The Old Town Cemetery in Stirling

After a very wet afternoon in early May, I took an evening stroll up to the Old Town Cemetery near Stirling Castle. I was extremely lucky that I didn’t get wet and the sun even made a brief appearance at just the right time.

old town cemetery pond

There’s even a pyramid in the Old Town Cemetery in Stirling.

old town cemetery

It’s called the’Star Pyramid’ which was built in the 1860s by William Drummond, as a monument to Scottish martyrs who died in the cause of religious and civil liberty. Each of the four faces of the pyramid features an open white marble Bible.

old town cemetery star pyramid

The area around the ‘Star Pyramid’ with the pond and shrubs is called ‘Drummond Pleasure Garden’.

old town cemetery pond1

If you’re in the Scottish city of Stirling, set aside some time for a walk around the Old Town Cemetery.