Kings Place in London’s King’s Cross

Kings Place describes itself as “a hub for music, art dialogue and food”. I spotted it as I was walking north from King’s Cross station toward Regent’s Canal to take the tow path to Camden Lock. From the exterior, it wasn’t that obvious what it was, I thought maybe a shopping centre, with the Guardian/Observer premises taking up one side of the building. I did some research on Kings Place back at my hotel room that evening and decided to visit on the last day of my stay in London.

On arrival at Kings Place, I went down to the Gallery area to see the ‘Looking Out, Looking In’ exhibition by Lucy Jones.

kings place helix sculpture

Hall One at King’s Place

There’s a cafe and a restaurant with some outdoor seating in a terrace at the back of Kings Place. The tarrace overlooks Battlebridge Basin on Regent’s Canal. There was a £10 lunch offer for a traditional British main course with a drink when I was there.

kings place outdoor seating

Tables on terrace at Kings Place

It was a wet morning, so there were only a couple of smokers out on the terrace, but I can imagine that it must get very busy on pleasamt Summer evenings.

battlebridge basin kings place

Swans in Battlebridge Basin viewed from Kings Place

kings place circular sculpture

Sculpture on terrace at King’s Place 

big cat sculpture kings place terrace

Sculpture on terrace at Kings Place

When I’m catching a train back to Berwick upon Tweed, I like to arrive at King’s Cross Station around one hour before my departure time. Next time that I’m returning from London by train, I’ll probably walk up to Kings Place, instead of hanging around at the station.