Another Example of Superb Service by easyJet

My easyJet flight from Thessaloniki, Greece on the 16th November arrived early at Gatwick, London.

On that flight, I’d experienced an example of ‘above the call of duty’ service, whereby a flight attendant had retrieved a ticket with luggage stubs from the rubbish, which the young lady sitting next to me had disposed of in error.

easyjet plane

Upon arriving at Gatwick airport and immediately checking the departures, I quickly contacted EasyJet Customer services. I’d realized that, since having left sufficient time for delays between my original flight and its connection to Edinburgh and having arrived early, I might be able to board the earlier easyJet flight and save myself 1 hour 30 minutes.

The lady at Customer Services was very friendly and efficient, acknowledging that passengers usually request to join later, not earlier flights, due to delays (like I did when easyJet saved my Moussaka last year). She agreed that, since I was a return-ticket passenger who’d left sufficient time between flights and there was availability, I could board the earlier flight to Edinburgh free of charge.

I made the flight with time to spare and got home in good time for a relaxing cup of tea before bed time – thanks again easyJet.