FlightHub Says Travel Insurance a Necessity For Adventure Travellers

While there is an element of risk associated with any form of travel, adventure travel raises the stakes in terms of risk of injury. FlightHub, a North American online travel agency, has helped many backpackers, adventure travellers, and vagabonds kick off their trips and always recommends that these travellers investigate insurance. After a quick FlightHub review, I came up with a few crucial reasons why travellers who are going on higher risk trips need to consider travel insurance.

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First, the obvious. Adventure travellers should have insurance in case they get injured or sick on vacation. I say this with personal experience as a friend of mine once required hospitalization and dealt with a family member requiring surgery in another country. Insurance in those cases was a lifesaver. Between the two incidents, which both occurred in the United States, their family would have faced severe financial hardship. With that being said, getting sick in the United States isn’t a worst case scenario. Their modern medical system means you will receive top notch care. You can’t say the same for third world or under developed countries. This makes insurance even more necessary, as insurance in most cases will assist you in getting home quickly to see a doctor in your own country.

Secondly, natural disasters can be devastating no matter where they occur, but in regions with poor infrastructure and less organized policing and rescue efforts they can become even more dangerous thanks to looting, poor sanitation, and criminal activity. FlightHub says having insurance allows you to quickly find a route out of danger. In the event you don’t have insurance you would be relying entirely on embassy services which can get bogged down quickly in times of great need.

Lastly, according to FlightHub, your gear. If you are living out of your backpack and it gets stolen or destroyed, you will be royally screwed. Insurance helps you recoup necessary supplies or at least provides you with financial help to get you back on your feet. In some areas, your bag is your only ally, so insurance can keep you covered in case of loss or destruction.

Travel insurance allows you to travel with peace of mind. While no one plans for anything to go wrong, you should always plan for the chance that something could go wrong, making travel insurance a no brainer.