Review of the Colonnade Town House Hotel London

I booked a room at the Colonnade Town House Hotel in Little Venice through’s ‘Top Secret’ hotels. I was searching for a reasonably priced hotel for a two night stay, in an area I hadn’t previously explored, one week before my stay in late May 2014.

I’d worked out that a hotel described as a “4 star Victorian boutique hotel by Little Venice and Paddington” and priced at £155 for two nights (after using a 10% discount code) was likely to be the Colonnade. This was a massive saving of of £284, compared to the £439 price of being guaranteed that you were booking the Colonnade.

The hotel is located a one minute walk from Warwick Ave Underground station on the Bakerloo Line. It all looked very promising as I approached the Colonnade, the area was beautiful and the hotel exterior impressive.

colonnade town house hotel exterior

I thought that the lobby was a bit over the top. There was a cat basket in the corner of the lobby and a friendly cat wandering around. Not ideal if, like me, you are allergic to cats.

colonnade town house lobby

Things got worse when I entered my room. It was at the back of the hotel with two frosted white upvc windows with mould in some sections. This made the room so dingy that I needed the lights on during the day. There were two heating/air conditioning units, one in a corner of the room and one under the smaller window (which prevented the blind from coming down fully.) As I didn’t require the room to be heated or cooled, I didn’t investigate further, but I didn’t understand why two ugly units were requried and why they weren’t located in more discreet locations. All in all, the room was not quite in keeping with the touted Victorian luxury town house.

colonnade town house hotel room

I swithered about whether to go back down to reception to request another room. However, I could see the advantage of the quiet location at the back of the building. I’d read in reviews that the rooms in the basement were noisy as they were above the Underground train tunnel and I thought that rooms on the top floor might be hot. On balance, I decided to stay put.

The room was so badly designed. There was no place for my case. The wardrobe was too small, so I had to lay the case on the floor. There were no free electrical sockets by the desk. I had to unplug the TV to charge my netbook or boil the kettle. There was barely space on the desk to lay my netbook, due to the TV and large lamp. I  ended up sitting the kettle on the carpet and plugging it into the electrical socket by the bathroom door.

colonnade town house hotel room1

There were a few small patches of peeling paint in the bathroom. The bath towels were very frayed around the edges,

There was a safe in the wardrobe, which was large enough to hold my netbook. The free WiFi had a very good signal.

The Colonnade makes a big deal of having a turn down service, where they bring a bottle of water to your room, lay a chocolate on your pillow, change your towels (on request) and fold over the duvet. In my opinion, they need to put a lot more effort into basics such as new towels, providing a suitcase stand and more electical sockets in the bedrooms,

At under £80 a night for a double, my room at the Colonnade Town House Hotel was reasonable value by London standards. I did sleep quite well due to the room being quiet and dark. However, if I’d paid the standard price of £220 for that room, I’d have been livid and left feeling cheated.

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