Street Art in Bratislava

When I’m exploring a city, I’m always on the lookout for interesting street art. The first batch of street art which I spotted in Bratislava was around the pedestrian access to the Novy Most (New Bridge).

street art1

street art skull

street art things to do article

street art4

For me, the best street art in Bratislava was behind St Martin’s Cathedral, north off Panska. There were paintings in what looked like former windows.

street art four windows

street art chair

street art face

street art four faces

street art man in hat

street art sunflowers

street art two windows

street art3

I wasn’t sure what to make the the ‘Gorilla’ piece in Laurinska.

street art2

I read that there was a Street Art Festival in Bratislava in mid June, three days after I returned home. I’d have loved to attend that.