FlightHub Tips For Vacation Injuries Or Illnesses

You are on vacation. Maybe you are at a resort or are in the middle of the wilderness backpacking, but something goes wrong. What do you do next?

FlightHub have heard this question before in dealing with clients. These questions have made it necessary that FlightHub review protocols for these types of emergencies as part of its travel insurance offerings. So what are you supposed to do?

helicopter ambulance

1 – Identify The Severity Of Your Injury

Do you require urgent medical attention? If yes, go to the hospital. If not, the first stop should be the closest pharmacy. FlightHub says pharmacists in many countries are able to prescribe medication on site, meaning you can avoid the hospital altogether if your situation simply requires antibiotics. Additionally, a pharmacist can give you advice going forward, like whether you should go to the hospital asap, or if you can wait until you get home. If you have no idea where to find a pharmacy or hospital, ask your tour guide or hotel staff.

2 – Get In Contact With Your Family Doctor

Whether or not you require hospitalization, contact your family doctor. If you don’t need the hospital right away you can give your doctor the heads up that you’ll be coming to visit, If you do, getting in touch with your doctor can facilitate the exchange of your medical information. Last thing you need according to FlightHub is a foreign doctor prescribing or administering medications to which you may be allergic.

3 – Contact Your Embassy

Your embassy is there to help. FlightHub says embassy services can vary depending on their facilities, but they’ll be able to provide various forms of service that can come in handy in your time of need.

4 – Call Your Insurance Company (Did You Remember To Get Insurance?)

Lastly, get in touch with your insurance provider if you purchased travel insurance. The sooner the better as bills will pile up. On that note, get a copy of every document you see. You never know what you’ll need, and those documents are a lot easier to get when you are in the country where they were issued.

5 – Get Home Safe

FlightHub says you should definitely do your best to get home as soon as possible depending on the severity of your condition. So, get home safe, and get home quickly. You don’t need complications coming up again while on vacation.