Cambuskenneth Abbey in Stirling, Scotland

Cambuskenneth Abbey is located by the River Forth in the outskirts of Stirling. If you visit by car, you need to head in the Alloa direction on the A907 and look our for the turn off to Cambuskenneth.

looking towards Cambuskenneth Abbey in Stirling

However, it’s’ possible to visit Cambuskenneth Abbey on foot from Stirling city centre. If you head down to Riverside, there’s a footbridge over the river to Cambuskenneth. The blossom trees by the bridge were so beautiful when I was there.

blossom treess by bridge to cambuskenneth

Cabuskenneth Abbey is maintained by Historic Scotland and it’s free to enter.

gate into cambuskenneth abbey in stirling scotland

The Abbey was founded in 1140.  Robert Bruce’s parliament assembled there is 1326. James III and his wife, Margaret of Denmark, were buried there in the 1480s.

arched entrance to graveyard at cambuskenneth abbey in stirling

Cambuskenneth Abbey’s free standing bell tower was built in the 13th century.

cambuskenneth abbey in stirling scotland

By 1560, the Abbey was a ruin, with the land being used as a quarry. It’s believed that the Bell Tower survived, being put to use as a lookout tower over the Carse of Stirling by the local Earl of Mar.

cambuskenneth abbey in scotland

You can see the Wallace Monument from Cambuskenneth Abbey.

wallce monument from cambuskenneth abbey

If you walk down to the banks of  the River Forth, you’ll get great views towards the Ochil Hills.

looking toward the Ochil Hills from Cambuskenneth Abbey in Stirling

If you’re in the Stirling area between April to September (the months in which the grounds are open), I recommend a visit to Cambuskenneth Abbey.