Photo Tour of the New Building of the National Museum Prague

The old building of the National Museum in Prague is undergoing renovation and not due to re-open until 2015.  However, the adjacent building, which originally opened in 1938 as the Prague Stock Exchange, now called the New Bulding of the National Museum, was open during my visit to the city in April 2014.

The Old National Museum was reflected onto the New Building, a great marriage of old and new.

national museum prague exterior

The Prague Stock Exchange closed in 1939, after the outbreak of WW2. The photo below depicts the trading floor of Prague Stock Exchange in 1938. This building served as the parliament fromn 1946-1992 and as a radio studio from 1995-2009.

national museum prague stock exchange 1938

I assume that the area in the photo below was fomerly part of the trading floor of the Prague Stock Exchange.

national museum prague

There’s a playroom just off the old trading floor.

national museum prague playroom

On the ground floor there was a ‘Money’ exhibition, exploring the phenomenon of money within wider contexts.

national museum prague commerce logos

There were a couple of screens showing comic strips on the money theme, which had captions in Czech and English.

national museum prague screen

There were information boards about two Brits. Adam Smith the Scottish economist and author of ‘Wealth of Nations’ and J K Rowling, author of the ‘Harry Potter’ series. I don’t know what Rowling would make of her surname having the ‘ova’ suffix.

national museum prague j k rowling information board

The vintage car was in good condition. but I didn’t know if it was road worthy.

national museum prague vintage car

I was curious whether the sliver tennis racquet would be heavy.

national museum prague silver tennis racquet

There was the recreation of a cimena.

national museum prague mine cinema

The tiara below, worn by the Czech opera singer Ema Destinnova, was beautiful.

national museum prague tiara

I loved the Art Nouveau style chandelier.

national museum prague art nouveau chandelier

I liked the sculpture of the family on the first floor.

naitonal museum prague family sculpture

It was a pity that it wasn’t possible to get into the garden courtyard.

national museum prague courtyard

There was an activity room based on business.

national museum prague activity room

I didn’t understand the Czsech comic strips.

national museum prague comic strips

These outfits were from the 1920s.

national museum prague 1920s outfits

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my photo tour of the New Building of the National Museum in Prague.

Entrance costs 110 CZK (around £3) per adult and 75 CZK (around £2) for seniors, students and kids aged 6-15, Kids under 6 are free. The admission fee to the museum was included in my Prague Card. The museum is usually open daily from 10.00 to 18.00, but check before visiting, as the museum may be closed when new exhibitions are being set up.