Visiting Britain’s Winter Destinations

Don’t dismiss Britain as a Winter destination. There’s till lots to do and see. As long as you pack the right clothes, you can still enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, there are plenty of cosy pubs, if you are looking for some indoor entertainment. You can find some flight and accommodation bargains from November to February, excluding the festive season. As public transport can be patchy and expensive, you can get cheap car hire in the UK which will enable greater flexibility in your itinerary.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

Hogmanay Edinburgh

Looking for energetic fun? Head on down to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, to see the Christmas Market in full swing. The locals call New Year’s Eve Hogmanay, and no-one celebrates it like the Scots. The Hogmanay street party is something you shouldn’t miss. Fireworks light up the sky and the live music makes the party a noisy, but very fun experience. If you’re looking for a relatively mellow experience, explore the cobblestone streets of the Royal Mile. Visit the Scottish Parliament  St. Giles Cathedral and the many free State museums.

Boscastle, Cornwall


Looking for something mysterious? Boscastle in Cornwall has the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic houses the largest collection of witchcraft related artefacts and regalia can be found. Boscastle was devastated by floods some ten years ago. Now, it’s back to its old self–craggy cliffs, green water in the harbour inlet, and smoke curling up from the chimneys in the old cottages, just like before. The walks also provide an experience you might not want to miss. The rocky paths of the Bossiney Cove and Tintagel Castle are relatively empty after summer.

Salcombe, Devon


Salcombe lies on the sheltered souther coast of Devon. It was once said by the Victorian historian James Froude that, “Winter in Salcombe is winter only in name.” True enough, the microclimate of the South Ham hills allow tropical exotic plants to thrive, making the place look like it has never seen a winter’s day. Check out the South Sands boutique hotel, just outside Salcombe; book a beach suite to enjoy the sea views.

Portmeirion, Wales

Portmeirion Wales

The village of Portmeirion in North Wales, is an Italianate tourist village designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. The architect himself said that the design was a tribute to the Mediterranean. Here, you can find tropical atmosphere through the exotic plants that the microclimate enhanced by the Gulf Stream nurtured. Stay in one of the The Portmeirion Hotel, which overlooks the Dywryd Estaury.

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