Travelling from Marseille to Nice on the TGV

After struggling to buy train tickets for our journey from Budapest to Prague on the Hungarian rail website, I was pleasantly surprised by the user friendliness of the English version of  SCNF (French national rail) website when buying tickets for the trip from Marseille to Nice.

I thought that the price of £22 per adult for a standard class rail ticket was very reasonable. I was also happy to be able to print the SCNF tickets at home. With the Hugarian rail tickets, I had to pick them up from a ticket machine at the station.

As we approached Marseille St Charles railway station on the day of travel, I was impressed by the grandeur of the exterior of the building. I stopped to admire some large paintings on display outside the station.

marseille st charles railway station exterior

art at the front of marseille st charles railway station

Once in the station, we discovered that our TGV Duplex train to Nice was running 15 minutes late. The journey from Marseille to Nice was scheduled to take around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

tgv train at Marseille St Charles railway station

Our reserved seats were in a standard class compartment on the lower level of the two tier train. The seats were quite comfortable. The train wasn’t that busy, so were able to have a double seat each for the journey. The toilet was absolutely awful. To make matters worse, someone had dumped two large suitcases in front of the toilet door, so you had to virtually climb over the suitcases to get in and out. We had taken our own food and drink, so we didn’t visit the buffet car.

I expected the rail journey to be along the coastline, but a lot of it was through countryside, some with vineyards.

vineyards from train between marseille to nice

There were some glimpses of the Mediterranean enroute.

sea from train between marseille to nice in france

sea view from train between marseille to nice france

Close to Cannes, I spotted a marina.

approaching cannes on the train from marseille to nice

Our destination, Nice’s main station Nice Ville, was another beautiful old building.

nice ville railway station

It’s a pity that the otherwise very pleasant train journey from Marseille to Nice was marred by the dreadful state of the toilet. The French rail company, SNCF, really need to ensure that the onboard toilet facilities are clean.