Adventure Days in the Future

Experience days website Into the Blue has done some crystal ball gazing to see the type of activities which could be on offer in the next fifty to one hundred years,

What about a retro space shuttle flight? The space shuttle was the first reusable spacecraft, which launched using a detachable rocket and fuel tank. The front compartment (orbiter) returned to Earth like a plane, using specially designed delta wings.

adventure days out in the future retro space shuttle

Never mind a lap around Brands Hatch, imagine a hyper sonic race in a spacecraft.

adventure days out in the future spacecraft racing

With the advent of faster spaceships it should be possible to quickly cover the 600 light years to reach the earth-like planet of Kepler 22-B. With a gravity 2.3 times greater than Earth, skydiving is going to feel supersonic.

adventure days out in the future kepler skydiving

I remember seeing Neil Armstrong’s moon landing in 1969 on TV. As a child it seemed like science fiction. But maybe my grandchildren (should our sons oblige) will be able to visit a lunar landing site.

adventure days out in the future lunar landing

If you fancy more than a day trip to space, then why not spend a few nights at the International Space Station. But you’ll need to be strapped into your bed, so that you don’t go bump in the night.

adventure days out in the future international space station

A waterpark in Mars would probably need to be constructed indoors with plenty of heating, as Mars is much colder than Earth.

adventure days out in the future mars waterpark

Scientists believe that there’s an ocean below the water-ice crust of Europe Moon (one of Jupiter’s sixty seven moons). So you’d need to pack a super-insulated wetsuit to go scuba diving there.

adventure days out in the future europa moon

I can see ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Off Here’ being held on Venus. Who knows what bugs they might have to eat there.

adventure days out in the future venus bushcraft

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