Travelling from Budapest to Prague by Train

We travelled from Budapest in Hungary to Prague in the Czech Republic by train, on our twin centre holiday with our sons. The ‘Spa Day’ tickets for the journey, bought in advance on the Hungarian Railways website, cost 19 Euro per person.

The intercity service to Prague departs from Budapest Keleti Station, picutred below.

keleti station

The departure platform for our train, appeared on the information board around 20 minutes before leaving time. Initially, we couldn’t find the coach number given in our seat reservations.

However, after a few minutes staff in the train changed the pieces of paper on the train doors and we found the correct carriage. It was quite confusing, as the carriage numbers didn’t run consecutively but they appeared to be random.

keleti station slovan express carriage number

I was surprised that our second class carriage was almost empty. We’d been allocated four seats at a table. We spread out over the adjacent table, so the seven hour journey was very comfortable, with plenty of legroom. The train toilets were better than I expected, pretty clean at the start of the journey and still reasonable by the end.

There were some double electrical sockets but the size of our UK adaptor meant that we could only use one of the sockets. I was able to get a good mobile broadband signal using Vodafone Euro Traveller and setting up a WiFi hotspot, so that we could all go online.

slovan express second class carriage

The Hungarian countryside was very pretty, especially with the yellow rapeseed flowers.

slovan express view

We also passed a few lakes.

lake view from train

We took food with us for the journey. There’s a Spar oppposite the railway station in Budapest.

our sons on train from budapest to prague

Brno in the Czech Republic looked impressive.


We arrived in Prague just a few minutes late.

arrivingi in prague

Overall, it was a relaxing and interesting journey at a bargain basement price.