Buying Hungrian Train Tickets Online

On our twin centre city break to Budapest and Prague with our sons, we decided to travel by train between two cities. I did an online search for tickets. Some third party sites which appeared in the result where charging more than 80 Euro for a ticket.

However on the Hungarian Rail website I was able to purchase ‘Spa Day’ tickets for only 19 Euro per person (approx £16 UK Pounds). The ‘Spa Day’ tickets have to be purchased at least three days in advance of your journey. They are available from twelve weeks before your date of departure.

There’s a guide on how to buy tickets on the Hungarian rail website, the process is rather clunky. Prices are given in Euro, but you pay in Hungarian Forint. I used my Halifax Clarity Card, which has no overseas transaction charges for purchases.

I was slightly nervous as you couldn’t print the tickets at home. The purchase confirmation email instructed me  to go to a blue e-ticket machine at a Hungarian railway station and enter my reference number to get the tickets printed.

budapest keleti railway station entrance

Main entrance to Budapest Keleti Rail Station

I decided to go and pick up the tickets at Budapest Keleti Station, our depature point, on our first day in the city. This also enabled us to find the best route for walking to the station for our departure a couple of days later.

We entered the station by a side entrance, so it took a while to find the blue e-ticket machine. However, if you use the main entrance to the station the machine is located to your right, just after entering the station, close to the information office.

budapest keleti station eticket machine

E-ticket machine at Budapest Keleti Station

The machine printed out one ticket for the four of us, plus a receipt.

rail ticket

‘Spa Day’ tickets from Budapest to Prague

Fortunately, everything went smoothly with the ticket pick up, but I’d have been a lot happer if I could’ve printed the ‘Spa Day’ rail tickets for our journey from Budapest to Prague at home.