British Art Show 8

Below are my two favourite paintings from the collection by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

twice done at biritsh art show 8

‘The Twice Done’

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, British Art Show 8

‘A Radical Under Beechwood’

Mikhal Karikis ‘Children of Unquiet’ is an intriguing film about a former geothermal power station and the now deserted adjacent worker’s accommodation in Italy. The sounds produced by the geysers and the water in the factory’s pipes are reproduced by children playing around the site.